Big Fatties Themed Builds/Building Thread

This is a forum dedicated to those who wish to show off their building skills to others or get feedback on builds they are working on. Of course because this is Big Fatties, the builds are naturally fatty-oriented or have Big Fatties (or other addons) items present in them. Laboratories meant to test the limits of weight gain, underground havens to those who desire nothing more than feasting, cyperpunk cities where augmentations have allowed extreme fat to become the norm, temples meant to worship corpulent deities, all of them and more are welcome in this forum. Go wild and show your builds to everyone here! However, try to keep the storytelling low so that this doesn’t turn into a second Character and stories sharing forum, but do feel free to let you builds have some history or lore behind them.


Welcome to Lard Laboratories! Where science and weight gain mix into a wonderous concoction of fattening. My names is Taiyo and I’ll be your gracious tour guide.

Upon entering into the underground facility via the teleporter located in the “entrance zone”, one is greeted by the sleeping quarters and multi-floor lounge for the staff hard at work creating numerous fattening products. Passing through the kitchen reveals the various testing chambers used for various different experiments. One the left side of the first chamber column, we have the grow rooms where plants are being modified to grow various foods, a mystical alter we recovered from an derelict temple that fattens all who lay upon it, one of our staff volunteering as milk storage alongside several designated holding tanks, work with massive food, and yet another lounging area for overworked staff.

Going down the right side, the top two testing chambers have been merged into one so that the sentient goo creatures dwelling inside can have a more comfortable living space along with having more room to experiment on their unique bodies. Continuing down we have a collected sample of bizarre plants that produce a calorie-dense syrup and the bathrooms for anyone needing to answer nature’s call. The storage area serves as the passage way to the second chamber column, though it is still under construction.

Passing through yet another lounge because of how exhausting our work can be, we arrive at the second column of testing chambers though as I said before, they are incomplete. On the bottom are the import/export area for large deliveries incapable of being teleported and one of our staff being studied on the prolonged effects of social isolation and extreme weight. What chambers are left are dedicated to the effects of fat and inflation, a virtual environment meant to test one’s ability to resist temptation, our slime testing area along with a test subject the CEO’s office, and a workout room for those who want to either lose weight the hard way or build up some muscle to haul that fat around. Unfortunately that concludes our tour as we are still in the process of construction and most premises for experimentation that we could think of being covered. Any donations or ideas for experiments would greatly help in the prolonged operation of Lard Laboratories. We hoped you enjoyed our tour!


Hey if you don’t mind me asking, is there anywhere we can download that busty blob sprite from the last image?

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It’s been a while since I’ve played Starbound BF and there’s a few sprites I haven’t seen before. The one with the massive breasts, the one that looks so overfilled it looks like she’s ready to burst. Some sort of blue-haired obese fatty. Then there’s the alternate blob art in the first and second panels of a purple-clad person. Was that finally made into a mod?

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It’s actually from the Mod Fatties forum, more specifically the Swimsuits addon. Unfortunately the Super Busty one only works with the Kemono race but it is still a nice addition.

1: Like I said before, Mod Fatties Swimsuits addon + Super Busty only on Kemono
2: Both the hyper inflated one and the milk-filled one are thanks to the Mod Fatties addon (the original one)
3: That is a custom sprite for the immobile Avali was made over on Twitter by GalacticMagpie, though I would suggest you get the Big Fatties: Humanoid Avali to make changing out sprites much easier.

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I’ve been wanting to make my own space station based around the prospect of tenants being trapped and fattened. Although I haven’t tested it yet, here’s the space station design I came up with using an online tool:

The idea focuses on the fact that NPCs have a limited jump height and therefore should have a limited ability to scale vertical surfaces without platforms or elevators. Meanwhile, I can climb those walls easily using double jumps, the Grappling Hook (or the Winch mod), or the Spike Ball. In the picture below, the short, horizontal corridors act as tenant rooms. The Large Cores are intended to be farming and museum rooms. This design allows me to continue expanding to the right if I so desire, and with a bit of tweaking, I can place more quarters above the rail corridors.

Since I haven’t tested this yet, my biggest concern is that there won’t be quite enough vertical space to prevent NPCs from escaping. If that’s the case, then I’ll need to redesign the living quarters with an extra vertical shaft. On top of that, there’s the fact that rooms can’t be removed after they’ve been placed.


“The idea focuses on the fact that NPCs have a limited jump height and therefore should have a limited ability to scale vertical surfaces without platforms or elevators.”

