Starbound Big Fatties: Character and stories sharing

With Ironbolt, Rendheart, and Cleavepike there to protect her, Siegeflower could visit other planets and not worry too much about getting hurt. But there were times where their constant and careful watch over their beloved employer grew too much for even Siegeflower to handle.

They were highly against letting Siegeflower go anywhere on her own, but Siegeflower managed to get away from them for just one time. At the moment, she was in a village; with guards patrolling the area, she had to be safe, right?


Little did they know about a petty pickpocket known as Lightfoot. True to her name, none could hear Lightfoot’s silent treading as she stalked her victims…until it was too late. When Lightfoot heard that a noble had entered the village, she waited until she was finally alone, bent on stealing her riches…


During the night, Lightfoot crept into Siegeflower’s inn…but what she didn’t expect was for the noble to be awake. Not knowing who she was, Siegeflower greeted the young thief, and offered to read her a story. Lightfoot quietly declined, and decided to sneak away before she could be found.


The next night after, Lightfoot tried to rob the noble a second time. Judging from Siegeflower’s size, whatever Lightfoot could grab from the girthy Glitch would make her rich beyond comprehension. But her greed overcame her senses, and Lightfoot wound up being caught by one of the village’s guards.

Upon recognizing her, the village guards imprisoned Lightfoot, dead set on executing her the next day. Luckily for her, Siegeflower was merciful; she offered Lightfoot a job as one of her guards, giving her a decent, honest pay to reform. Lightfoot was touched by this gesture, and agreed to work for Siegeflower. It did mean preserving her life, after all.


The other three were alarmed to see a thief working alongside them, even if said thief was in Siegeflower’s good graces. She could run off at any time, with Siegeflower’s goods tucked in her pocket, but Siegeflower trusted her. At least Lightfoot didn’t have to scrounge to get a good meal.

Some time after the addition of Lightfoot, Siegeflower’s party would meet its 6th member. This new Glitch was met deep within an abandoned church, and explained her dedication to its continued upkeep. Though doing so alone was not easy.


Her name was Brightprayer, and she was a paladin: a pious female knight who used her prayers to heal the wounded. Siegeflower was a capable healer on her own, but a healer who could fight in her stead would make her travels across planets even easier.


Brightprayer was happy to join, but under one condition: Siegeflower would use her wealth to repair the church. Once that was settled, a strong and capable ally had accompanied their guild.


Siegeflower only grew rounder and heavier as a result. With Rendheart continuously feeding her, and the others fighting without much need for her to take action, Siegeflower became idle and sluggish. Ironically, Siegeflower put on more weight from traveling as opposed to sitting in her own home, lightyears away.


Matching her humongous haunches which required two sturdy seats to keep her off the ground, the enormous hunk of metal holding her ever-overfed fuel tank hung over her legs, nearly making it difficult to stand without tipping over, let alone getting up. She could no longer see her feet, which shuffled along the ground as she walked.

Her size was a true testament to her indulgence- and she found herself enjoying it. Especially when Rendheart complimented the gormandized Glitch, unable to keep himself away from her corpulent configuration.


But when asked, the lustful Rendheart sought to make Siegeflower even bigger. If Siegeflower chose to take Rendheart’s hand in marriage, he would take care of her every need as her vast, abundantly bloated shell would only continue to reach milestone after milestone.

Siegeflower would be so big, she would require her own palanquin just to go outside- and it was a prospect which excited Rendheart greatly. However, this thought was something Siegeflower was hesitant on. She was already fond of her overstuffed structure, and becoming even bigger than this was not something she could fathom.


Her dilemma was not made any easier, considering that she had grown to love both Rendheart and his rival, Ironbolt. But her choice became even more difficult to make when Cleavepike, the meek and usually quiet knight, finally had a moment alone with Siegeflower.


Siegeflower was beyond flattered to realize that not just two, but three men were after her heart. Cleavepike told Siegeflower how he had grown to admire the noble for her beauty, her abilities, and her kindness.

Finally releasing all of his pent-up emotions, the heart-struck Cleavepike mentioned his worries about Rendheart, believing that he was only seeing Siegeflower for her size, and not everything else. Cleavepike promised to love her unconditionally, and gave his word as a knight that he would happily die for her.

Siegeflower felt a new kind of weight- and it was on her shoulders. She was already in love with Rendheart and Ironbolt, but Cleavepike admittedly did not do much to leave an impression on her. Nevertheless, his sweet and affable nature was something worth giving a chance, in her view.

The only thing Siegeflower knew at the time, was that she could no longer view those three as simple bodyguards ever again…

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Yes- we get to see the continuation of Futoi!

Many years ago, the Armarok Empire ruled over the land with an iron fist, hogging all the spoils of war and farming for themselves. While many starved, they sat in their mighty castle feasting upon the never-ending supplies of food and buying all they could with their endless reserves of money. The citizens however grew tired and tried to reason with the kings to lend some of their money to the locals, but they refused as what possible threat could they pose? Turns out…a massive one. The citizens rallied against the kings and stormed their castle with one goal, overthrow the tyrants. They were successful and the gluttonous tyrants were ironically left to starve in the wild. After the overthrow, many considered burning the castle to purge the foul memories inside, but eventually the citizens eventually abandoned the structure, leaving it to crumble.

However several decades later, the New Evalion Republic was forced from their homeland by space marauders and thieves constantly pillaging their cities. They needed some place smaller, more fortified, and easier to manage. Fortunately, the abandoned Armalok Empire castle was a perfect fit as it was backed by a near impassible mountain on one side and a sprawling flatlabd the other. Besides the outdated technology as the Evalion were several centuries of technological advancement ahead of the Armarok Empire, the castle was a perfect fit. After some modernization and additions, the New Evalion Republic castle was functional

Leading up to the front of the castle is a sprawling flatland that not only makes it great for defense, but also for harvesting the massive amounts of food needed the Republic.

