Starbound Big Fatties - Humanoid Avali


Hello folks, and welcome to this topic. I have created this one to share with you a little mod I have made for the Big Fatties mod, created by @Dispatch, to add support for the Humanoid Avali mod, found on Steam at : Steam Workshop::Humanoid Avali

This mod will replace the “normal” avali fat body sprites found in the Big Fatties mod with ones I have made to work together with the humanoid body for the avali. This way, you should be able to try to work with existing clothes. If you don’t like it, you can just remove the mod safely, without any consequences.

Please find attached at the end of this message my work. To install it, just extract the .zip file and copy the folder into your Starbound mods folder. The sprites have been edited and created using GIMP and have been tested to ensure they are working properly. Any feedback on how to improve these sprites is always appreciated.

Also, feel free to use these sprites as you see fit.

Big Fatties - humanoid (750.9 KB)
This version does NOT provide support for Granular WG. In its current form, it is server-friendly, although there might be some inconsistency if humanoid avali are not supported by the server itself.


  • @Dispatch, for the Big Fatties mod and for the groundwork they have made
  • DrPvtSkittles, for the Humanoid avali mod, as well as other nice bits and pieces they make
  • @Projg and @charlatan , for inspiration with some of the sprites

Neat-o! Pretty cool idea to make an alternative version of an existing race, especially since I tend to use Skittles’ Humanoid race variants to expand wardrobe options! Likewise, for those interested in boobs, now your space turkeys can fit right in with the other, big-breasted space ladies out there~ :sunglasses:

In regards to the sprites themselves, checked them out for both genders and they seem to be working properly for the most part! There are some frames, such as for swimming, I have yet to check out but by all means, if I see anything particularly off, I’ll definitely post it here.

The only real criticism I can provide (and this is likely more of a personal perspective so feel free to ignore it) is that the chin on the blob seems a bit “un-fat-like”. I did mark the two pixels that seem especially unfitting in a snapshot but again, feel free to leave them as is since they’re still fine otherwise!

Overall, pretty great! Again, appeals pretty well to anybody that might like the way the more humanoid sprites look for other races, but also like the avali themselves. Very good stuff! :ok_hand:

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Firstly, thank you for the feedback. I must mention that those missing pixels are intentional, as otherwise the emotes would be too obscured to look nice (you would only see the top half of an open mouth,for example). I assumed it could pass as it would appear as the tip of their chin, although I was a bit unsure of this. I could not find another suitable alternative to this, so I thought this would be a decent compromise.

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You’re welcome for the feedback! I’m still probably not the best person to ask about more specific aspects of improving spritework but still glad to provide feedback regardless!

Also, no worries, if you not only noticed the chin thing yourself, but left it there for a specific reason as well, then it should be fine! Like I said before anyway, everything else looks perfectly fine so it was a relatively minor ‘issue’ for me, totally fine with it being left as it is now!

I have updated the mod. I noticed a few mistakes with the sprites and I have corrected them. The download link in the original post has been updated with the corrected version.

I know its been a while, but could you perhaps do a version for the Granular WG For Big Fatties Release! addon? No one has been doing any additions the the ModFattiesRacesGranular patch so I was wondering if you were working on it or not. If so, is it in a complete enough state to upload an incomplete version of it?

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Thanks for the interest. It is something I do intend to make. I just need to find the time to do it…


Are there still plans to update the addon to support the new version of Granular WG? I would love to be able to play as the Avali with all the new sizes!

He does just look up

Derp, I thought this came before Granular updated to have new sizes, so I wanted to check to see if they still planned compatibility. Disregard my message above^^

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If you don’t mind me asking, when is the granular compatibility going to be added if at all? It’s ok if it isn’t, since if there were more Huge and Titanic compatible clothes along with more options overall for granular clothing, the incapability wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Also on the topic of Avali, are you planning on making any of the Avali clothing Big-Fatties compatible?


I do intend to make these sprites. I have made little progress so far (just the pudgy set of sprites), as I have had other things to deal with. IF nothing else comes along, I am hoping I can get these done around the end of August.

I would also like to include some of the avali clothes in this and I have some ideas of my own to try out. As such, they are unlikely to come out anytime soon.


I have updated the original file I have created quite some time ago. Please find the latest version in the original post. I would have liked to also share the work I have done for Granular WG, but I am encountering some difficulties with some of the sprites. I will get it done, though. It will just take more time, I’m afraid.


Cant wait to see some corpulent avali’s! :eyes: Keep up the amazing work! : D