Help with Installing Mods in General

First off I do realize that mods are for Fetish Master are spread all over the internet and there, sadly, is no slandered for uploading them like having an actual name for the mod for easy reference instead of just using the author’s name. That said I find it extremely hard to install mods not because I don’t know where to put the files but more because the descriptions/instructions of the mods seems well the only way I can put it is that it seems like instructions can tend to be half assed and seem to rely a lot on the reader knowing other mod author’s work and/or the update chain of a mod (Cymic 44). I do apologize if the fallowing questions are dumb to those that know how to install mods efficiently, but I am done going around in circles on the internet trying to find what’s what among mods that have download files not even named, sometimes even remotely close to, the same as what the mod is called if it even has a name that is.

That all said, my questions are:

A) Is it possible to install all or most of the mods on Text hentai game Fetish Master: MODs into one game A2) Can I also use Maternal-Read’s mod (patreon .com/posts/public-mod-0-1-4-25468666) with all or any of the mods listed on the blog, and if so B) How/what order do I install them?

C) Is Juxtaterrestrial’s Belly Mod (Belly Mod release(current as of 7/1/2017)(combat and office patch)) the same as the Dohavocom and juxtaterrestrial Belly(myre patch) found on the Fetish Master blog?

D) How do you install Nostradamus’s and Dohavocom’s mod together as the page I found for it sent you to a link that doesn’t exist anymore?

E) Are there any futa center mods that either expand on futa or allow futa sizes to be larger, as I tried looking it up but I didn’t find anything?

Thanks for any help, and my apologies if the first part comes off as too much of a rant

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Modding FM is a pretty complicated business, especially because there are 3 main versions of the game. There is 0.985, The Git version and Jimbobvii’s version. I would recommend either 0.985 for the easiest compatibility or Jim’s for more base game features and faster run time.

I think Nostradamus’s mod is mostly comparable with other mods, it doesn’t change any of the base game files. It does run into some issues with Jimbobvii’s version due to how fat is calculated in that version but otherwise works fine.

A) It isn’t worth installing any of the mods in the legacy section of blog as most the content there is already implemented into the game. That leaves Dohavocom’s mod and Nostradamus’s mod. Technically they are not compatible but they mostly work together last I checked.

A2) Maternal-Reads mod is a pretty heavy duty mod as far as what it changes and it comes already in a package already installed, so if you are using that mod you basically have to start with it as the base mod. You might be able to get away with Nostradamus’s mod on top of it but it probably isn’t worth the effort to install Dohavocom’s mod on top of that.

C and D) I think so, there is also Feedee Paradise mod v.1.4.10 (01-11-19) - #11 by Sekeis which is an extension of Dohavocom & Juxtaterrestrial mod. There may be some issues if you install Nostradamus’s mod on top of that but it should overall work.

E) Nostradamus’ mod has a witch you can meet after visiting the brothel enough times that eventually gives you a spell to increase size.

I’ve had varying success with multiple mods at the same time. The more the mods change the same files, the less stable the game gets.

I was dohavocom. The most recent version of my mod was released here: Belly Mod release(current as of 7/1/2017)(combat and office patch)

It is in no way compatible with Nost’s mod. i made changes to how stomachs work that breaks those quests of his.

I don’t know how compatible mine and maternal’s mods are, but they built their mod on top of an old version of my mod. I don’t expects too many problems, but there would probably be some inconsistency in content

Just a heads-up: while nothing will outright crash, most of the content from Nost’s mod is essentially inaccessable if you’re using it on my 0.99 branch or alongside Jux’s belly mod (or stuff like Feedee Paradise that expands on it). The way the stomach stretching code works with the belly mod doesn’t really allow for characters to reach the necessary stomach capacity for Nost’s mod, especially once you get to the dwarf stuff. My version of the game uses that same stretching code as a base, but even though it’s slightly more relaxed it’s still not really feasible to use it with Nost’s mod.

Maternal-Reads’ mod is something of a complete reworking, and includes the entire game’s files. I would recommend just merging the gamedata folder from it into your own gamedata directory and letting it override things. You absolutely cannot use its dist folder if you’re using any 0.99 release, and even just the gamedata folder will lock you out of the little bit of new content added in any version of 0.99. I also seem to recall a conflict between its battle system and Jux’s mod in an earlier version causing confilcts with monsters from other mods, but I don’t honestly remember the cause.