As one enters through the main gate, they are greeted with a vast storage room meant for storing artifacts of the Empire era and for the materials needed for present or future renovations. Speaking of renovations, the dormitory and lookout posts are currently undergoing renovations

Directly across from the storage area is the massive dining hall where the throne of once gluttonous kings now serves as a backdrop for the feasts of the NER. However the food does not come out of no where (unlike those weird cakes), hence the sizable kitchen located right above the storage room for easy access. The security and server room lies directly above the two [and also the bathrooms as well] which helps to serve as the backbone of the Republic’s transactions, security monitoring, and wireless connections.

Moving up the mountain it was built on, the guard towers and foundations have recieved some major modifications. From modified cargo container modules, to machine gun turrets, to multiple shops built into the foundations (somewhat unwise but it works I guess), to the solar array that powers the entire castle, the towers are now bustling with economic life, though their old life as guard towers has never ceased.

Speaking of security, towards the back of the castle (where that aforementioned near-impassible mountainside is) the NER initially intended the area to be dedicated to residential space, but after several small skirmishes by bandit groups, the NER eventually decided to set up a modern guard post/ checkpoint to anyone who goes the path less traveled.

Below the surface however lies a dark and an enjoyable secret. The dark secret is the old dungeon that lies far below the castle base. In it, fattening runes ensure that prisoners can never leave unless the NER decides to let them free. Until then, they simply have to sit in place as their bodies are too heavy to even squirm around without being exhausted. The enjoyable secret is the secret hideaway that is hidden being a seemingly inconspicuous patch of wall. This section of wall however reveals a secret passage way that goes to a restricted hangout. If you can get access and make sure to follow the rules, this hangout has a mini arcade, lounge, spa, rock collection, and a private gorging room perfect for all of you fattening desires.

Apologies for the abrupt transition but what did you think? I wanted to experiment with telling a story of the environment rather than of a character/characters (though I might make a story about Tamiko in the future depending on if I get burnt out or come up with any ideas). As much as I love the stories posted here, I felt like there was a lack of environment stories that centered around the story behind the location. Also, I apologies if the language is a bit stale or repetitive, this is my first major story here so I am a bit flustered and rosy cheeked, which doesn’t make for the best storytelling me. Any feedback would be nice and thank you for your hospitality.


Cool, more stories finally! Thanks! :smiley:

oh how you get the avali bigger?

It’s a bit of a doozie, but I will try to explain it the best I can. First you want to get the Humanoid Avali mod not just so that avali can now wear most if not all outfits, but also for the next part. For part 2, you’ll need to get the Starbound Big Fatties - Humanoid Avali so that you can tamper with the files since they are in actual operable folders rather than a condensed .pak folder. After that, go to here for the fat avali sprite and download the image. Once you do, go to the folder titled “items”, open it to get the “armors” folder, open that one to get to the “blob” folder, then open “blobavali” to get to the art. However that is just to the regular blob stages, not the immobile ones. To get to the immobile ones, open the “blobend” folder to get to where you want. After that, you move/delete the file titled “blob_pantsf”, change the name of your downloaded image to “blob_pantsf” and put it were the original file was. If you did it right, you should now have a extra fat immobile avali, though it only works with the female one (unless you switched out the male one to) and it has no movement sprites unfortuately. Credit to this person for making the pixel art.


oh thank you it might take me some time to do it

Oh my… this thread is alive. However, its nice to see some sort of revival.
Also thanks up here for the avali guide, this was very helpful and by this I mean a lot.

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No problem, I’ve been quite a lurker here and I got a bit tired of only popping in when I needed help. So I figured I should give something back, but since I suck at coding, pixel art, and sound design, I figured I would give back in the form of stories. I didn’t expect to make the Avali guide, let alone have several people actually find it helpful, but I guess sometimes the nicest stuff is the most unexpected places.

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Wow, contributions are still happening.

I’d like to get back into writing, but given what’s going on in the world, my job’s been putting me into a workload I rarely dealt with before, which has drained my drive to write for now, I’ll still try to write and release something, but I cannot guarantee a specific date, I still recommend people to provide their own stories or characters, the more the merrier

Alright, second story post… let’s do this

Many gods ruled over a desert planet far away from our world. Of these gods two reigned supreme, were Raol the god of life who ruled all of the desert and Thama the god of death who despite being the god of death is improbably patient. Many other smaller gods are also present in this world but our tale revolves around on of Raol’s assistants, Reni the god of corpulence.

Just as his title would have you believe he is in charge if dealing with everything relating to fat. Whether that is the fat in wild animals, sentient beings, even the other gods, he is in charge of making sure fattiness is kept in balance on the world. However contrary to what you may think, he is not a god that spends his time gorging on ceaseless feasts, in fact if anything he feels guilty whenever he has to eat as that food could be going to someone else. Instead what he does is that he gradually takes other people’s excessive fat and puts it on himself to feed rather than eating, helping the person and nourishing himself. Speaking of which, the gods in this world are not like the ones (or one) in our world. Rather than being omniscient and immortal, they are more akin to regular people with far more strength and intelligence but with the added responsibility of looking after their world without being able to see all.

This came to a head when one of the gods, Uncales the god of war, refused to cause small conflicts throughout history in order to keep a massive war from engulfing the planet. They did not want to cause war and since they were in charge of it, no war could occur without them, at least that is what they thought. Instead the built up rage and violence sparked a gargantuan war that lead to the destruction of several of the god’s temples. The remaining temples were supposed to be hidden by Indar the god of sight, but of the three gods that refused to hide them, Reni was the most avid spokesperson against hiding away. He argued that the temple should instead become safehavens for those displaced by the conflict. The other gods saw him as a fool and warned that doing so would see his temple destroyed by the war, but he still accepted the responsibility of guarding the innocent.

He knew that his temple in its archaic state would do little to help anyone, so he sought out the help of several mortals to help modify his temple. They started work carving out the sides so that more space was available to the refugees along with creating several scaffolds to either keep the freshly excavated cavities open or the provide even more space for the refugees. He had one of his allies wire up an underground electrical system with generators and a solar panel to power any electrical needs. His other ally offered to set up defensive works around the base and station himself as the lone guardsman. While they modified the temple, Reni went about enchanting as much water as he could to a fattening and nutritious sludge that could sate the body of even the most starved and malnourished individual. Before he could finish the modifications, a caravan of people outcasted from their homes turned up to ask for help. Even though he knew he would have to work tirelessly to keep things in shape, he took up the offer and invited them in.

