Big Fatties Modpack?

I’m curious if anybody has an organized collection of mods and addons they’d be willing to share for players who want to just play right away, without browsing through all the topics and searching for the download links hidden inside.

It would be awesome if we as a community could collectively decide on a definitive mod list for Big Fatties that accounts for the most features and addresses potential compatibility issues with other mods.

A community curated collection for anyone to jump right in and get the full Starbound Big Fatties experience.

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an easy to find “master thread” that has all the mods and a short description and link would probably be helpful. not so sure about a mod pack since people would probably not agree on what are good or bad mods


There’s this spreadsheet- closest I can think of for a master thread we got:

Check the cleaned up tab at the bottom- it’s the most up to date

By the very nature of a lot of the mods. There really isn’t going to be a definitive way to play. Some people might not like popping, and the creator doesn’t really like that addon being spread around anyways. Some people might think granular is kind of lacking support. Some people might not like what modfatties does to enemies and also not even know it’s modfatties and complain about balancing to me. What people will enjoy is subjective.
Though at the very least people really shouldn’t try to just install as many mods as they can to flesh out the game with more content. More isn’t inherently better, if anything it can just be more confusing for the user. Properly understanding what the main mod does, and what any unofficial addon, is important for being able to tailor what they actually want. And isolate something if it’s not later down the road.


My idea is for anyone to recommend a group of mods here based on what they see as their favorite way to play the game. Personally, I’m someone who spends more time browsing mods for the game than actually playing it because I have a hard time making up my mind.

At the risk of sounding lazy, I think that a combined mod pack would still be extremely helpful, even more so than the spreadsheet above. Personally, I tend to get nervous when installing lots of mods into a game, especially when doing so involves overwriting files. Am I installing them in the right order? Are there any that I forgot to install or accidentally installed twice? How much time will I have to spend troubleshooting, testing, and re-installing things if I mess up?

Putting all of the essential mods into a single, pre-organized zip folder, I think, would work wonders to help idiot-proof the modding process.

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This is exactly why I think a modpack would be great. Plus, it would include many more mods than just big fatties stuff, like the modded races that have addons that make them compatible with big fatties, and mods that just make starbound a better game in general.