TES V: Skyrim | Character, Roleplaying, & Screen-Archery Thread

Greetings, citizens of Tamriel!

First of all, I need to thank @crazyman193 for their thread of a very similar nature. This not only was the thread that inspired me to make this one, but also the one that reminded me of the purpose we all download these mods for these games… to play them!

An an aspect of playing an action-RPG like Skyrim is to roleplay! Though, as crazyman’s post has proven, you can roleplay in Starbound, but you can also roleplay in Minecraft, with pen and paper, on Discord, or… in the bedroom. Skyrim wouldn’t need to be an RPG in order for you to roleplay in it, it just has some things that help facilitate it over other games, so because I hope that this thread will itself facilitate some really good replies!

This thread is a little different than crazyman’s, though. I wanted to broaden the scope a tad bit so that more people could be included.

Normally, screenshots and videos are something that’s highly popular within Skyrim as you can mod it to look quite pretty, but when my character has a dumptruck so large a hip-check could kill Karstaag, I obviously can’t post that on r/Skyrim, so I wanted to give a place for peoples’ pretty fat screenshots!

What should be posted here?

  • Just as with crazyman’s post, descriptions and/or screenshots of your character.
  • Your roleplaying dramatized with prose, or just written dryly. It’s your story, tell it to us how you like!
  • A Screen-Archer is just a fancy way to say someone who likes taking pretty screenshots in Skyrim, and sometimes you might not have a whole lot of a “story” to put to them as with the first two bullet points. There are a few stipulations though:
    • Do not spam individual posts with only one screenshot. Post them in-bulk if all you’re posting is screenshots with no story attached.
    • Be courteous to others scrolling through the thread. If you’re posting many screenshots, please hide them in a Details Block.

What shouldn’t be posted here?

  • Requests for mine, or others’ modlists. For myself a lot of it is heavily customized, and honestly quite complex to set up (and I don’t feel like writing a tutorial). If you want specific mods DM the poster instead of asking in this thread to preserve it’s tidiness.
  • General discussion about Skyrim that doesn’t fall under the purview of roleplaying in Skyrim, or questions & comments about people’s characters.

Notable Replies Will Be Linked Here For Purposes Of Ease of Reading!

Choelia’s Letters To Her Father


Letter To Marcus Rutilus - I

Chloelia Ahenobarbus Rutilus, “Retired” Archeologist & Adventurer
27th of Last Seed, 4E201

Hi, dad. Sorry I haven’t wrote to you in a while. You always knew how I liked to spend my freetime when I was young, so I hope you understand that some alone time has done my mind and spirit good, but…

My guys have been kind enough to not mention it, but I know they’ve noticed. I mean, how couldn’t they? I’ve went from a 6 pack to… 600 pounds!

…and before you say it isn’t that bad, it really is. Honestly I don’t know how I had it in me. If any of my peers from The Imperial University got to see me now I think they would be beside themselves after how smug I carried myself. It’s humbled me (a little bit).

Long story short, I’m not the woman I was 6 years ago. Retirement really did me in. Before I’d call them “noodle-armed” because they didn’t have any biceps. Now I call them that for… different reasons. When I was in my prime I was swinging with the best of them. My peers from The Imperial University couldn’t lay a finger on me. There were some places they just wouldn’t go, and even though I had deal with my fair share of liches, and witches, and bit what me and my guild brought to The Imperial Library at the end of the day was always worth it, and all of the guys made coin.

You would think a life of adventuring in your early twenties and making more septims than you’d know how to spend off of priceless Ayleid artifacts would’ve set me for life, but I guess a septim doesn’t go as far as it used to after The Great War, or at least that’s what dad told me. Now I’ve had to come back as acting Guild Master, and start leading expeditions again.

It just bothers me because if I knew that I’d have to go back to work I wouldn wouldn’t’ve I WOULD HAVE STARTED EXERCISING, BY THE NINE! …or I at least would’ve laid off the gemelli… Zenithar knows I won’t be able to get all this weight off… You always knew I took a “smarter not harder” approach to my work, which I learned from the best.

I’m going to be writing to you more often, since I’m going to be pretty homesick doing digs out in Skyrim. Afterall, it was just too good to pass up. Most people are steering clear of Skyrim right now because of the war, but I know there’s a good septim to made here.

Please let me know how mom and Uncle Jorn are doing.

Signed, Chloelia Ahenobarbus Rutilus

There are no more letters right now.


What mods are you using here?

To preempt requests for my mods, I’m a bit reluctant to post the specific conversion I’ve made, because:

  1. It has 1,000,000 requirements.
  2. People would be asking me for conversions all the time.
  3. It is not compatible with real time weight gain. I valued it looking perfect over any type of actual in-game weight gain system, and I know from experience working on a project that people would likely badger me for that. (There would also be animation issues.)

If you want a technical answer as to what all the fat related stuff is going on here:

Technical Answer

It is a custom conversion of coldsteelj’s sliders packed in Devourment Refactor (I just got the Bodyslide files out and nothing else). Before that I just made my own sliders. I made the conversions for Toughened Traveller Outfit. It is not pictured here but I have also converted the Rugged Rogue Outfit for more casual situations. I converted them specifically for the 3BA and upscaled versions of both outfits so that she could jiggle. The backpack is an edited version of the one from Legacy of The Dragonborn so it didn’t clip with her back rolls. I also converted a version of Imo Megane - Glasses for SSE for her more… scholarly look.

I use Immersive Equipment Displays to move her weapons to a more suitable position on her body (another issue with real time weight gain). Otherwise her sword would clip through her… tookus.

I don’t remember which skin mod I use and when I get back to my computer I’ll edit this.