While the refugees pitched their tents and finally began to rest, Reni and his guard companion fended off a wave of merciless attackers that had been shadowing the caravan. They beat back the raiders Reni went back to work improving the temple as best he could, though he made sure to stock up on sandbags and ammunition as both had run dangerously low in the gunfight. He helped the caravan get settled down and began to give them clear roles to help ensure that the group could survive.

One of the refugees help to set up a water pump to harvest ground water in case the temple was besieged and could not get water from the oasis at the surface. Next to the throne laid the improvised kitchen and dining area where meals from hunted animals or harvested plants could be turned into meals so that the taste of the sludge did not become reviled by anyone. As for his throne, the massive headrest helped serve as a scaffold for the top platform along with placing an enchanted statue that would ensure that he had enough fat to sustain himself. He also tasked several of the refugees with mining out a backroom for future use and though their tools have not been the sturdiest, they have gotten a significant area excavated out of the back. Reni has major goals set for the future such as setting up a dedicated storage room separated from the living area, more solid defenses to repel far more attacks, and overall improvements to one’s quality of life. As for Reni, he still continues to be his selfless blubbery self dedicated to ensuring the well-being of everyone he can assist.

Apologies for any gramatical errors, I still am not fully acustomed to writing these sorts of thingd. This time I wanted to focus more on telling a character’s story on this tale while also keeping some of the enviromental storytelling that I enjoy doing with these. I am not the kind of person to write a multi-part story dedicated to following a character’s fattening endeavors as I just cannot bring myself to write about it. I prefer to do worldbuilding as opposed to traditional storywriting and I hope you are all ok with that. For now I enjoy making these worlds and if you want to have a story that takes place in them (though probably not in a server like fashion due to the sheer amount of mods I have installed), then I could help with some of the worldbuilding needed to set the background. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!


A second part to the story above, but with a bit more focus on Reni and traditional storytelling, hope you enjoy!

Reni stared out into the barren distance, no sign of any bandits or raiders anywhere near. He clenched the crude flamethrower with a worried grasp. Just because he was a god did not make him immortal, and from what he had heard, dying was a painful last experience. He did not like being on guard duty as it made his mind race with thoughts. Who will take over the temple? Would the refugees survive? Were they too dependent on him? How long could they hold out if he died? How would the other gods react? Would he be reincarnated or simply left to rot? His plump hands clenched the rudimentary iron handle, the cool grip sinking into the tepid mushy fat.

“Hey Reni.” Reni turned his pudgy body to see a rose red lyceen standing behind him “I’ll take over your guard shift.”

Reni ashamedly nodded “Alright…”

The lyceen tilted their slender head in confusion “Aren’t you exhausted? All that fat in this sort of heat? You should get out the sun before you drown in your own sweat.”

“Gods are less susceptible to heat and exhaustion, among other things. I’m fine.” Reni turned back around to face the sprawling desert.

The lyceen plopped their hand on Reni’s shoulder “Look, I appreciate everything you are doing for us but you need to take a break. You’ve been working non-stop for the past few weeks, even a god would be worn out by all that.”

Reni sighed “I…I just feel like if I’m not doing something for someone else, if I am keeping something for myself, even if I’m eating something that could go to someone else, I feel incredibly selfish.”

The lyceen nodded in agreement “I know, I know how it feels. I can’t really say all that much to change your mind other than to take care of yourself. This place would be a whole lot less friendly and productive without you around, so keep yourself safe ok? There’s plenty of other guards with decent equipment, you don’t need to risk your pudgy self on the front lines if we get attacked again.”

“So you want this to be my last guard shift?” Reni swiveled his head to face the lyceen.

The lyceen joyfully nodded “Mmmhm. I’ll take over your shifts, just don’t worry too much about all this guard stuff ok? Leave it to the people who know how to fight and who aren’t as invaluable to the temple.”

“Everyone’s invaluable, there’s no one here that can go missing without major repercussions.” Reni stepped in front of the lyceen as if to block them from going any further

“Yeah but your our leader and best worker, if we lost you we’ve be carrion for the vultures.” The lyceen walked past Reni and stationed himself by the rusting sign. “I’ll be fine, you just get yourself some rest.”

“Alright, stay safe.” Reni walked towards the rudimentary bridge before he heard the lyceen’s voice again.

“Also, the tombs were a great discovery, glad you remembered those were a thing.”

Reni smiled and resumed his walk towards the grand entrance

His weary mind started to reflect on all that had happened.The splinters that he had gotten to get the modest bridge built, the hours of shoveling frigid sand from the excavated tunnels into the bags for defense, the time dedicated to planning out the defenses, all of that was wearing on him along with his chubby body adding to the burden. He stepped down the temple stairwell, passing by the newly made forge made possible with the perforated tents and rusting crates being moved into the tombs he had rediscovered.

The sound of his plump paws stepping on the hard floor traveled further down the main hall than before, the wall of crates and boxes being moved into the tombs as well. He still remembered the excitement he felt when he rediscovered the old vault that showed up on no drawn plans, the same excitement shared by everyone in the community. However that same memory made his plump hands ache as the thought of all the gear he carried down into the vast tombs caused his body to experience the pain once again. Part of him told him to rest, to ease up and let the drenched fat that covered his sturdy muscles cool off. He wanted to agree with that part of him, but he forced himself to say no, he felt is still something he could do, he just needed to find where.

Something caught his attention, a pleasant aroma coming from the makeshift kitchen. A smell of fresh brewed cocoa filled him with delight. The dust-covered coffee maker one of the refugees brought was hardly functional even with an abundance of power, but the occasional drink plus the feeling of making a brew against all odds made the smell far more of a blessing than it was prior to the war. He walked past the rusty minifridge that had also been added to the kitchen and past his small working area to the crudely mined tunnels behind his golden throne. He descended down the shoddy scaffolds, every step of his blubbery body causing a harsh creaking to erupt from the dried wood. The familiar sight of filled sandbags greeted him at the bottom as he passed into the most essential room of the entire structure; the surgeon’s holdout. Behind the barrier of sandbags laid a rusted operating table and a makeshift apothecary station which though far from being the professional medical care that was easily accessible prior to the war, it was better than just about any place on the planet that was not a fortified hospital with surviving staff. He tucked himself into the faded sleeping bag he set overhead and closed his weary eyes shut, the faint sound of boiling water being turned to healing potions helping his mind drift into unconsciousness.

