Granular WG For Big Fatties Release!

With the descriptions, “test” was something I used to differentiate the new sizes from the old. Every stage would have a different description based on the race of your character. That’s something that I don’t feel like doing and I’m not too familiar with the game’s lore to make good descriptions. If you or anyone else wants to write the descriptions, however, go right ahead.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I don’t plan on making more. This includes the two new sizes.Making clothes, for the really big sizes especially, is very time consuming and tedious. Getting the clothes to look right with a body that jiggles like hell takes a lot of time. Getting the skin underneath to show just compounds the issue. Let’s say I make a shirt that have skin showing for the new 2 sizes: I’d have to make a version for every race, in which there are 7 of them. One with human skin, Novakid skin, etc… Even if I didn’t have the skin showing, I’d have to make versions for both male and female characters. Making clothes involves as almost much work as making new races. However, If you guys want to try your hand at making them, go right ahead. It’s just something I personally don’t feel like doing.

But I can show you a way to make armor/clothes that have skin showing

I’m not really an experienced Starbound modder. This is just something I picked up on the BF Discord. Not the most elegant way of doing it. Outfit bags are a much more clever approach, but this is a quick and dirty method. I’ll use the Human Female Pudgy Hoodie as an example

Step 0: Back up your Storage folder
Copy paste it somewhere safe in case your game gets børked. I’m not responsible if something breaks.

Step 1: Make the appropriate clothing

This sheet is just a quickly modified version of the Human female pudgy hoodie. One of them doesn’t have a belly, but this is just a demonstration so it doesn’t really matter. Notice how it has the EXACT SAME COLORS (down to the hex number!!!) as the base pudgy human skin. When you start adding in the skin tones of whatever race, you can’t dye the clothing in question. Dunno why, just something I noticed. You’d have to color the clothing in the way you’d want it to appear in game.


Step 2: Adding it to the game
There are many tutorials on the internet on how to add custom clothes/armor. Just for demonstration, we’ll just replace the “chestf.png” file inside the “pudgyhoodie” file. These can be found in Starbound\mods\granular wg\items\armors\decorative\clothes. Make sure that the new sprite sheet is also named “chestf.png”

Step 3: Getting it working in game.

This is assuming you have the hoodie in the cosmetic slot. The skin on the pudgy hoodie won’t match the skin of your player, at first. This is where it gets really messy. One of your armor slot items has to apply player directives (fancy talk for matching skin tones/color). It can be your head armor, torso armor, or leg armor. Just one of them have to apply player directives. The only way I know how to do this without going into the game’s files is to type this into the chatbox with admin privileges (type in /admin)

/spawnitem itemname 1 '{"statusEffects":["applyplayerdirectives"]}'

The itemname part can be just about any choice of clothing/armor you want, but we’ll use the Scouter’s Chestguard as an example. The itemname for the Scouter’s Chestguard is humantier1chest. You can find the itemnames of various vanilla armor/clothing on the Starbound wiki. For modded items you’d most likely have to find out yourself. With that we have

/spawnitem humantier1chest 1 '{"statusEffects":["applyplayerdirectives"]}'

Take that spawned chest piece and equip it, then type in /reload. The skin should then match. The annoying part is that you’d have to type in /reload every time you launch the game. It’s more annoying when you got a fuckton of mods.

If you’re up for doing the work, go for it, man! I’m not too experienced of a spriter myself. I’m sure these sprites can be improved on.


Ah yes, I understand. The little bit of sprite work modding I’ve done for the game has been tedious so I know the pain. Anyways, I have been adding descriptions to the body sizes and I will see about posting them on here at some point, too! Just deciding if I should make a new thread within Big Fatties or if I should post the download here.

I figured I’d try my hand at spriting some clothing for the new sizes when I got around to playing more SB. I really, really, really don’t blame you for not wanting to do more… my efforts to create blob-sized clothing have been largely failures in the past. It’s just so darn difficult and you have to deal with that stupid swinging arm on top of the sprite.
If I do something, it will probably be the green jumpsuit. It’s a big, mostly solid green object and therefore is relatively easy to work with compared to the protectorate suit or something.

Oh, and I just want to re-emphasize how extremely grateful I am to people like you for all your insanely hard work. You, Tobias, Dispatch and others have been a dream come true for this game.

