Potential Mods?

So im trying to set the milk dragon to do 999 fullness damage, but its damage type wont change off of what it is already set to, and the changes get undone after a refresh. How do I save the changes to actually change the damage type? Some kind of walkthrough would be nice.

the way you change the attack type for other enemies im assuming is the same thing i did for the cheese zombies, its normal attack is against weight putting it as fullness makes it give you weight instead of taking it


changing the highlighted area with a proper attack type will give it that attack type

Yeah thats how i assumed it worked. Problem is though, I hit control + s but no changes are made. There is however an error that says “changes to this file were not saved to the file system” if that helps.

I have tried this on both firefox and google chrome and it has worked on neither.

it all mustve been changed to where changes even if not saved to the file system wont change for that session then cause i can no longer do it either and at that point your SOL if you wanna change enemies, stats and unlocks are still changeable though

Actually was playing Monster Rancher Ds and being curious if there’s a mod about making visual monsters being fat, because yes, there can fatten up but never visually shows up (also in the status it can have “obese” mark there)

I don’t know if there’s still interest in this, but I managed to find a system that works! It’s pretty complicated as is though so I’m working on setting up some scripts to make it hopefully easier for anyone to do.

With this it’s possible to obtain your own local copy and edit any aspect of the game!

This being the case, is there anything you’d like to see changed? The game is pretty incredible as is. The only thing that comes to mind is various cheats like all unlocks or X free level ups.

Mainly those but stuff like completely new characters or reworked combat could be really interesting to see.