Oh boy this one took way longer than I was expecting. So I wanted to take a crack at traditional character-centered story writing this time around along with showing off the updated temple in a unique way. Again, I am still not fully comfortable with all of this so I apologize for any grammatical issues, infuriating repetition, or confusing wording. I still have no plans to make a story about the characters getting fat, but I figured that show how what fat the characters already have impacts them in their routine. I will admit I am not a big fan of going on the well-trodden path as it simply feels too easy and effortless, which I am afraid will make me put less heart and passion into what I am doing if it is just as easy to copy paste some writing as opposed to pondering a creative spin on existing ideas. Anyways enough about me, I hope you liked it and I hope that more people are inspired to write as the recent content drought in all the BF subtopics (and even the BF main topic) has gotten me feeling a bit down.


I’m damn impressed by how detailed this story is. I want to see how this goes…

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Anything in particular that stood out to you? Was dialogue realistic and sound like an actual conversation between two people? Was the way the scenery described support the images on screen? Is the scenery high quality to a point where it felt like its own world rather than a prop for a story? I would just like to know what you mean by “detailed” though I greatly appreciate the compliment

Alright so after spending a considerable amount of time here, I finally felt just comfortable enough to write a fattening story. I feel like my style might be a bit different in that way that it’s done (more buildup to it + more focus on the character’s thoughts) along with it having a more wholesome side to it rather than just blind indulgence. I tried to put some thought into it besides just adding adjectives to every noun, I tried to include foreshadowing, complex emotions, and other things to enhance the story as best I could. With that being said, I hope you like it

The raucous sound of Khaan’s crafted alarm clock startled her awake. She flailed around violently throwing the thin bedding sheets and fluffy pillows all about the apartment. Her slender body slammed onto the thick concrete floor, causing her to wince in pain. Whatever semblance of a dream she had evaporated while her room came into focus. Despite the daylight sun being hours away, this was considered the early morning in her part of the city. Wake up at 4AM, work until 3PM, head back home and go to sleep at around 6PM, Sunday to Friday with only Saturdays and Holidays as breaks. Even if her job was better than most, making plushies and stuffed animals in her own home, she still had to wake up early or else she’d miss out on her apartment complex’s breakfast served 4AM to 5AM. Part of her enjoyed living in the city with all the necessities and conveniences only being a short walk away, but part of her reviled the dreadful sleep schedule and clatter of the city.

She knew she needed a break but she did not know where or how to do it. She drowsily put on her dove grey hoodie and comfy sweatpants with no intentions of wearing any fancy ornaments, earrings, or other accessories. Khaan always found those sorts of things unnecessary and wasteful no matter how much everyone told her she would be gorgeous with them. Come to think of it, she never really cared throughout her entire life, what she could recall with her jaded mind anyways. She wearily dragged herself down to the dining hall and past the furnished dwellings of other folks likely more exhausted than her. A massive window displayed the vast wilderness between Starlight City, the one she was in, and the nearby Ravanon Megacity known for its monumental skyscrapers and its nearly half a billion residents. To her it seemed ridiculous, who would ever want to spend time in ‘The City of No Sleep’ other than the mentally insane? Starlight City was hard enough on her spirit, Ravanon would completely shatter it…

“Enough of that.” She muttered her thoughts aloud “Focus on finding somewhere away from all this.”

By the stocked drink machines she noticed a compact but ornate shelving unit continuing a wide assortment of magazines.

She searched through the oak wood magazine rack, only healthy-eating cookbooks and weight loss guides filled the shelving. Perfect for someone trying to switch up their diet and perhaps lessen their appetite, not so much for someone looking to get away from the city. She started to walk with a heavy heart towards the buffet bar until one of the magazine covers caught her attention. She dashed back to the shelf and yanked the narrow magazine out of its place. The cover contained a wide variety of photos from picturesque lake-sides and breathtaking rivers along with the title ‘100 Waterside Vacation Spots’ written lavishly on the page. Her ample joy further rose as she eagerly flipped through the slender pages. There were dozens of fully laid out vacation plans ranging from simply lounging by the waterside to lengthy boat tours with guides recalling the rich history of the basin along with passing by historical monuments. The tours were too much for her, too crowded, too noisy, and too long for her liking. Instead she flipped to the page titled ‘Hour-Long Hotspots’ where far quieter ponds and streams were the highlight. One in particular got her attention; the ‘Forested Well’, known for its remote location and serene atmosphere, but also for those traveling there disappearing for several days and coming back with a tranquil and content mind. No one knew how or why, the fact that anyone who went there adamantly refused to talk about it did nothing to resolve the mystery.

She muttered to herself “Perfect”

After a meager breakfast she dialed up a cab driver to get as close to the spot as she could. The chilled bench by the apartment complex did not bother her in the slightest as her mind instead focused on the well-need break from the city she needed. The cab hardly pulled up to the curb before she sprinted towards it. With an eager spirit, she threw herself inside and merrily gave the driver the directions to her soon-to-be paradise.

Multiple hours later…

The noon sun illuminated the forest floor in a shining light, the dense tree branches providing shade from the blinding. Her feathery hands pushed aside the dense leaves that blocked the lightly-trodden path. As her shining eyes saw the pristine water hole, she could hardly contain her happiness. She skipped down to the grassy waterside towards a lone deck chair positioned perfectly by the pond. Why the chair had not been picked up by the last person to visit here Khaan did not care, she was simply content with sitting by the waterside covered by the abundant shade the thick forest provided. Hours flew by as noon slowly turned to dusk. Even if it was midnight and she had to work tomorrow, she did not want to leave this chunk of heaven. What had started as a light nap slowly turned into a deep sleep where she dreamt of staying in this wonderland forever with no need to return to work or the bustling city.

“Perfect” she unconsciously murmured before turning to a more comfortable position.

