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Alright first immediate bug I wanna ask about

  1. Open game

  2. Save game during selecting character name and skintone and weight and stuff

  3. Load Save

It just kinda borks the game into “error, need to rollback or ignore” classic renpy screen

I never expected anyone to try and save at character creation at this point, so this is a nice find. :laughing:

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I am a pain in the ass lol I save a billion times because I try to do everything and anything, and like to have control variables, like the same name, weighr, etc. So i found that out like… a year ago :sweat_smile:

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Leilani date bug loop

Version 0.47.2

Leilani’s park/mall date doesn’t move time toward after happening so it can/does repeat if you go back to the downtown area. The date can be repeated over and over. The repeated date seems to not factor any of the Leilani choices I’ve made during my playthrough until now (in this case I had chosen to date her earlier but it was the path where that didn’t happen) and throws an exception error during it. Save included will lead into the loop after the date ends. And her date will repeat even after advancing time or days by going downtown during the evening. (319.1 KB)
traceback 0.47.2 Leilani date loop exception…zip (1.3 KB)

I would assume Leilani’s date should move time forward and cause this not to be able to happen. But there might also be some issue with the event not being flagged as complete that is causing it to be repeatable.

Nothing special was needed to recreate this, just playing through the game up until her second date at the park.

“Your phone vibrates. No new messages.” bug

This happens every so often normally once a day in the morning. I get the message and noise of the phone vibrating but there aren’t any new messages. This started happening after the first instance of getting a message from Paige to go to her house, although I don’t think it’s specific to Paige. This always happens on a time skip or when advancing time either by the cheat menu or normally in game. This will appear without clicking on the phone icon and pop up in two dialogue boxes one after another. Here’s a save of an instance where it will happen the next time you go to advance time. (280.4 KB)

This did not first start happening until after I had received my first phone message, in this case from Paige. It seems to happen consistently on save and reloads and I don’t know of any way to reproduce it outside of just playing through the game. So far I’ve always had it happen.

Appetite enhancer exception error.

When going to buy pills from Ellie at her shop after first unlocking it, purchasing appetite enhancer pills cause an exception error, and they are missing an inventory picture so they appear as a blank square. This exception error will pop up during feeding mini games just by having the pills within the inventory as well.
traceback 0.47.2 appetite enhancer (1.4 KB)

Unlock Ellie’s shop and purchase the appetite enhancer pills from her shop.

Repeating/looping Wanda unique event

Meeting Wanda at the Cafe can be done multiple times. Wanda can be seen at the Cafe on day one and within a few days the event will trigger again when visiting at dawn. This can also happen even if you met her through the bakery in the afternoon. Skipping a few days will allow you to meet her at the Cafe at dawn. Since the text is all about not knowing who she is it doesn’t make sense to be able to trigger this if you know who she is or on repeat times.

Playing through the game like normal and meeting Wanda and then skipping time past day 2 will make the event trigger again.

Looping Wanda dialogue choice

The first time you meet Wanda at the Bakery at noon, if you choose to insult Wanda by telling her that her shirt barely fits her one of the next dialogue options will loop after selecting it, and you can just keep picking the top option over and over.

Meet Wanda at the bakery at noon. Choose “Should you be buying donuts anyway? That shirt barely fits you!” Choose “You want me to go home with you?” This option just loops back after Wanda finishes talking and you can keep selecting it over and over.

Picking the bottom option “Can’t you carry it yourself?” allows you to get around the loop.

Food items visual bugs during feeding minigames

During the feeding minigames if you are already highlighting or clicking on and picking up an item to feed when the different scripted dialogue/scene transitions happen there will be visual bug left on screen from the item when the inventory and items are hidden when the scripted dialogue triggers.

During the feeding minigames holding an item, hovering the mouse over and highlighting or clicking on a new item quickly before the scene transitions to dialogue will allow you to recreate this visual bug. It happens with all feeding minigames.

Paige burger queen date bugs.

The appetite and capacity meter during Paige’s date will empty and slowly fill up during the scene transitions where dialogue pops up or her button popping scene comes up. The gauge is also empty at times until the player advances dialogue after one of these dialogue events. Also the tray disappears off the table after her button popping scene. And I assume the food and drink items loading out and popping back in when feeding Paige is intentional.

Nothing special is needed to recreate this just playing through Paige’s date.

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Breaking the feeding minigame

If you leave early from any of the feeding minigames before getting a girl to full capacity it will break the animations and you will end up with incorrect head positions, missing heads, other girls’ faces in scenes, etc. This does not go away. If at any point during the playthrough this happens it will continue to be like this if not reloading to an earlier save.

Simply enter into any feeding minigame and just click the leave arrow key.

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Thank you for all the reports Krodmandoon! We’ll be sure to get this fixed. I think the bug with Paige in Burger Queen should be fixed in 0.48.0, which is just about to come out for Patreons.

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Just as a note with the talk of rollback coming up in the suggestions thread. The rollback does get enabled in the current version sometime during a play through. Either a certain event or error causes it to be useable. Looking for when that happens and trying to recreate it was not something I thought of doing during my couple play throughs of 0.47.2. So, I am not sure on the details.

