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Fan Release: Comfy Companion 2.0 New game, who dis? Please excuse the exposition here, links and such are at the bottom Fetish Master This category is about the simulation game Fetish Master. It’s for general discussion about the game or the various mods that have been created. Eat The Dungeon PLAY THE CURRENT VERSION HERE! Doughball Descent Doughball Descent is a Rougelite, Arcade, Platformer game where you smash through multiple food themed areas by the sheer force of your increasing girth. Collect food and purchase items that change the way you play; survive the procedurally generated levels rife with charming foes and alarming spikes. Crushing Force Untitled Furry Fighting Game is a fighting game in a similar vein to Marvel vs Capcom 1. GUTS & GLORY GUTS & GLORY is a tabletop role-playing game. Players take on the roles of brigadiers who hunt exotic food and monsters, to bring back trophies and ingredients and to increase their star ratings in the fantasy world of Salmagundi. Team Poppu’s Food Out! Team Poppu is a group of creators, lead by 8FineCookies and LordBater. Joined by other amazing creators such as Post-Bop & Lui! Apocamorphosis A text game with a fantasy setting with a strong focus on TF and Corruption themes featuring WG elements as well. Project Quimbly(Development Name) Hello Everyone, welcome to Project Quimbly! We at Team Quimbly are happy to have you :D! The Pirate’s Fate The Pirate’s Fate is a/an Visual Novel game. Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in The Pirate’s Fate, a visual novel experience with a unique twist: the story, the crew, and who you are transform based on your choices. Seek treasure, find love, and choose your fate. Avakann's Project Avakann’s Project is an rpgmaker project which sets you in a fat disproving world. Some kind of cataclysm works to shake things up for the world and the main character. Gaining Perspective Gaining Perspective is a text game about extreme weight gain, with a fairly genuine approach to pace, presentation, and darkish themes. The depictions are unapologetically gritty, leaning toward realism even as the player reaches immobility and even well-beyond. Face physical challenges and repercussions, personal sacrifices, and pressing health concerns. Gameplay is turn-based and mostly linear, but also includes random events, budget strategy, and a surprising story with a mysterious twist. Tribal Hunter We are developing an action platformer with an open world. You play as a village guardian who can shift his body shape, allowing him to grow huge and devour enemies. As you grow, you can use this ‘growth’ as energy to fire projectiles at enemies! Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up is a 2D action-platformer game where you play as a ninja frog, and your sole mission is to defeat the forces of evil with the power of good and everything righteous, and well… your appetite…. SWEET - a belt-busting boomer shooter Yaffaif Explore a fantasy world that seems intent on transforming the player into something else… SFOAS (Super Fatty Office Admin Sim) Project Gaia Project Gaia is a 2d Expansion RPG Adventure featuring a sole female character. Stranded in orbit of a strange planet she must travel to the surface to repair her ship, but also uncover the mysteries of the planet. Edypos Feed My Affection This category is for discussion on the weight gain themed dating simulator “Feed My Affection”. For information on the game, please see this post. Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG Project The Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG Project is a game built with RPG maker. It’s main site is here on the forum. A key part of the game is looking for the answer to the question “Can I make this npc fat?” Starbound Big Fatties A procedurally generated sandbox game in a sci-fi setting with various playable races where the fun is in your hands as you explore. Growth Academy This is the official Growth Academy Thread. We will be posting updates on the games development here every three months. Lanna’s Adventure Voracious! Voracious is a tabletop, furry RPG where you start off with a small stomach capacity, and work with your friends to eat, fight, earn gold and ultimately pursue the greediest and/or fattest you can be. Chub Chomp Chill Chub Chomp Chill is a casual, virtual pet-like game. Inspired by the likes of Tomodachi Life and Tamagotchi. Take care of, feed, and fatten characters of your own creation! Customize your characters, their rooms, their traits! The world is your big round oyster! How big will you go? SFRPG - EXPANDED
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