I also don’t remember what hair mod. Will edit when I find it. I know it was also one with physics.

Fat face sculpted with race menu.

I edited the animations with a tool I plan to present to the forum in the future that makes this sort of thing for prospecting modders easier. I need to run some things by the admins first however because one of the steps of installation might break a rule on the forums, and I just want to see what the legality on it is.

This post will also contain many mods like what I listed here that are good for playing a fat character in SSE.

You should look out though because I plan to make a post about a lot of good mods for Skyrim SE. Just, like I said, I have a lot on my plate.


I’ve actually just recently decided to start taking random Skyrim screenshots and attaching little stories to them, uploading them over to my FurAffinity because by god was I going to find ways to actually make my profile useful for once beyond serving as a collection of favorites :P.

Since I’m creatively spent at the moment in terms of writing though, I’ll just post some screenshots, and attach the short stories of varying lengths from the upload descriptions – I’m an ‘okay’ writer at best, so bear with me. :ok_hand:

Some are also “sequels” to prior uploads, so the stories may not make sense without the context of prior uploads…oops.

Dark Serval Khajiit

A mysterious khajiit spellblade sporting a body yielding an imposing quantity of heft, yet still finds a way to maneuver about with the level of agility his kind is known for. He can typically be seen wearing a strange, supposedly powerful mask that seems to have some significance to the ancient dragons and those that worshipped them. None can say for sure if the one he dons is the genuine artifact…or merely a means to cover his not-so-intimidating face.

Light Alicorn

The accursed undead can be found throughout much of Tamriel, often through the dark machinations of mortals and divine beings alike. While there are several ways through which these forces are kept in check, it was through the sudden appearance of a winged, horse-like individual that these fearsome creatures found themselves facing a true threat to their existence. With a body as white as the clouds above, their affinity for the light was apparent from the day they first appeared amongst the realm of mortals, as even the strongest of undead armies came to be destroyed in the blink of an eye in the wake of his powerful radiance. Perhaps the most noteworthy of his attributes was the horn that protruded from his head, shining with the intensity of the sun itself during his crusades against these dark forces. For a time, these corpses walking among the living found themselves inching ever closer to being eradicated entirely…but none could expect the warrior’s sudden transformation by way of a single concept: laziness.

Now under the moniker of “Luna”, the winged horseman seemed to grow weary of fighting their nigh-endless battle against the undead, and decided to leave the battlefield to take on a new life for themselves. The warrior once sported a well-toned body that seemed almost unnecessary for one that fought mostly through magical arts; after their ‘retirement’, it became significantly more corpulent and showed no signs of sliming down over the years over the passage of time. Luna would also travel just about anywhere in Nirn that the undead forces would attempt to gather en-masse; now, he can be assumed to live at the hot springs located throughout Skyrim, colloquially known as the “Lord of the Hot Springs” by fellow visitors with how often he can be found relaxing in such spots.

None knows what spurred the sudden change in the once-radiant fighter – perhaps the man is more mortal than people initially realized; one who merely succumbed to their own, personal desires? Mankind can only hope that if the hordes of the undead come to grow to unchecked proportions once more, yet another hero will appear to combat their unholy existence. There are even rumors that the former hero has a few plans of his own, to this end…
(this is also just me messing around with character creation, so pls dont hit me with the “ackshully :nerd_face:” if this seems too lore-unfriendly uwu)

Draconic Argonian (CW: Vore)

Considering the sheer size of the typical dovah, it is only natural for them to have the need to consume far more than the average person’s worth in body weight by comparison. The dragon within the argonian is no exception and often forces the lizardman to consume gut-rupturing quantities of food, a feat only possible due to his enhanced stomach capacity on behalf of the residing dovah. Coupled in with his propensity to devour several prey of various sizes alive and whole, the argonian’s body has been pushed into a permanent state of morbid obesity; a massive transformation from his initial fit, athletic physique. While he has pleaded with the beast to restrain their voracious appetite, these requests have always, without fail, fallen on deaf ears…not that the dragon ever paid much heed to him in the first place. As such, the argonian can only ever watch in harrowing dread as the dragon inflicts the full force of his ravenous hunger on many a foe, fear ever-apparent in their eyes before they disappear down his cavernous maw. Still capable of feeling whatever is inflicted upon his physical form, the number of times he has experienced the futile struggles of those subjected to his acids, soon to become nothing more than mere weight upon his corpulent frame, has long since passed his capacity for recollection.

Yet, despite the dragon’s propensity for the inhumane, the argonian tends to feel ever the slightest bit of relief that he himself hadn’t ended up as food to another being. He had always lived his life with his own self-interest at heart, anything to remain alive in this harsh world…perhaps the one thing he, along with his body invader, share in common. As the mortal’s resistance wavered upon this revelation, the dovah would find themselves in further control of their shared existence. It was only a matter of time until the lizardman’s body became his, and his alone.

I’ve also been keeping a mod list of sorts, but actually in the process of migrating everything over to a google doc so that I can actually speak about why I’m using each mod. It’s more male-oriented, but plenty of things in there that can be useful for female-based modding too, if people are on the hunt for recommendations!

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Just letting people know, the adventures of Chloelia Ahenobarbus Rutilus are probably going to be halted for a little while, as Skyrim Together’s release has sparked me to want to restart my modlist, but with that will likely come a greater variety of characters including a certain Khajiiti scam artist, a Skaal woman, and a couple of other surprises along the way. Chloelia will return however, just probably a bit different.

Sorry for the abrupt end for now, but Skyrim Together’s release was also quite abrupt as well, and I kind of made a rash judgment, but it definitely will make my further posts here much more dynamic and varied.

This post will be deleted/edited when more posts are made.