Best character creator for making fat characters

Looking for something that’s fully customizable which includes facial features and clothing. Preferably human

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Maybe the Sims series. While The Sims 2 is limited, The Sims 3 and 4 have what you’re looking for.


Kurtzpel has a really good character creator. You can make your character’s hips wide enough to clip into their hands. The game doesn’t seem to have an actual future, though. The devs have gone silent and there hasn’t been any content since last autumn. It’s a shame, too, since combat is really flashy and fun.

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The Saints Row series has a lot of customization and offers what you’re describing. I found 2 to be the best for customization, but unfortunately the current PC version is poorly optimized (albeit with a fix in the works).


I just recently made a household that is just wendys, the pattern picker is absolutely crucial.


You can make some pretty tubby characters in Sims3/4, with the help of some mods (don’t ask me what they were, it’s been years since I’ve played them).

Somebody recently said you can make some very nice obese characters in Breeders of the Nephylim as well, but you may need to have Patreon access to unlock those particular sliders right now.

You looking for a game or just a character creator?

Both would work fine

dragons dogma for sure, also lets you customize your partner. weight and height effect gameplay in some instances (i.e. carry weight, fitting in tight spots, stamina, etc.) *though english VA leaves something to be desired imo

Ok in that case I link my answer on a similar subject, about games:

About the creator alone, some artist use Daz Studio for makes fatties.
There are other software that can be used as character creators too, but I make you aware if I find them.

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