Breeders of the Nephelym

Sorta surprised I haven’t seen anyone bringing up this game yet. While Breeders Of The Nephelym doesn’t have any actual WG content, it does have some BBW content as well as Preg and… well, reckon you should check it out yourself.

A free alpha was recently released on Steam, however, the creator puts up a free public build every week or so on his Patreon.

The update schedule is pretty consistent and while, in my personal opinion, the game doesn’t have much depth to it, it’s still a fairly decent way to pass time.
Quick heads-up, since there always tends to be some confusion: Pledging doesn’t give you access to the public build, that is free for anyone to access and download. Pledging gives you access to the CC build and the Testing build on different tiers…
I don’t think it’s my place to say this, but if the game’s piqued your interest, consider supporting the creator.


Wow this game is like NSFW Skyrim mods… The Game

Well, I got a link to share

Aaaaaand, having just finished downloading and trying it out, I highly suggest you skip it.
There is fuck all to actually do in it, controls like shit, and it’s dull.

Why must all fetish games have nice visuals but shit gameplay???

I really hope my game doesn’t turn out to be like one of these


Nah, your game looks fuckin’ tight.

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I don’t see the nice visuals, it all looks like bog-standard poser stuff to me.

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I played in latest build a few months ago and I can tell that there is no any interesting gameplay especially for weight gaming community. It is just a hentai game.

Well we haven’t seen extended gameplay tho >_>

… lets just hope the game rocks!

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I actually brought this game up a while ago. Can’t remember what thread it was in though :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, there’s not much content to the game yet apart from the hentai, but it’s a one man dev team, so can’t expect quick progress.

Am sure I read somewhere or other a post by the dev saying that there would be weight gain in there.


This sure is something [Video of some things]
(If the video link don’t work, here is a download) Upload files for free - BON.mp4 -

Presets of the NPC and the goblin (edited a bit) player from @Ceepert Breeders of the Nephelym is amazing for fat fetish

CharacterPresets.7z (110.5 KB)

The edited presets don’t work so well with the chubby trait that some of the npc gets, as I am not entirely sure how the editing slides work for when you eddit the traits to the once that are alredy eddited by someone from the orginal model.

If someone here know of what program to use to add models to the game, and also if there is a way to extract the animations from the other models to add to new ones, that would be nice to know.

The game att this point have a whol progresiv world thing, unlocking areas, the breding system and finding new sex position from one npc, dont know mutch how well it all works as a game per say as I am to lazy to aculey not just unlock everything with chets heh.