Eat the Dungeon Bug Thread

Hello! Please post bugs in this thread so I can keep them organized.

(This post has been transplanted from the WGF Discord in case Bewildered doesn’t get the ping. If you’ve seen that message already, this is just a repost with a couple wording changes!)

I found a bug- it has something to do with the frontend display rounding 39.5+ to 40. It’d probably be better if the rounding of the frontend always rounded down if that’s the case.

Pictured Here

According to the console, my current fat is 39.791999999989116.

The game isn’t doing anything wrong, because I don’t have 40 fat to spend, but the display should probably be tweaked to reflect that.

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Whoops! Thanks for letting me know about this!

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I am 97% sure that this is a bug so here I go.

The “Sand Witches” that have the dairy weakness are not behaving properly. If I remember correctly, they are supposed to heal an enemy every other turn they get. Instead, nothing occurs. No evidence of healing for enemies. This isn’t game-breaking but I’m pretty sure you might want to investigate this.

i cant get into the game

What device and browser are you using? Also can you get a screenshot of what you see when you try to load the game?

well apparently just resetting my pc works but what happens is that the title wont pop up which wont let me into the game. is it possible you can fix that in a later update, if so thanks and keep up the good work.

I somehow didn’t realize that there was a bug thread and posted it on the main thread. I’ll repost it here just to be safe. Basically, the Spare Sword icon is just barely in the stage selection screen. It’s only visible when you mouse over it, but it’s still an unintended bit that I thought you’d like to be aware of.

Thank you, this should be an easy fix

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So after the priestess hits one of her last weight levels the game just goes to pot, which is not good if it happens during the end of level screen as you can’t continue from it.

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Same here. Only the top row is visible, and none of the numbers and character info appears.

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It seems the weird bug is happening at different times as for me it happened once she reached her max weight portrait, however this occurs on the end screen of a level and sometimes the other adventurers are removed by the black screen or are still present but it is impossible to continue from that point.

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I’ve fixed the priestess bug everybody was having. It turns out the file transfer was interrupted, so the last 15 or so sprites of hers were missing. I have uploaded the missing sprites.

Thank you for your patience!

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the game is not having troubles in letting me go the next level.
I have beat the level 7 and it wont let me go on to the next level
Is there a possible answer why
this is the time i got on level 7

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This is very unusual! Can you tell me what device and browser you are playing on?

i am using google chrome on an hp pavillion gaming laptop

Here’s some things we can try:

1)On the level select screen, open the dev tools. Do this by pression CTRL+SHIFT+I
2)Go to the Console tab, and take a screenshot of that and post it here. The console tab looks like this:

3)Go to the Application Tab, click Local Storage on the left side bar, and click “” under Local Storage, and find the key called “unlocked_levels” Take a screenshot and post it here. The application tab looks like this:

4)Lastly are you clicking the “Exit” button when you finish the level, because that might be the cause of this?


bottom part of the console not all of console

i dont know if you want a specific part of the console

Are you available after 5:00 pm, because that is when i’m available tomorrow due to school and travel after school.