Open spreadsheet for tracking Starbound mods

I like organizing everything but my own life, so I’ve made a Google Sheet to keep track of the essentials of some of the various Starbound mods. I don’t have all of them here, but I’ve left the sheet open for additions or improvements. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the difficulty of trying to track down threads and download links, or remembering which mod does what.

P.S. Don’t be nervous—it’s backed up.


Yey!! now lets pass starbound to 0 again :slight_smile: its fun whit the mod.

Can anyone explain what “programmable weight sensor” means for Jolair’s mod?

So if I type something in the googledocs thing, can every user on it see what I typed or would it just be me?

Everyone sees it as long as you are connected to the internet

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You can /spawnitem wiredweightscale, activate it after placing it, and use the window that pops up to set a weight at which it outputs a signal. For instance, you can use it to make a trap room where the exit only opens if you weigh over 1000 lbs.

Similarly, you can spawn “liquidspawner” and use its popup window to set the type of liquid and the rate.

CORRECTION: the item id is “wiredweightscale” and NOT “wiredweightsensor”


appreciate the response, thanks!

Also, how do I access the dungeons in the mod? I don’t know where to find them

They’re rare to find naturally, but they can be spawned manually in admin mode. One is a modified apex laboratory, and one’s a modified glitch crawler dungeon. I’ll look for the dungeon IDs when I have a chance

The IDs for the glitch and apex one are

Apex Dungeon ID


Glitch Dungeon ID


They’re isn’t all that much that has been done to alter them from the original dugeons besides the occasional prop change, loot being almost entirely food, moontant sludge and creatures being present, and maybe one other minor thing I missed. Overall a bit underwhelming in my opinion. There is a third dungeon that is completely new, but it doesn’t properly form and it bugs whatever planet you spawn it on.

Avali Dungeon ID (Probably needs additional mods to work though I don't know which ones)


I’m personally more interested in the liquid spawner and weighted pressure plate. Not only are they functional and unique to the mod, but they are also easily customizable with a simple yet effective UI to them. The pressure plate is invisible which can be a bit irritating (unless you want the trap/source to be unnoticable)

Liquid Spawner ID


Pressure Plate ID



Does anyone know what mods Joliair’s Fatty Dungeons are incompatible with? Every time I try to install it, it causes a fatal error on startup.

So I must ask, is there a additional mod I need to add for getting the dungeons to work properly?

Aside from the Avali not really. The dungeons issue with the Avali dungeon is the only one out there, and that’s supposed to (at least if I’m right) a mission-like area where you warp into via teleporter rather than discover in the open worlds.

Alright, thank you my dude!

Ah, I also got the Fatal Startup Error.

Is there a way to fix this?

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With that the issue is that the dungeons mod only work if you have the Avali mod as a file in your ‘mods’ folder. It won’t recognize the Steam Workshop version only the downloaded one.

Ah alright, thank you!

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I found the Avali Triage mod and Humanoid Avali mod on the Chucklefish forums, but how do I install them in such a way that doesn’t cause my game to crash on startup?

Put both files in the mod folder (same one you put the Big Fatties + other mods in

That’s exactly what I did. I downloaded the zip files and extracted them into the mods folder. After that, three times in a row, the game crashed during the Chucklefish splash screen. I only escaped the issue by removing all of the Avali mod files.