Something brushed up against her slender leg, some fleshy thing that felt frigid and tense to the touch. Her alarmed eyes shot open to reveal a massive tentacle poking out of the frigid evening water.

Before she could even move the muscular tentacle enveloped her and began dragging her down the disturbed pond. One of the toothy suckers clamped itself to her face She wanted to rip it off and swim as hard as she could to the surface, but something was off…

The sucker clamping to her face wasn’t tearing at her flesh nor was it dragging her towards a mouth of a thousand fangs. Instead this thing was providing a gentle rush of air into her as if she were breathing as she always had. Even despite her mind’s adrenaline fueled haze, she also noticed that this thing was not dragging her down as fast as it could, but rather at a nonchalant pace uncharacteristic of anything wanting to eat.

It wanted to keep her alive…but what for?

A jet black darkness surrounded her, no light able to penetrate whatever void she had been dragged into. Her water-filled ears heard a muffled and bizarre gurgling sound along with the water seeming to drain away. The crushing pressure of the pond water slowly lessoned and soon the only water she felt was what drenched her and her clothes. She threw her soaked clothes off and tried her best to shake off as much of the freezing water she could with little success. Her skinny body began to shiver uncontrollably only to stop not long after as it warmed back up to normal. Something felt off, the ground she was standing on was not ground at all but instead a gargantuan mass of tense flesh along with the cavity she was inside was at nearly the exact temperature she was.She also heard the faint deep breathing of some massive creature. A terrifying thought echoed through her mind.

She was inside of something alive…

Parts of the flesh began to emit a soft glow to reveal she was inside some stomach-like chamber though it lacked the digestive acid or churning motions meant to break down food. Along with that, a puny tentacle poked out of the sac wall with no real purpose other than to touch something. No…this was clearly meant for something else, someplace to store something alive and do something with it. Before she could ask herself what though, a syrupy fluid began to fill the interior of the weird sac.

The unknown fluid began seeping into her skin, causing her slender body to swell uncontrollably. While her startled mind raced, her slim figure continued to rapidly bulge outwards. Her lean hips became inundated in mushy fat along with her arms swelling to an abnormal size. Her belly ballooned outward as hundreds of pounds of fat accumulated on her body. Movement became practically impossible as her frame continued to enlarge to the point where there was more fat than person. The syrupy liquid continued to ooze into the sac as Khaan started to resemble more of a gigantic wad of dough than a person. She squirmed as the fat continued to accumulate in her blobbery body, each motion causing the tons of flabby blubber in her to slightly jiggle. Eventually she gave up at trying to move, realizing that her meaty legs were smothered in fat from her humongous belly. Through what part of her vision was not obstructed by her blubbery cheeks, she saw her arms inflated to a point where even the strongest of motions could scarcely move the hefty limbs. Her titanic body grew hotter as the trapped body warmth from the tons of lard began to heat up her body to an almost fever-like temperature. Sweat drenched her enormous figure in a desperate attempt to keep her sweltering body from overheating.

Through her feverish eyes she noticed the tiny tentacle that had remained relatively still throughout all this begin to inch ever closer towards her. She clamped her blubbery mouth and eyes shut fearing that this thing would try to ram some slimy fluid to further fatten her already immobile body. What was a matter of seconds felt like an endless stream of time while she awaited her inevitable feeding. Her mind quickly flashed all of her memories before her as if she was about to die, since this seemed to be her fate, eternally force-fed by a colossal creature she knew nothing about. She imagined her body ballooning to sizes that would be seen as obsede or hazardous to even the most die hard of feedies along with the feeling of boundless fat crushing her own body.

This is it…this is how it ends. Fattened for eternity by a giant monster

Part of her wanted to cry, to let out a soft whimper before the tentacle rammed itself down her throat and pumped a never-ending supply of fattening liquid. While her mind wallowed in her seeming inevitable fate, a soft meaty thing poked at her bulging belly and a deep satisfied purring came from within the monster. She nervously opened her eyes to notice the small tentacle pushing slowly into her swollen body, it and the once tense sac walls relaxing as if to fall asleep. The warm flesh of the sac began to cool and the breathing of the colossal creature began to slow almost to a standstill.

“Is…Is it using me like a living teddy bear?” Her voice was uncertain and slightly confused.

A deep thickly voice came from the creature, saying something barely resembling any language she knew, but with just enough semblance to a “yes” to understand

Her bulky cheeks grew warmer and she let out a faint “aww” as her confusion faded into nothingness. She took another glance at the tentacle poking her belly, there was almost no movement in the minuscule section that was not buried in her bountiful fat. As for the part that was, it too was completely still, in addition the relaxed bit of eshfl inside her inordinate mushy fat provided a pleasant cooling for her corpulent body. A dribble of frigid water provided a near euphoric feeling of refreshingly-cool liquid flowing down her colossal body. She heaved her plump head up and started to chug from the stream of water. No sound came from her other than the relieved swallowing that brought the much-need fluid into her inflated stomach. After gulping down the last bit of revitalizing water she desired, her plump eyelids drifted shut and her once frantic mind now swam in a sea of comfort. Thoughts of concern and imagined suffering now were instead ones of an unorthodox paradise and of an immobile yet oddly comfortable body for both her and the creature that fattened her up. Her serene mind began to drift off into a much needed deep sleep along with a sense of significance she had not felt before. She softly smiled before her thoughts faded into a deep sleep.

Wow this took forever to write but it was a joy doing it. This might be the only fattening oriented stories I have written since my hands were uncontrollably shaking throughout almost the entire experience. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle doing something like this again physically or mentally, but I hope that you enjoyed this story. Sorry if the news bothers any of you but chances are I won’t be writing any more of these, it’s simply too worrisome trying to hide it from someone wandering into my room and the fear of accidentally deleting the story due to computer issues or clumsiness is very present in my mind. Anyways, I hope this inspires more writers as I’ll probably just be here admiring what others make and getting the occasional dopamine rush whenever someone compliments my work or says theirs was inspired by mine. Anyways, cheers!


Great job with this! I’m definitely interested to see where this goes next!

