Bug report thread!

Oh my god thank you

That sort of actually works, since I copied and renamed one of the sprite sheets to “slime”

The character flickers to that character sprite, but it stops the crash, and it’s only for a certain stage, and I can live with that since it works again.

Found a bug with the Bonnie-Buns guest, I have all of the food items requested in my inventory but the next sequence won’t trigger. I keep just getting the request for said items.

I’ve had issues with text overflowing the text boxes. (Notably in shops, and in places in the initial tome) I’ve installed both the included fonts, tried running in full screen, even tried using Japanese application locale, and nothing’s worked so far. Is this just a known issue, or is there something I’m missing?


(I wanted to post more examples, but I’m too new to include more than one image.)