As in the button itself? I never disabled the hotkey for it because it can be useful for testing as long as you use it carefully. I might actually disable the hotkey and move the button to the cheats menu with a warning though, as this might prevent confusion about it.

No I mean you can start rolling back dialogue in game at a certain point even though it’s supposed to be disabled. The option in the preferences menu I know doesn’t matter for what it is toggled to.

I only disabled the button though, not the function, so this might be intended for now?

Also, regarding the Leilani date loop, I haven’t been able to reproduce this in 0.48.0. Old saves seem to be incompatible with it so I had to go from the start and I may have done things differently in some way.

When you say time doesn’t advance, do you mean the date ends and you end up in town during the day still?

Yes when I was playing time did not advance after the 2nd date. So I could just go back and do the date again. I didn’t do anything crazy to my knowledge I would of went through doing all the content across the different routes up to her date. Maybe the feeding mini game or one of the other events broke and I didn’t notice it. When I would reload from an earlier save or restart I had the same issue. But just trying to go through and play through 0.47.2 and doing Leilani’s content once at the 2nd date, it’s passing time to night like it should after the date is over.

Aha, I think I’ve spotted the issue. Did you start Leilani’s date in the evening in that save? There’s an error in the script which would mean the advance time function gets skipped entirely if that happens.

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I’m not currently around my computer to know for sure but I had linked my save with the issue. That might be what had happen.

Version 0.48.1

Paige Burger Queen date

  • With the new UI updates to make things more condensed there are still some of the same issues. I personally don’t see why some of the UI is displayed here during the scene at all. The player stats, inventory, and phone are not needed. Clicking on the phone and selecting an option, or opening the inventory and trying to feed Paige from it break the feeding mini game. Plus the UI still blocks elements of the CG’s.

  • The UI elements just require you to play through the “double down” burger queen date. The breaking of the mini game simply opening the inventory and trying to feed Paige, or click on the phone and selection the messages, and other elements will break the minigame.

  • I could not figure out a way to have Paige eat all items during her date at burger queen the previous way of doing it before 0.48.0 no longer works. I am not sure if this is a bug, intended, or even if you can accomplish it anymore.

UI feedback, bugs, etc.

  • The updated smaller, condensed UI looks better and functions better. But the places that the UI blocks elements of CG’s, selections in the game, or menus still exist even with the smaller elements.

  • The most important element to the UI to me is knowing what time it is. This has been moved to the phone, which I appreciate is somewhere at least, but it’s more annoying just to find out what time period I am in (I know there is a pop up when transitioning but after events, there are times I may not be certain.) As since the game is largely based around triggering events and different days or time periods it would make the most sense to have this displayed more predominately then things like, (I presume) skill level progression of traits or skills, calories, especially for players not looking to gain weight, player name, and appetite and fullness.

  • There’s no longer a way to view how much money you have during shop purchases outside of pulling up your phone. This like the time removal from the main UI feels like I am missing the thing’s I would care most about from the main UI that is always displayed. Pulling up my phone to see how much money I have to purchase things during a store menu feels bad and obtuse.

  • There’s no way to know what these meters mean, or things like “eating skill” with a level bar. The UI doesn’t have either a popup on highlight or further explanation on things. The listing of “A” and “C” are only known what they would be referring to based on people that have already played other versions where the meters used to have fully listed names.

  • The inventory menu pops open and up anytime you acquire an item the game gives you outside of buying things, which really overlaps with most dialogue and stuff in game. It makes things hard to see and you need to exit out of it during scenes. It’s really jarring at times.

  • The UI looks great, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

  • I would rather see the UI hidden during all conversations. I feel it visually feels cluttered during dialogue events where it borders the screen, and makes it feel more distracting. Especially since it’s not needed to be there.

  • Opening the phone and clicking on the messages, and some other apps, during the feeding mini games break it.

  • This is minor since I assume the cheat menu is a temporary addition, but you can’t close the cheat menu when opened if the phone UI menu is also open.

  • I know a calendar function is planned but it hurts not being able to track what day you are on outside of seeing the pop up happen at the start of a new day. It feels like something I would want to be able to actively track or know of in some way currently since a lot of the games functions are tied to time and day to trigger events within routes.

Appetite enhancer exception error

UI does not account for longer names

  • If the name you choose is longer the UI doesn’t scale the text or account for something like the default name is length.

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Thanks for logging so many issues again, Krod. I’ve been aware of most of them for some time, but when I get a chance to do some bug fixing I often forget about them.

I came to the same conclusions myself with all the UI stuff when testing it, but I didn’t get a chance to change it back yet. I’ll see if I can do this for the next build. I could also add the day number somewhere, maybe a temporary location.

The simplest solution to fixing the problem with the phone button breaking mini games would be to remove it during them. Is there any info in the phone menu you think would might be needed during the mini game?

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The only thing that could be “needed” is the settings menu, but you can access that with normal ren’py menu controls. But if someone was unaware on how to do so that could be the only thing. I don’t think the phone needs to be able to be brought up during the feeding mini game or any dialogue scene though. Rather than trying to plan around preventing it from breaking things during the mini game I think, at least with the current design of the game, it’s safe to not have it accessible.