bugs and glitches

figured I do an actual bug report thread, this includes any spelling or cut-offs that you spot, I’m not perfect, also if you spot a glitch please check to see if it’s been noted on the thread already, I don’t want to go through the thread and have 10 posts stating the same issue, working on the next update, as well as bugs already addressed before hand

so i know you just released but i already found a bug in the scene right after nanako place her supplies instead of running out her house she just constantly runs into a wall instead.

oops forgot to adjust the route for that

no problem just thought i’d bring it up.

I encountered a bug when you go upstairs and read the demon book you are stuck looking away from the screen

Find a bug. When you go to the shop in the town and talk to mayor, the woman left to him is just disappear. And you can’t interract with her anymore.

i encountered the same bug with the demon book and being stuck facing away form the screen also. i can leave the house but i cant leave zone to go back into the forest.

figured it out, I forgot to take of the direction lock when she moves to the right, but fixing it also fixed the issue for leaving the forest, I’ll be uploading a bug fixed version soon

thank you for notifying me these glitches, I appreciate it

So, prior to the meteor happening and the demon appearing, if you go into the storage house, it shows it as if the demon has already been released and affect the girl inside. Also, leaving had me come out from the house north of it. Don’t know if this is for everyone or just me

Also, going into the house with the girl who complains about the fatty next door, you can’t leave upon entering…

Couple of things first off not really a bug more of a complaint the enemies are way to strong I got knocked of balance by a rat and then was killed before I could move again and they did 50 damage hit for starting enemies they are far to strong and that is just one instance the enemies basically force you to use heavy thunder just to be able to compete secondly the enemies can apply statuses even if they miss

alright I’ll fix that for the next update

so i encountered a bug where i can’t find the spell to slim down the girl in the weapons shop in the library

I found further bugs.
In the town, entering one house and get out of another and vice versa (so no real problem). But I can’t leave the big house where the world map is found :frowning:
Also if I talk to the woman in the weapon shop, she sounds as if she want to join the party, but remains there and I can talk to her again (with same result). But at some place in the south-western woods she seems to be with me as she has some dialog. But stats etc. are not available for her (can’t say for sure as I had no combat so far).
Additionally if I leave the south-eastern wood, I do not return to the world map, but instead appear directly somewhere in the weapon shop.

Not the best impression - seems pretty incomplete so far.

game is far from complete, and in a bit of a hiatus, been trying to find the motivation to continue since I had a hard drive crash, and not having the skills to make sprites myself, are what are holding me back from going back to it (which at this point would better if I started from scratch)