Blobgistics: Sci-Fi Fattasy Text Adventure

Hello and Welcome to the 33rd Century in strictly text format
The game’s (slightly lengthy, but skippable) introduction covers the who what where and why, but a quick synopsis is that you, YES YOU, have been re-assigned to attend the youngest in a family of septitrillionaires, and they wanna get B I G

(PS: I am not a pro coder, please report errors if you find them thank you very much <3)

Download Below:


Initial Release
Bugfixes and Completion of all Current Passages
Addition of Actual Research [that doesn’t yet do anything]
Extra weight descriptors
Fixed weight descriptors if you dont skip the intro (sorry about that)
Tightened a loose screw in the RnD server: Research should now impact the game, and research options have been tweaked
De-fogged your nerd glasses: even MORE weight descriptors are now available
Budget Cuts have lowered the quality of our foodstuff: Weight Gain slightly slower
1 New Research option
2 New ways to spend your time, which give you resources
Playing RTS games blows more time
There is now a tab with which to read more about Research Options
Made two MINOR code changes and restored functionality to the entire game
2 new research options
Slower SC production (cant make it TOO easy on you now eh?)
Improved Readability
3 or 4 new weight descriptors (honk honk awOOOOGA)
dialed back the autofeeder, sucked up WAY too much food
removed the ability to ignore your boss’ hunger
fixed some minor syntax errors
fixed some minor hiccups in the code which caused visible error messages
patched some antiquated and non-functioning code in the intro sequence
added auxiliary extensions with which you can construct and improve your resource replenishment
fixed weight descriptors being weird by wrangling a loose <>
minor fixes and balancing across the board
more descriptors
another research project
some minor literary changes
removed some of dev’s writer’s block
Small changes to text
replaced all illicit business with cryptocurrency mining (you don’t need to hear this you’re a trained professional)
slightly reduced cash and food gains while buffing Science Credit gains in order to expedite the research a bit
re-coded GAMMA to quit stealing food while trying to purchase food
food system overhaul
worldbuilding (after autofeed research)
bunch of other crap


So, looks like it has promise, but you run into an error when trying to end the first day.

Error: <>: bad evaluation: Unexpected token ‘-=’

oh bother, always something
i’ll look into it, cheers

oh goodness i forgot to write anything for that whole passage this is embarassing, allow me a few minutes

Did a little fiddling around, and the day doesnt advance in general. After messing around, it MIGHT have something to do with drones? For each drone set to acquire food, it puts up another error message on the transition page.

the problem with silly code, i’ll get to debugging this

pretty easy solution just requires a little bit of finagling

Also, final last thing. When you go to oogle, theres no way to get back without arrowing back. Not a huge thing, but figured I’d point it out.

ANYWHO, bugs aside, like the premise and especially the top mid bottom focus on gaining, so excited to see what else is there beyond the first day lol.

yeah terribly sorry i forgot entirely about that, wait for a 1.1 release and DL that i got all of the obvious things fixed haha

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Okay you all may have noticed not skipping the intro leads to ogling your boss having little to say, this was an accident and i forgot to update a singular variable, now you can read all about how Leynda looks for those who actually liked reading the intro

Loving it so far! Seems like there is a bit of a stalemate for me at the moment though - no matter how many drones I have set to Collect Nutrients, Leynda will eat more than I can import, (and seems to be stuck at / losing weight). She’s hovering between 350 and 360 at the moment.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Maybe I need to start over?

Edit: Taking a look at the twine code and it looks like the player is supposed to receive 3 food per drone? Currently only receiving 1 each. Not sure what the issue here might be.

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this is probably due to the fact that she starts consuming 2L / Lb. of food per Feed once she breaks the 300 threshold… let me put in some uncomplicated Research to help you along here my boy, also she should be incapable of losing weight at this time due to how i’ve implemented the digestion mechanics

New Update - V1.3: the NERD update
Changelog also has details, however i am a simian so please if you do encounter any bugs reply to this post while on V1.3

New Research Options (Replaced old ones)
Research now impacts the game
Leynda (your boss) can now get even more visibly fat
Slowed Digestion, takes a little longer to gain weight


Something that might be particularly useful would be a way for you to use your own actions to supplement what the drones can do, particularly once you’ve finished all the research but still need ways to keep up with income and food storage. Maybe the ability to sell excess research for funding, or use funding to buy foodstock.


well, your wish is my command my boy

I’m not sure what I did, but now I only have options for ‘Check Displays’, ‘Drone Control’ and ‘Retire for the Day’. I was also able to click one of the research options more than once and now they are at a negative research point value.

If I could hazard a guess at the first issue, I think the game keeps putting me at the “End of the day” status and is not resetting me anymore.


i have no proper clue how you managed this since the research and time systems should have nothing to do with eachother… what else were you doing at the time?

No idea, I was just playing normally and it was giving me less and less options until only three remained.

got the same problem as you. also, even if i dont click anything (just go to sleep over and over) the funding and stuff changes, but the weight and description dont. its really weird

i am sadly not intelligent enough to really help either of you, i’d just suggest starting over on the newest build

Sadly, the exact same thing happened on the newest build too, here is my save if you need proof.
blobgistics-20220913-235932.7z (1.1 KB)
(It’s in a zip file because it won’t let me upload it otherwise)

oh i didnt build the game to save, might have something to do with that… maybe it corrupts the file or something