This is more of a one-and-done story, I don’t think I’ll make another one anytime soon and even if I did I have no clue what it would be about. Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t want people hoping for a part two that will never arrive nor do I want to make a story only meant to appease people’s desire for a sequel even if it’s a trashy and souless remake of a story. I could possibly do on of Khaan struggling to readjust back into the city life leading to her returning to + bonding with the monster, but I don’t know what I want to do and again, I don’t want to get people hoping for something that’ll probably never happen.

PS: Thanks for the compliment!

I just wanted to say that your stories are wonderful, it’s always a joy to get to read new stories, weather they’re directly weight gain related or more world based, so all I can say thank you!

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Well well well guess who’s back at it again? I figured it needed a part two even if I initially meant for it to be a one and done, things change you know. However I wanted to make sure that this was a logical sequel to the first, continuing the narrative without deviating too much from the main story. I wanted to again focus on the wholesome and characterization aspects of it rather than blind indulgence. This time I wanted to have more dialogue than before along with taking more time to write it over a longer period of time along with more thought being put into it. I wrote the first one over the course of around 5 stressed hours non-stop, whereas with this one it was drawn out over several days in between the actual writing, plotting, idea creation, etc. Also, there’s a bit of fat play, inflation, and clothing bursting in this one if you’re into that sort of stuff. I hope this extra time spent shows in the writing and as usual, I hope you enjoy it!

Khaan’s weary eyes dragged open to the light not from the gentle glow of the creature’s bioluminescent flesh, but of the shimmering sunlight leaking through the opened windows. Incoherent thoughts and ideas started to blend with one another as her consciousness started to fully wake up. She clasped her forehead before peering around the decorated room in confusion. The wide arrangement of plushies, the expertly woven rug, the well-maintained sewing machine, there was no doubt in her mind that this was her bedroom.

She whispered to herself “Was it all a dream?”

She peered down at the fluffy apple-red blanket to notice them resting far higher on what felt like a somewhat heavier body. Perplexed by this, she tossed the sheets aside to reveal her pudgy body. Though it was a far cry from the mountainous body she had before, the amount of squishy fat on her body was still far more than what she had yesterday. Despite the soft fat collecting only mildly in other areas, her belly was substantially larger than before. She gently poked the bulbous mass expecting it to be inflated outwards by some fluid or gas. Instead of being stopped by a tense layer of skin, it sank into the mushy blubber, sinking deeper and deeper until her entire finger was enveloped in the squishy flesh.

She tossed the fluffy blankets off of herself and heaved her chubby body out of the velvety bed. Using the wooden headrest, he pushed against the sturdy bed frame until she found herself able to stand upright.

She stood awestruck, continuing to poke her doughy belly repeatedly. With both her hands she clasped her flabby abdomen and hoisted it uptight before releasing her firm grip, letting her distended belly bounce up and down numerous times. Her plump cheeks warmed up as she pressed her hand into her mushy abdomen, her entire hand being almost entirely engulfed in tepid lard.

“It’s,” Khaan could barely form a sentence in her state of enjoyment “it’s wonderful.”

An unknown but fruity voice spoke from behind her “Sorry about that, the fat reduction spells I had only worked so well, and I struggled not to pass out from how hard I was exerting myself.”

Khaan, briefly startled by the unknown voice, lept in panic, causing her bulging belly to jiggle once more. She turned to see the unknown person, their body covered head to toe in mismatched clothing. They wore an antique-looking plague doctor mask and wide brim hat though its materials and relatively good shape indicated that it had been made not too long ago. A sealskin pilot jacket and loose latex shirt covered their chest while a pair of snug sweatpants concealed their legs. On their back they covered a massive scroll that seemed big enough to hold a dictionary’s worth of curses and spells.

Khaan wiggled her blubbery gut yet again “I think it’s wonderful.”

“O-oh, glad to, hear it?” The stranger turned away from and rubbed the back of their obscured head in an embarrassed manner.

“What’s wrong?” Khaan tilted her head in confusion “Is it a bad thing?”

“No no it’s just that, well I’m just, erm, h-how do I put it? Unacclimatized to people being sart…sah…satisfied, yeah that’s the word! Uh, satisfied about the residual fat.”

Khaan’s eyes widened in curiosity “People? As in I’m not the first person you’ve used this fat reduction spell on?”

“Well the thing is that, I, got hir…no not like that,” The stranger tapped their chin as they tried to regain their train of thought “The-the creature that fattened you up. So it and I managed to get to an…agreement? Ok ok, long story short me and this thing wanted people who were feeling down, sad, that sorta stuff, into feeling better.”

“By turning them into a moribly obese mass of lard? I can understand why some people would enjoy it, there’s a feeder/feedie couple two floors above me that would kill for something like that, but not many people enjoy being that fat. Not to mention the whole ‘getting dragged into the abyss by some tentacle monster’ is probably enough to make anyone terrified of getting next to a watering hole ever again.” Khaan plopped herself back down on the cushiony bed, her legs starting to ache from standing upright and supporting so much extra weight.

The stranger repeatedly pointed to themself “E-exactly, which is where I, arrive, no come in. See once all that ‘being a fat teddy bear’ and ‘helping comfort some gigantic monster to sleep’ stuff is out of the way, it, well, dum, s-summons me to slim them back down and bring them back to their dwelling like nothing ever happened. Gar-gra, granted, there we go, granted the whole slimming part of it isn’t always, well perfect, and there tends to be a fair bit of residual fat left over. T-that and the whole experience tend to leave most people so weirded out that they don’t really know how to respond to or describe it all. For, erm, most people they just think it’s their brain telling them to get fit, others ad…a…adore, sorry my mind is still a bit scattered, adore the experience, and a fat, no, few people just shrug it off as some grotesque dream spawned by obscure desires.”

“Not the best plan,” Khaan nudged her hefty bell and mildly grinned “but I guess it kinda helps either way right? I mean you either make a person live a healthier lifestyle that’ll probably make them feel better or help someone discover who they are.”

“I…I never really, put it, like, h-hang on for a sec.” The stranger chanted a quick spell before a dense cloud of soot black smoke obscured him from Khaan’s sight. The opaque cloud lingered in place for a few seconds before dissipating into nothingness.

