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While feedback can continue to be posted in the main thread, please post any specific suggestions you have to improve the game here!

Please do not post about bugs though, as they belong in the bugs thread.


So my immediate first suggestion/question is regarding Ellie’s clinic… what’s the point of it? Yeah you can buy the pills or whatever I guess, but using them to their fullest feels rather expensive, equivalent to debugging at this stage.

I can’t seem to find anyway to become a client at Ellie’s clinic, which feels like a missed opportunity. If Ellie is going to have multiple ways to play with her, I assume its probably like

  • Being her feedee
  • Not committing to her, but having feedee dates
  • Reversing Roles
  • Being her patient/client

It’s not missed, just not added yet. Features involving Ellie and her clinic still have a long way to go at the moment.

For now it’s just a shop, but becoming a patient and/or utilising other services there will open up in the late game.

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Although i doubt there’s going to be a male weight gain character perhaps a heart or other kind of relationship system can be put in for characters who aren’t part of the main cast so they can be a bit more involved in the story

I’ve checked out a lot of the content in different versions occasionally and after my recent play through of 0.47.2 here are some suggestions. These are just thoughts and opinions that have come up that I feel would enhance my experience with the game.

  • I know a lot of effort has gone into the UI and UX elements and it looks great, but some of the stuff functionally clashes with the game. It will cover up/overlap with scenes often obscuring faces or parts of scenes. It can always get in the way of clicking on some of the travel options. I’ve definitely accidentally clicked on the skip, settings, stats, or phone before instead of the location I want to travel to. The settings and skip buttons I don’t really see a point to personally as ren’py has hot keys for these functions already. I think a simple explanation of the keys to access these already baked in features to the engine could just take the place of needing actual buttons on screen at all times (if this was done for mobile I can understand it’s inclusion but seems like you could have separate versions without the buttons.)

  • My first thought is to simply remove and/or resize certain UI features. This is done at times for scenes the UI was fixed for that previously had the same issue of being in the way. But there are plenty of times not all features are needed, especially within scenes or mini games. The other thought is making some UI features hidden (or giving the option to hide them) until moused over, or they are needed. Like the phone for instance or the player calorie/time UI element. If I’m not on a path that has the player doing mutual gaining with a character I don’t need to see elements like this during feeding minigames, or know what time/my money count when in dialogue scenes, date events, etc with one of the girls. This happens with Leilani’s date at doughy delights, going to Paige’s house, etc and it’s what I had in mind for most of the scenes interacting with the girls. If hiding the UI is the play then I would think making it visible when out in the open overworld when traveling between locations and before starting events makes the most sense. That is really the only time I would need to know about money, time of day and things like the phone.

Click for examples

  • The way that sentences pop in within dialogue conversations. Often when multiple sentences appear for dialogue on the screen at the same time they kind of pop in at different intervals. I assume this is supposed to simulate the cadences of people talking and sometimes is used to emphasize dialogue. Since it’s used every time there are more than one sentence on screen at a time, I often find myself accidentally skipping the dialogue by accident not knowing that more is going to be said. And since rollback was disabled I can’t just rollback to see what I skipped past. I’m the type of individual that likes the text to be instant when there are options to select the speed at which it appears on screen. This probably wouldn’t be much of an issue for me if I could rollback but having to load a save to see dialogue is a bit annoying. It would be nice if maybe there was an option in the preferences menu to set the text to display instantly all at once within conversations (although, I think from how you have it designed it’s probably not that easy of an ask.)

  • Rollback being reenabled. I know some devs want to make it feel like choices are permanent, or disable rollback to not worry about bugs or some issues that can be caused with its inclusion. I’m not sure why it was changed to have rollback disabled but the reality for me is I like the freedom to be able to rollback if I’ve accidentally clicked a choice I didn’t mean to or having the choice to explore what some choices do. It’s nice when doing subsequent playthroughs if I pick the wrong choice for a pathway or accidently pick the wrong option to not have to load an old save because of a mistake. This would just incentivize me to save before most choices which is just more cumbersome then I would like it to be.

  • It would be nice to be able to organize the inventory. Like dragging and dropping items to swap spots. Also the arrows move the inventory left and right within the menu. I’d like to see them move to an entire new “line” of seven inventory slots when arrowing left or right and not just one “square” at a time. While buying items from stores it would make sense to have the inventory popup without the player having to open it to see the overall amount of items being bought and keep track of the items/total number being purchased (auto closing when exiting the buy menu as well.)

  • Having a UI feature to indicate new messages or new items added to inventory would be good. Maybe a number, symbol, or glow that would indicate there are unread messages, or new items acquired(since there are times where items are just added to the inventory like Autumn’s milk, and list) on the phone and bag icons respectively. There is the text that pops up sometimes but from my experience so far it doesn’t seem to work consistently especially with the new stuff. And I don’t think having the inventory pop up in the middle of Autumn’s dialogue makes sense when the items are added into the inventory. Especially when there is already a message that pops up in the right corner of the screen for things like that.

