Starbound Big Fatties: Character and stories sharing

I don’t know if we are allowed to do this but here it goes:

The purpose of this thread is to avoid the Starbound Big Fatties thread from being over saturated with this type of content while still having a place to share what was created.

I have already created 2 things (being a bio and a short story) and I want to see what others have created on this mod.

Special thanks to @Tag365 for initiating this kind of content and @Cloaker for the idea of this thread.

Can’t wait to see what adventures these characters land themselves in.

In order to avoid confusion in my stories, I will post them below this line with links to the text documents
Part 1: A close call
Part 2: Rounding out our options:
Part 3: A new friend:
Part 4: An unorthodox collection:
Part 5: Wait, why am I here?


Awesome, you did the thread! I also decided to do a brief story detailing my adventures, so far only two parts have been upladed (Part One and Part Two ) but there’s more to come soon, once i’m feeling better and a little less busy.


Katuma awoke to the feeling of cool air on her skin, looking down to see the swell of her breasts and the small hill of her belly, already smaller after drinking an entire barrel of water. Naked, she expected, but the location is what had her confused… it was dimly lit and there were weird symbols caved into the walls.

She quickly closed her eyes again, pretending to be asleep as she heard a pair of footsteps approaching, heavy and thudding, with the click of some sort of claws on the stones. Or perhaps… talons? Her guess was correct it seems, opening an eye slightly, noticing two ornately dressed and very heavy Avians. Their feathery guts were practically hanging out of their armor, bigger than even her.

“So, where did you find this one?” One of them asked, the two avians looming over her. “Tonac. That cowardly merchant was in BED with it! First he refuses to live in the temple, then he has the…” the avian paused, letting out a groan and opening his beak wide with a BUUURRRAWWP! “Ugh… e-excuse me… t-the nerve to charge US when we need supplies! And now laying with gluttonous heretics!? If we find him again it’ll be HIM on this altar, but his alien concubine will have to suffice.” He growled, prodding Katuma’s big, green belly firmly.

Of course, that was a bit too much for the Floran, who giggled and stirred on the altar. Realizing she’d been found out, she opened her dark eyes wide, flashing a sharp-toothed grin at the two avians.
“W-wait… I thought you said she was sedated!!” one yelled out, both backing away as they wobbled and jiggled.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Katuma to get past those two, or to find her discarded outfit and weapon. Not that she seemed to need it, the few guards that got in her way learned just how dangerous even an unarmed floran could be. Most of the avians here seemed to be just as fat as those other two, wobbling blimps of feather and flab that could barely fight…

It wasn’t long before Katuma had reached a route that led upwards, interrupted by a voice behind her “Ahem…” It called, cold yet feminine “It wasn’t enough that Kluex brings a curse upon us, dooming us to swell and bloat with fat, now your kind have arrived. Going by the looks of you, it’s obvious what’s wrong.” Katuma got a better look at the woman as she turned around, an immense avian woman with fair pink and white feathers, her thighs brushing together as she approached, finishing a slice of pie with a soft crunch and brushing crumbs off her chest. She wore only the tatters of some long-burst garment and a golden helmet, perhaps she was in charge?

It didn’t matter to the Floran, who began to laugh, approaching her and grabbing at her feathery gut, heaving it up and pressing on it, causing a gurgle followed by a BEEELLLLCCHHH which only got Katuma cackling more. She only stopped when the Avian shoved her backwards firmly, grabbing her sword tighter “O-once I spill your blood, Kluex will release us from the vile curse you heretics brought upon us!” despite her flowery speak, it was clear she’d flustered her. Katuma moved to leave, only for the avian to charge forward, sword held high…

Katuma waddled her way out of the temple, panting heavily as the embers of her campfire died down behind her, looking out at the alien dunes before her, glowing an odd green. She took a bite from the fatty drumstick she held in her hand, licking her lips as her belly moaned and gurgled "F-floran… needs to be more careful… " she says, looking to her small, beat-up personal communicator as she waited to beam to her ship “s-she isn’t sure how much more her outfit can ssstretch!~ Kehehee…”


So I have uploaded the first part of the saga Here, hopefully you guys/gals enjoy it.

After enough wait, a new part is added, you can read it Here

Hope you all enjoy!

Surprise! a new story has been added HERE!


Just wanted to say, this is wonderful!

New part has been added via this link, now we are getting to more weight gain content (along with my lazily made edits to one of the vanilla items)


Are there new stories?

Which I could say yes, unfortunately I lost my characters and the sets in a hard drive failure, I’ll try to get a story out of what I have, but I may need some time to rebuild some things

This is just a small sequence I made, but I’d love to get into this more!

I’ve been looking at this mod for a while and I’m so happy to see where it’s going, makes me want to contribute aswell, despite my rudimentary knowledge on programming (decent artist though).

I’d like to try the server sometime, but I’ve been having a hard time figuring out the file placement for all the mods. In the mean time, I’ll try to make more scenes and work on a race that I think would be a good touch to this mod.

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I spend a couple of hours making this. I had fun creating a story out of Starbound and Big Fatties elements. Hope you all enjoy! :slight_smile:


Really wanna see a part 2 of this

I’m actually planning to make a part 2. :slight_smile: This first part was kinda experimental. I feel like with more time, I can make a more polished story. I should have it done by next week.

Aww, and I liked that cute Avian girl too… I hope she was just knocked out and not killed and eaten like the rest. Will you be continuing this at all? :>

Here’s the part 2 to my story! (Sorry for the long delay!)

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These kinds of comics and stories that use in-game pictures get me interested. I want to see more!

Kept you waiting, huh?

Sorry it took so long, rebuilding a bunch of things you already had before a hardware failure makes it hard for writing, I had to scrap the entirety of the story I had going (settling on the worst scenario ender you could go for), but a new chapter has finally arrived.

My main post has been edited to reflect this, so sorry this took so long.

It was worth the wait in the end. Nice work.

Glad to know you enjoyed it, originally, it was supposed to be there that the weight gain would pick up, but due to the issues I mentioned previously, I had no drive in reproducing all of it, so I used the bad trope of “it was all a dream” with an excuse as to how this dream came to be to at the very least, create more stuff.

Hopefully you can come up with your own story (if you own the game of course).