“That was odd.” She gazed down at her portly belly before peering at her pile of unorganized clothing strewn about the cold concrete floor. She grabbed a wrinkled navy-blue hoodie off the floor before sliding it down her plump body. For the most part the shirt fit fine, besides the fairly snug sleeves and the tighter fit around the neck it was fine, except for the swollen abdomen that was too big for even an XL shirt to completely cover. She grasped the bottom of her shirt and yanked it down, the stretched fabric hardly covering any of her rounded belly.

She let out an exhausted sigh before pulling it off and tossing it aside “Guess that won’t work.”

Her eye then noticed her pair of comfy sweatpants that she wore yesterday hung up to dry from one of the carved shelves. “But,” she tugged the pants off the shelf before stretching the waist section to about how wide her chubby thighs were “what about this?”

She daintily set the rumpled sweatpants on the floor before lining her swollen legs up with the seemingly puny openings. She inhaled deeply reading herself for the grueling task ahead of her. With all her strength she heaved the pants upright expecting there to be a serious resistance to her efforts, but instead they gilded right up to her waist with no issue. She froze for a second then stared at the snug pants in disbelief. They should not reasonably fit her, let alone as comfortably as before, yet they slid on as if they were the perfect size. It could not be the pants alone, there had to be something else. Sure enough there was a faint violet glow being emitted from the pants, a surefire sign something was enchanting them.

“That, took a whole, lot more effort, than I was expecting.” The stranger’s voice returned though breathless and exhausted.

Khaan turned around to see the masked stranger gasping for air along their massive scroll unwound across the floor. “What kind of spell was that?”

“It was, a.” He held his index finger upright and took several more gasps of air “it was a permanent, size magnification spell. Comes in handy for, you know, making things, well larger.”

She peered back down at her snug sweatpants “Well it worked marvelously.”

“Y-yeah, of course.The big struggle was, eh, eye-balling it, and trying to figure out just the right size it needed to be.” The stranger rolled the lengthy scroll back up prior to sliding it back onto his special backpack.

“Huh.” She bent down and pulled the discarded hoodie off the floor “Could you do it for this one two?”

The stranger shook their head “Sorry, between the slimming and teleportation spells I hardly have enough strength to size that up to your, admirable abdomen. D-did I just make an unintentional rhyme? Whatever.”

Khaan tossed the hoodie onto her plump shoulder “Speaking of teleportation, where did you need to go in such a hurry?”

“Oh that? That was uh, ah c’mon remember…” The stranger tapped their forehead “Oh right! The creature was calling me, said it wanted me to invite you over to my house.”

Khaan leaned back in “Your house? But doesn’t it dwell at the bottom of that watering hole? Or is your house also down there as well?”

“No it’s not, though it’s right next to the watering hole.” The stranger collected themself before reciting the teleportation spell, slightly longer than the one he used before.

“How is it right next to it, there was no hou…” Before she could finish what she was saying an opaque black cloud surrounded her and her pudgy body started to tingle. A wave of numbness surged up her legs moving further up her body until she could not feel anything. As her vision started to black out, she started to hyperventilate. Part of her wanted to scream in panic, but her numb body refused to cooperate. Finally everything went blank, no light, no sound, no feeling, nothing, just a soot black void.

Her chubby body started to tingle again and her vision slowly returned to what it once was. She noticed her surroundings had changed, she was no longer in her plushie-filled bedroom but rather inside some concrete structure. Several radiant fluorescent lights illuminated the space as no sunlight could flow through the absent windows. She peered around the odd room, noticing a grand cauldron in one of the corners with a generic office table place nearby. One side of the table seemed to have drinks of all different sorts ranging from glowing potions to old chalices and even a violet colored soda can. On the other side there were plenty of different foods though the most moticable of these was a mammoth cake that seemed almost as big as her belly. She turned behind her to see an enormous wooden table with a much shorter scroll that seemed half-filled with spell readings. She walked up to the carved desk and leaned over the top to see the writing, only to find it was in some archaic language she had never heard of before. Defeated, she stepped away from the table before continuing to peer around the room.

“Why is he not here?” Mere moments after she uttered those words, a soot black cloud formed in the center of the room. The opaque gas swirled around in a tight vortex before vanishing to reveal the stranger.

“Apologies, I had to, teleport you first so I could, lock the apartment door,” He struggled to breath once again though “I-I also apologize for, not introducing myself earlier, my name’s Aiko” He outstretched his scrawny arm towards her.

She grasped his hand and gently shook it “Khaan. But if I might ask, what is this place?”

Aiko struggled to catch their breath “It’s, an old, biological, research bunker.”

“Test bunker?” She peered around to again notice no windows or signs of the building being above ground.

Aiko nodded and paused to catch his breath for a few moments “One of the beauties of spells is that you can do just about whatever you’d like, such as spawning a near limitless amount of food to satisfy a gigantic monster’s hunger, perhaps making the entrance to your dwelling seem like just another part of nature, or maybe disinfecting an old biological testing bunker. They’re almost impossible to learn unless you’ve had prior exposure, but they work wonders.”

“So I presume the whole ‘food to feed a terrifying monster’ thing is the reason why it did not try to eat me and made that extremely fattening syrup-like liquid?” She peered down at her bulbous belly causing memories of her fattening experience to flood her mind.

“Exactly, if anything I’m probably feeding it too much.” Aiko stared at Khaan’s fat abdomen with a faint look of allure in their body “Not that either of us are complaining, it likes the extra food and the fat syrup stuff, and I like seeing other people happy.”

“A little unrelated, but do you have something to drink? I’m thir…” Khaan noticed that Aiko had vanished, likely off doing something else with the watering hole monster. Her thirst nagged at her dried throat begging for Khaan to drink something, anything, to satisfy her body’s needs. She turned to the table next to the grand cauldron, here focus directed towards the assorted drinks.

She examined the selection of brews “Arlight, definitely don’t want to go for any of the bottles or chalices since those are definitely enchanted. Uh the water in that cup looks off so hard pass.”

“Wait a minute.” She snatched up the violet soda can before popping the lid on the aluminum covering. She held her eye next to the opening while trying to keep herself under the light, the only noticeable difference being the excessive fizziness of the drink.