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Is anyone willing to make Granular compatible with the Avali race? Given that it’s in the official BF mod, and not community supported, it seems to get caught in a grey-area in terms of compatibility with many addons.

The creator of the Starbound Big Fatties - Humanoid Avali seems to be working on granular support for humanoid avali, though I doubt anyone’s working on a version for the regular avali

Anyone up to converting the race kemono for the newest stages?

Hey, I hate to do this to you, and I don’t blame you if you just let it stand. When a huge/titanic character jumps or falls, you can see your normal-sized arm on the back of the sprite displaying the falling animation because bsleeve is a blank png. Blob is so big that the sprite’s mass covers it up, but it’s visible on those smaller sizes.
I just noticed that when trying to convert the Jumpsuit.
EDIT: also, this is visible when swimming.

Yeah that’s something I’m aware of. You can actually see this happen on the blob sprite during a fall. image

Again, something I didn’t feel like doing. I feel like, at these sizes, players aren’t gonna do much in the way of swimming or especially jumping lol.


What, really? Immersion ruined. How did I never notice this until now?
Well, that’s OK. Since the arms are pretty much the same size for huge/titanic/blob, that’s maybe 6 sprites per race. Maybe I’ll give it a try. You’ve done more than enough work already.



Fixed bsleeve (128.7 KB)
This should fix falling/swimming bsleeve arms being super skinny. Covers huge, titanic, blob and blobend for the seven playable races (not fenerox/avali).
UPDATE: I realized I also had to change the rear holding weapon sprite. Everything should be in order now.


So i tried making huge varient of startrack outfit unfortuntely this is what happens.

The leg sprites for whatever reason are showed at the top of the character and are cut off the example below doesn’t show it that well but that is what happens. i dont know if this can be fixed anyone have any kind of suggestions?

You need to copy framesf and framesm from the huge folder to your clothinghuge folder. SB is trying to treat your spritesheet like a normal-sized one.


As “promised”, here is a jumpsuit converted to work with Huge and Titanic sizes. The Blob size is mostly functional too but unfinished; I ended up abandoning it after it wasn’t ever looking nice even without all the graphical errors.
Issues that were difficult, but solved: When you simply try to recolor/retexture the existing sized blob/titanic/huge sleeves and pants, you find that the default arms are still visible in many places. So what I did was take hundreds of screenshots while playing animations and use those as a reference to manually patch up every single little hole and issue. If anyone else wants to make huge/titanic/blob clothing, the included files should help you a LOT-- and feel free to use them.
Other issues (aka I’d have to do a ton of work and that’s not fun at ALL, but if you want to do it, go ahead): No neck fat, and the sleeves cover up the hands too. This would require a different jumpsuit for every single race which would be quite a bit of effort, but it would be theoretically doable.
Also, these sprites are female only. Male characters will simply just re-use female sprites, so your moobs will be a bit bigger than usual. If you want to fix that too, go ahead, but I (and the apparent majority of people here) mostly seem to play female characters, so that’s where my efforts were focused.

Finally, I realized I made even more mistakes on my bsleeves that I only noticed when there was a big color difference due to the jumpsuit’s palette. I went ahead and fixed those, finally, so now bsleeve should be working 100% correctly.Fixed bsleeve v3 granular (357.5 KB)


Nice! i am going to use that as reference for other edits i might make.

Your work on these is appreciated. I hope you do not mind if I will try to use some of your work for my own?

As for the sleeve ssues you mentioned, it unfortunately happens because the default body doesn’t disappear as you gain weight (that is how they managed to make clothes that cover only part of the body, such as shorts, or tank tops). Unfortunately, that will not be the same case as the body gains weight. Because of this, your only real hope is to cover up the normal body sprite (the most notable example is in how the sleeves are done for the blob body).

Ok, so with this update, my startrack sprites don’t work for the granular sizes again, can I see what the needed syntax is to make them work with this update?

I’m having an issue with Huge and Titanic sizes. When my character gets to those sizes, her body just changes to a normal, pre-fat size. Could the fact that I’m playing as the Kemono custom race have something to do with it?

Absolutely. IIRC, the mod is vanilla races only.