The idea works in theory and works on the game, but aesthetically speaking it doesn’t make much sense. How are the people transferred and moved? What about supplies? It just didn’t make much sense to me. Instead what I decided to do was a rail system and locked door so that even if they got out, they wouldn’t be able to ride the tram out. Here’s a mockup of what I am talking about.

The wiring on the door makes it so that the station door won’t automatically open when nearby instead making it so that you have to hit the but and get in/out quickly before it closes. The rail wiring makes it so that when you push the button the tram goes to that “station” (If you’re below and the tram is above, pushing the button will make the tram come to you).

How are people transferred and moved? The idea is that, once a tenant has been placed in a room, they’re soon fattened until they’re unable to move. In other words, people don’t move from their rooms. Sure, its aesthetics are weak and it requires some suspension of disbelief, but I’ll take that over a door system that I risk getting stuck in if I’m not quick enough. Also, I’ve never used wiring or rail systems before today, so I’m still learning them.

  1. Don’t forget the initial moving the subject into the room plus the constant delivery of supplies and other necessities
  2. There is the delay gate that can delay how long something is until activated (press button, signal does not reach designated object until a bit later.
  3. You don’t have to wire up the rails themselves aside from the hatch, I just did it because I knew how to and because it’s more convenient for me.
  1. Why would I need to move the subject into the room? Doesn’t the Colony Deed spawn a tenant in the room it’s placed in?
  2. From your explanation, it sounds like this setup would only change how much time passes between the input and the door opening, not how long the door stays open. Even if I could adjust the timing, getting it right would be difficult, especially with my own character’s fluctuating weight. I’ve already gotten stuck in doors more than once.
  3. I’m sure I don’t have to, but I’m such a newbie with rails that I couldn’t even figure out how to make a functioning tram system through the long corridors (I’ve since looked up how to do it properly). As a result, I’m reluctant to use more rails than necessary.
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  1. Technically yes, it’s just for immersion and like I said people are not the only thing you have to worry about if this were “real” (sending down large crates of food, medical equipment, janitorial stuff, etc.)
  2. I actually have not done too much wiring so I had not dug into it that much. As it turns out there is a far better option: the countdown timer. TL:DR it can make an input from a button last upwards of 5 seconds before shutting down, giving you ample time to go through the door (in most cases)
  3. You don’t even need to wire anything up. You can just put the tram stops down and the work (though you won’t be able to press a button to call the tram). If you really don’t want to you don’t have to even do the hatch at all since the NPCs can’t jump up the vertical corridor, I just did it for style points.

wow, that would be very interesting to gonna play this fat mod

Thanks for the info!

I have been working on a space station for the past few weeks but I have no clue what I want to do for it. The main idea of it is that it is the central building of operation for “Fat Incorporated”, responsible for the production, testing, sale, and distribution of fat-related things. Problem is I feel like I don’t know what I want to do with the build along with feeling uninterested.

List of different rooms:

  • Loading bays (inspired by this talented builder)
  • “Customer entrance”
  • Tram going from customer entrance to main area
  • Main area, containing the waiting area, goods shop, and reception desk

However these bays are separated from the main station itself (one large core) via the horizontal tram behind the reception desk.

List of different rooms shown above:

  • CEO Office
  • Bunks
  • Slime storage
  • Dining hall + massive kitchen
  • Testing Range
  • Storage Room

List of different rooms shown:

  • Empty (orange room)
  • Empty (black room)
  • Moontant Sludge Refinery
  • Empty (grey room)
  • Staff Lounge
  • Makeshift Bar

I would love to hear any ideas for what I should do in the empty rooms along with improvements/further detailing to existing rooms. I feel like having multiple ideas to work with would revive my passion for this mini-project and perhaps the idea of a Big-Fatties themed station could be a reoccurring theme on the build forum.


oh man, your building is very awesome and bigger

Is their way to download maps and export them into the game

I don’t think there is but I’ve never tried so I don’t know

So I’m working on a new character that is essentially a fat-loving freighter pilot. Problem is that there ship is too cramped to put on weight without it getting in the way. At least that’s the idea, so far I feel like the build is not properly reflecting on that idea. I want to make the ship claustrophobic enough that it makes it feel like any added weight would be an issue, but i don’t want it so claustrophobic that it becomes distracting or made specifically to be claustrophobic. Any feedback on how I can do that and other improvements to the build would be greatly appreciated.

anyone know any good blocks for builds like these? i’m planning on a sort of lab/building full of whatever build but only smooth metal is a bit boring honestly (what im using rn)