The Feedee Paradise mod also includes the entire vanilla gamedata folder, plus the belly mod and its own content. I would not recommend installing this on top of M-R’s mod, at the very least; if I were less lazy I’d upload a version that pares it down only to its own new content.

If you want to try meshing everything together, I’d probably recommend using M-R’s mod as a base, then install the belly mod, and Nost’s mod on top if you’re feeling adventurous. If you want to use Feedee Paradise, use that, then M-R’s mod, then the belly mod (just in case, because I think it’s probably better to use its files where it conflicts with M-R’s, but I’d have to check to be sure), then Nost’s mod. Nost’s mod is set up so that it doesn’t conflict with the main game files, though, so if you feel like using it, the order it’s installed in shouldn’t matter much.

Are you sure you’re thinking of the right mod? To my knowledge, M-R’s mod doesn’t include anything from yours; even the abdomen organ is pretty close to vanilla.

It was built on top of an earlier version of my mod, not the most recent one i put out. The character Julia was originally one i added to the game to learn the character system and removed because it was a stud of content. She added more to it in later releases. Also she used my talk system as a framework for her preg talk content. There is a few other things that i can’t recall at the moment

Hello, I installed this game recently, and downloaded the lastest release of maternity read’s mod, and nostro mod, but here I came with the idea to install FP mod, and the Belly mod, I tried to follow jimbobvii to install the game with the maximum of mods, even nost mod, but I came to the conclusion that there is too much to change in nost mod for it to work, but I decided that maybe, I will work on it for it to be compatible with Juxtaterrestrial mod.
To do it, I used winmerge to check all the difference, and there is a lot, so maybe if I work little by little to these mods, I can do a complete game with all mods.

But I just want to let you know one thing, for those who decided to pay for M-D’s mod, and installed mod like it is explained above, you will miss some interesting things about pregnancy.

Unfortunately, since M-D mod is not free, I can’t share my full build, I find also a pity that M-D stopped working on this mod…

Maternal-Reads’ mod is free; the latest version should be a public post on their Patreon, although it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years unless work resumed at some point. With the way the mod is packaged, it’d probably be considered a license violation to keep it permanently paywalled, and h.coder has spoken out in the past about not wanting people to do that anyways.

The biggest incompatibility between Jux’s belly mod and Nost’s mod is the abdomen.organ file - the one used in the base game and most mods will work with Nost’s mod but probably break progression or pacing in the belly mod at best, while the one from the belly mod will make progression through Nost’s mod essentially impossible. To get both to work at all smoothly, you’d have to rewrite the events in Nost’s mod to work with the new code and tamper down the portion sizes for feeding events, while tampering with Jux’s abdomen code to be a little more lenient with how much the stomach is allowed to stretch and how quickly it can do so.

At some point in the distant future I’d like to finish rewriting Nost’s mod and merge it into my 0.99 stuff, if I ever find the motivation. About 80% of the stuff relevant to this board is overhauled or at least working, but in the state it’s in now it’d probably break during the elf or dwarf questlines, and a lot of the kau village stuff needs tweaking too. On top of that, even though the original goal was to get it to work nice with other mods, I might’ve changed the feeding system in my 0.99 stuff to the point where doing a clean install of the belly mod into it might actually mess things up a bit.

I rewrited a very little part of the code in the belly mod to have the Maternal-Read’s mod fully working…
Not that much, for the hospital, if we use your way, we do not have maternity.
for nost mod, I liked the continuation of vicky quest, for me it is something that could be perfect for the belly mod.
I wished also to add the details we have in nost.
The sorceress from the brothel seems great too, especially for the “powers”.
For the elves, with M-R’s mod, you can mess things if you use an Hyper breeder, of if you finish the final treatment at the maternity before finishing the elven quest. I had 1000 to 2000 fetuses in becoming hyper breeder before finishing elves quest.
Anyway I will try to see by my side what I can do to have most of the mods working together.

By the way, I really love your version 0.99, it is much better than the old version.
Now, what I wished also to find, it is why the pregnancy do not work well betwen futunary… I could make a special char who is futa breeder and hyperbreeder at the same time, but the chance to get pregnant is very low, something like 1% with anothe futa, so I will also try to find the trick there…