  • The notifications for new phone numbers, items added to inventory, etc that pop up in the far right corner and overlap existing UI it would be nice to see this moved to may be right about the dialogue box or somewhere more noticeable. The messages are temporary and fade out on their own so it would be nice to have it in a more visible place, especially one that doesn’t overlap existing UI elements.

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, Krodmandoon. I’ll respond to each point respectively:

We are very aware of the UI being a nuisance, and we’re working towards a fix for this. Like you suggested, we’ve already shrank and rearranged things for 0.48.0. Before this change, I have been gradually hiding the UI entirely in certain new scenes, but I did not want to go back through all the old scenes hiding it at the right moments when the UI is still being worked on, as this would be a waste of time. All the important buttons have now been moved down to a phone menu in the bottom right, so the player will be able to save/reload in scenes even when the HUD at the top is hidden. The buttons all being contained here should also help with the accidental button pushing you’ve been experiencing.

You are correct that it would be difficult to remove all of the text tags with an option in the menu… While I would like to give this option, it may require me to double the entire script, with an alternate version which doesn’t contain the text tags. I don’t know if it’s possible to make Ren’Py ignore text tags somehow, but that would also mean things like quotation marks and italics would break. So I’m afraid that this may be an impossible ask without just completely removing all the pauses, slow text, etc.

Unfortunately rollback cannot be enabled, because it breaks the whole inventory system if something is added or removed and then it is used. As an example, that bug where the characters heads remain on screen permanently will also happen when using rollback. Maybe it could potentially be enabled at moments where there is no inventory activity possible and then greyed out when it is, so we could look into that when the game is closer to completion.

Inventory suggestions duly noted! Opening when at the shop is easy enough, and the rest can probably be done too.

I agree with you on how the UI should function when adding items to the inventory, and would say that everything you reported here is a bug. If you can let me know of every instance you find where this doesn’t happen the way you have stated then we will be sure to fix it.

I agree with the notification problem too - the reason for this is because it’s using a built in Ren’Py notification feature which I’ve just been using since the start. It can be edited though, so we’ll be sure to move it and make it more noticeable.

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Do you mean for characters like Bob? I might give characters like him an affection metre which affects certain outcomes. And you never know, if somebody wants a male character enough, I’d be happy to do it as a commission.

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Yep that’s exactly what i was talking about thanks for replying to me

This sort of thing is usually caused by not enrolling variables into the rollback system using default. It’s often the result of creating variables in Python init blocks which was common in Ren’Py 6 and earlier (thus a lot of outdated code examples), but can also be caused by not allowing Ren’Py to automagically replace Python collection types with it’s own revertable versions. It should be a relatively easy fix.

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Something I had noticed playing 0.48.0, although this is the same in at least some earlier versions, is that when you pick the body builder hobby(? I don’t remember how it’s currently characterized) you still lack the base requirements to carry Wanda on the first day. I think you should always be able to carry Wanda on day one if you have selected the body builder trait.

This is worse if you don’t pick the tallest option as you get less strength and weight. I’m guessing the check is that you need 30 strength to be able to carry her when you meet her at the bakery at noon. But you can’t obtain this on the first day to my knowledge. It also seems kind of weird to pick the body builder type and basically be set up to auto fail the first strength check in the game. I can understand needing to work out for later non day one checks but it just seems like one of those things that I think was not intended when the event was added.

Did you try picking labourer as a job? That also adds to the initial strength stat and I think it has to be maxed out in character creation to get the scene.

Hmm, well we shan’t rule it out, and look into it a little more then.

Different heights with manual laborer and body building, with high protein. Although I didn’t check the other gender option. I’m not sure if this is the highest combo but it really doesn’t make sense to me to have Wanda tell you “If you were one of those body-builder types…” when you are. I get the idea of the random stats that the different hobbies and characteristics have, but the first strength check being something you can fail like this when you are the type of person best suited to carry her is weird to me. While I get the idea of the different hobbies or interests netting you some additional stats in different areas, it doesn’t feel like even that should be enough to fail this check. Since it has to happen on day one you really don’t get the option to do something different about it. But that’s just my opinion, it feels weird to select the body builder type and be called out for not being strong enough for the first check :laughing:

Yeah, you’re right - it is misleading that Wanda directly references the body builder ‘type’. This interaction should work as a day 1 hint which says: “the stats you pick determine what scenes you get”. I’ll be sure to change it.

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I totally get that. It can and should be some kind of indication of needing to be stronger to lift her. And that’s fine to have a hint for other play throughs or if this is a repeating event, that there’s another possible outcome there. But is it possible to lift her in game without cheats on day one? Does any starting combo give thirty strength? I thought I had done it legit at some point in older versions without the cheats but I don’t recall. And if not is the Wanda donut shopping event planned to be a repeating event? As in you would get another chance to be able to carry her.

I thought I had set it up so that if you pick all the strength options (male, tall, bodybuilder, high protein, laborer) and then lift weight until noon you’d be able to do it, but maybe something changed somewhere in some update. The event is actually planned to repeat again in chapter 2, as Wanda will continue to visit the bakery up to a certain point in the game if the player misses the interaction. Still, I’d like it to be possible on day 1 for that tutorial aspect.

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