Potential Mods?

I know this isn’t a normal “install file for game” type of game so modding is not exactly easy. However in my attempts to decease the monotony of weight grinding for getting my priest upgraded (want to go for the a 1 million weight challenge but remove the grind of getting their stats leveled up to do so before reverting back to vanilla for the challenge), I managed to create cheese zombies that behaved like the buffet trebuchets in that they would fill up the fullest hero, only they could go on forever if not taken out. This got me wondering if it were possible to do full on mods, perhaps ones with full on heroes, levels, enemies, items, etc. I know it is outlandish and likely impossible but I would not consider it entirely out of the realm of possibility. What do you all think?


well if a downloadable version of the game was made then maybe

You could definitely setup a client-side mod by inserting javascript via in the console most browsers have nowadays. It honestly wouldn’t even be that hard.

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I have no clue how to do that