Big board of LFG

Simply because I feel that this needs to exist since I know many of the folks on here would make use of it.
This is going for both GMs and players to find tabletop games that involve WG.
Games like Shadow-Waddle, ExpanD&D, etc.
Whenever a new system pops up there is always a bunch of folks voicing that they wanna play it. so I decided to put this up to have a spot where those folks can quickly set up a game with the wonderful people of the site.

Ooh, good idea. I myself wouldn’t be opposed to joining a ExpanD&D game, since I’ve recently had some time open up. I’m hoping to be a player (I really want a chance to try out the Monk Archetype), but I’m not opposed to being a Gm if nobody else wants it.

I’d love to join in on something, but it would likely have to be a play-by-post even if the tabletop rules are still in place simply because of privacy reasons and lack of tons of time to devote to long sessions as of now.

I wouldn’t mind giving something like this a try as well - I’ve been curious to see ExpanD&D in action and give it a try.

I think a ‘play-by-post’ system would be the easiest to manage, given the inherent difficulties in organizing live play and the like.

I’d be up for a play-by-post campaign. ExpanD&D looks like an interesting system.

That it does, even just for the rules of weight gain in an otherwise normal D&D setting. I’d be willing to set up a small Discord server for it whether or not I’m the one running the game, I’ve been READY for some kinky tabletop stuff for a while.

ExpanD&D is an interesting who sadly i didnt managed to play it yet,i would like to try it so im up too

Okay, it sounds like a few of us are willing to run, but would prefer to play?

In the past, I’ve been in play-by-post campaigns with rotating GMs. One person runs a short-ish adventure, then someone else rotates their character out to run one and the last GM’s character returns to the party. A GM might run a one off that doesn’t require any follow up, or something that fits into a larger story that’ll be picked up the next time they GM. If GMs get a feel for each other’s arc, they might even start working off each other and interweaving elements.

Not everyone has to commit to GMing, but having a few people to cycle between gives everyone a chance to play and avoids GM fatigue.

Does that sound like something we could make work? I’d be willing to GM as part of a rotation.

I could see that working, though I like even better the idea of swapping perspectives to new parties and adventures between GMs even if it’s all the same system and whatnot.

this sounds awsome but would be strange a bit because you know,some gm’s allow something who others wouldnt or maybe im wrong,i hope i am

You have it right, there is that sort of concern with that setup. But kinks(hur hur) can be ironed out to make it as smooth and fun as possible!

Also, if anyone wants me to take initiative and set up a small Discord for this, just PM me your Discord usernames and I’ll add you/throw you the link and such.

I would be willing to play, if you would welcome a beginner to D&D like me.

Ayyyyyyyyyybsolutely! It’s a hell of a lot of fun to learn the system(s), and I’m more than willing to help someone else figure it out. Gotta start that there new hobby somewhere, right?

I’ve never DMed before so it’ll be a first experience for me, too, in a way – I’ve only ever played up to this point but I’ve been looking A LOT into the thoughts and processes a DM goes through.

sure,a discord server might work better,here is my discord Fucus#9126

Thanks! Got two players so far, need about three or four more for my particular group to be “full” to my comfort zone. Will add you in when I’ve set up the place a bit more, working on it now since I just got up two hours ago QuQ.

I also probably should’ve mentioned that I’m a “Tuesday” on Discord, with a little pic of Isabelle from Animal Crossing. Just so you nerd know who’s mystically sending you an invite.

im not just a nerd,im the nerd overlord

Definitely willing to participate as a ‘rotating DM’, so count me in; I am, unfortunately, less than familiar with Discord, so there will be bit of difficulty there.

I don’t know if a game could actually be played on a discord server as is; I have never had reason or opportunity to try. I do, however, have at least two other options that are nearly custom built for this sort of thing.

[] is an online play by post forum that helps facilitate character creation, dice rolling, and player discussion. I have always found it excellent and easy to use; it is, unfortunately, not an adult forum, which means that explicit lewdness is ‘officially’ prohibited, though that might not matter if we keep it on the down low.

[] on the other hand, is a website for online ‘live action’ play. It is possible to ‘play by video’, but ‘play by post’ is supported just as well, and there are options to turn any video streaming off. It comes with built in tools for map creation, dice rolling, and character tokens (any pic off the internet can do), and is fantastic for faster paced game-play by people who cannot get together in person. Moreover, i have used it for lewd play before, and no issues have arisen.

Otherwise, my Discord handle is Jak8714.

I know of and have used roll20, but I’m not comfortable with it at all yet… doesn’t mean it’s unusable by any of us, though, especially if play-by-post is supported. My only possible concern is privacy, which I’m sure is fine.

And of course the other is a cool option but lewds are likely 90% wanted, so unfortunately we may not be able to use it.