"Bottling Facility", a simple game where you collect breast milk

My first game jam:
Bottling Facility


Could… could we get more info? XD

this isn’t a game, this is just an image of an idea

edit: it’s not, i’m sorry

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You have to click reply to start the game.

What kind of dark sorcery is this?

Honestly thanks for saying this, I legit thought it was just an image concept like the comment above. lol


I bravely ventured to click the pic and if this was a first game it wasn’t a bad attempt. It reminds me of the early fetish games I and those amongst us grew up with. Almost nostalgic in a way~

I still don’t get why I’m constantly hemorrhaging money from each bottle. If they need to be perfectly filled then either the fill level needs to be clearer as the black outlines from the bottle and the nozzle makes the fill line indistinct.

edit: my mistake, I thought the top of the bottle was a nozzle. :sweat_smile:


Ive found a great way to bypass it, just release it immediately at the start, the game will end and you’ll get extras unlocked including automatic bottle replacing :ok_hand: which fixes the constant loss of profits

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I was afraid that the first screen might be confusing. I figured there was one button and people would click but I shouldn’t have assumed that.

I’m not an artist, I tried my best with the graphics so that there’s something. I’m glad you found it somewhat acceptable.

i think the link is broken now

link broke sends to some sort of site hosting place

i think its a scam site

yeah I suspected as much didn’t do anything with the place and left

Mine’s still loading the game, idk what y’all are talking about. It’s a web-hosted game.


The web hoster is free so its not high quality and may not be working for some for some reason, I would’ve attached files but it wont let because Im new.

Why not just use MEGA and not some shady site?

to those who think its a scam I assure you its not. As my firefox loads it fine. the website hosts the game like a flash game kinda but it goes fullscreen. also I love the concept though rn it only has 1 day unless im mistaken. I can’t wait for the next update or somone to take this further.

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welp link worked for me know.

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perhaps it was broken and just now fixed ig idk.

The hoster is working now. The game is okay for a starting point, but it needs more content, and the beginning is way too slow. We have to sit there and watch the bottle slowly fill for 10 seconds and get $3-ish out of it per bottle and we can’t look away because of the risk of breaking the bottle.
I can’t tell if this is meant to be a management game or an idle game.

Anyway, I didn’t get to play too much, since the release button suddenly stopped working and I couldn’t release any bottles, thus ending my run.