“Guess that’ll do.” She lifted the can up to her eye level before gently pressing it against her lip. As the bubbling liquid flowed down her dried throat, she paused her thoughts to better appreciate the wonderful sensation. She let out a refreshed sigh as she gulped down the last of the fizzy drink. Satisfied, she set the can beside the fluffy reclining chair and plopped herself down on the soft cushions. She wiggled her enlarged belly around before pressing her ear against it to hear the sound of the soda sloshing around inside her expanded stomach. This was the first time she’d heard the sound of something sloshing around inside of her. She smiled and leaned back into the chair so she could take a quick nap.

Without warning her stomach began to violently gurgle and churn with the fluid inside hrt bubbling far more than normal. Her eyes shot open and she flung herself into a half-standing/half-sitting posture. She yoinked the empty soda can off the concrete floor, spinning it around to see if there were any labels or notes as to what it was doing to her. On the back of the lustrous can there was a soggy note with a note written on it “Bloat, Gain, and Loss. Enchantments applied; extreme fizziness booster, full body gas distribution, delayed gas to fat conversion spell, exhalation preventer, boosted metabolism”

Regret surged into her voice “Oh no.”

Her body started to ballon outwards at a painstaking pace, every part of starting to swell from the excess gas. She wanted to scream, but whenever she’d try to exhale the gas would simply refuse to exit. She began to panic as every terrified breath caused her body to expand ever so slightly more on top of the gradual inflation of the extraordinary fizzy soda. Her comfy sweatpants started to grow tighter as time passed while her belly gradually inflated outward. She noticed her normally modest breasts drastically swollen in size as well, though something felt off about the whole inflation. She should be getting lighter with all this gas inside of her, yet she found it more burdensome to move around than before. Perplexed, she pressed her bloated hand into her belly, the skin squishing for a little before stopping at her strained stomach.

I didn’t think the weight gain would kick in this fast

She threw herself back onto the armchair as her enlarged body continued to swell outward, her panicked mind somehow figuring that standing up would be more burdensome and cause her to breath far more that sitting, causing her body to balloon even more and causing the cycle to repeat again. She watched helplessly as her swollen belly started to press against the floor. Her tumid legs started to ache as her sweatpants became suffocatingly tight against her flabby skin. The pressure mounted as her body bulged out even further. She felt the tense pants tearing at the seams while the mushy fat compressed even more. To the sound of an intense ‘rrrrip’, her beloved sweatpants split apart and the build up of crammed lard spilled out over the insulated armrests. Eventually the inflation ceased and the weight gain along with it, but that did little to cheer her up. She stared solemnly at the plentiful blubber that had piled up on her body and saw only failure; failure of her patience, failure not to mess with anything she did not know about, failure to double check, failure to respond in a better way. She started to weep and whimper at her mistakes to the point where she could not hear the fortified airlock opening up.

“Alright Khaan I’m back, I just had to talk to the creature again. Did you mess with an…” Aiko froze in place as they noticed a blubbery Khaan sitting on the reclining chair, her ample fat spilling over the padded armrests.

Khaan spoke as tears flowed down her portly cheeks “I’m sorry Aiko, I was so thirsty and I thought that the soda would be the only unenchanted thing you had.”

Aiko wiped the tears off her portly cheeks before delicately patting them “Shhhh, you’re fine. It’s my fault for not telling you that. I should have told you what everything did before I took off.”

He pressed his hand into her mushy abdomen, letting out a relieved sigh and closing his eyes in content. Khaan blushed as Aiko started to gently massage her distended belly, rubbing up and down the blubbery mass. His entranced eyes drifted up to her puffy bosom, his tiny fox tail wagging at a rapid pace.

“Your body will burn all this fat by morning, in the meantime,” He let out a satisfied sigh as he pressed his head into the cleavage between the doughy breasts “just, enjoy it.”

She looked down at Aiko whose head was now almost complete lodged between her corpulent breasts “This feels a little bit like with the giant monster, just nowhere near as fat.”

“It does, doesn’t it? Fattened beyond reasonable judgment, comforted by someone else, helping it, fall, asleep…” Aiko’s slender body gave out, causing it to settle onto her rotund belly. She heard a distinct snoring sound coming from Aiko along with the only motion in his body being the gentle rise and fall of his chest. She tapped the tip of the carefully constructed bird mask that delicately laid on her meaty shoulder, a slight giggle coming from her being humored by the miniscule deed. Her focus then shifted to the rest of Aiko that was resting on her paunch belly. She daintily put her hand on his back before petting him as if he were a sleeping cat or dog. Time began to pass with minutes soon becoming hours and Khaan growing exceedingly more tired. As her mind drifted nearer into unconsciousness, she placed her pudgy arms around his neck and gave him a delicate hug prior to her thoughts fading into nothingness.

I know this seems odd to say after just making one, but don’t expect another sequel for a while. I’m trying to keep my schedule open and I would rather this not be how I spend my entire day. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun here and there, I just don’t want to overindulge in all of this or obsess about it to a point where I cannot think of anything else. Apologies if you were expecting a sequel 2-4 days after I make this (would probably be closer to 2-4 weeks unfortunately), but I don’t want to get too bogged down by all of this and I feel like I need to take a break to clear my mind. I have a life outside this site and I don’t want to spend nearly every hour of my days working on or thinking about this story. I hope you understand and I hope you enjoy reading these, especially with the multiple additional aspects like the inflation and fat play. I wanted to experiment with stuff that was not just weight gain and I think it turned out great along with the dialogue as well. Hope this keeps all of you satisfied until the next part, and yes I have decided this will be an ongoing series rather than the one-and-done I intended it to be. With all that being said, take care!


Any feedback on the story would be nice so that I know what works, what doesn’t, what you want to see more of, stuff like that. As much as I appreciate the likes, it just feels a bit distant as I don’t know why you liked my post. I tend to struggle with grasping vague concept so more solid or defined examples like “Your description of [thing] was good because [reason(s)]” ,“I really enjoyed Khaan and Aiko’s dialogue at [section] due to [reason(s)]” , "I think your use of [word or sentence structure] could be improved by doing [thing(s)] , stuff like that to improve my writing. Thanks to anyone who submits in advance!