Breeders of the Nephelym is amazing for fat fetish

Been playing around with Breeders of the Nephelym for the past few days and holy shit is it good for fat fetish content. The default presets for the races can get chubby, but you can go and edit all the presets (if you have creator access from patreon) and get some amazing results.

If anyone is interested I can also upload the preset file.

Does anyone else have tried to do some SSBBW or similar in this game? I think I found a good balance that works, but I am interessted if someone may have found something even better looking.


Not bad! This game has been mentioned here in the past, but last I read, it didn’t seem like you could go that big. Then again, I haven’t looked directly at tht egame myself yet.

Is there any mechanics in the game yet post-character-creation that involves expansion (breasts, Ass, Belly, etc)?

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There’s cumflation and pregnancy, but that’s it, I think.

Someone else mentioned that the creator of the game posted something about potentially implementing weight gain in Breeders of the Nephelym at some point, so fingers crossed!


Interesting indeed- I’d be interested in the files, but at the same time I worry it’s against TOS or something to share those…

I seem to recall mentioning something about weight gain in one of the other threads on this game. I’m sure I remember reading something about the dev potentially adding weight gain, but this was a long long time ago and I haven’t followed the development in ages.

ye, i i would appreciate if you could share it

Woo ! it looks promising with nice possibilities, i must take a look !

Thanks for this find.

Sadly I’m exclusively into the fetish stuff and not general erotica, and so I probably wouldn’t enjoy this one.


why would it be against TOS? I wouldnt share any gamefiles just the presets, which are just slider anyone could set themselfes. Would be the same as if I´d just post a text file with all the slider and color values written down

where can i get this at

That’s his patreon page. Has links to the Steam version etc. too

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steam version is free, but 3 versions behind and the patreon version on the 10$ tier comes with the creator mode which allows for more customasation, like a larger range on the character creation sliders and the ability to edit the presets of the other races

Hey, I would be interested in getting the preset you made. I can never get my characters to look as good as yours and this preset would be great in helping me learn and use.

Here is the download, I added a readme with the path you need to extract them to

I also added the preset for one of the NPC races, as they need a bit of a different setup compared to the player character due to how traits, like “chubby” work.


thak you so much ill be looking into this

The only problem I have with Patreon is that I neither have an account for it nor PayPal, since my cousin controls all of my funds. She’s kind of like my late father, only not quite as penny-pinching.

well before i commit to this is there any humans like thats all i want i dont care if the other shit exsist i personelly just want humans

Looking at the screenshots, most of the species look like humans with animal parts glued on. No thank you.

Your character is usualy human, I just did mine like this as I like the aesthetic

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