SFRPG - EXPANDED - Custom Sprites



SFRPG - EXPANDED allows for custom user-edited sprites to be uploaded into the game! Your game download on itch should have included a .pdf guide on how to go about this as well as the default sprite sets to use.


Due to some request for it on the discord, I wanted to open up a topic for others to share their custom sprites or receive feedback/help on their customizing projects! I’d love to see what ya’ll come up with tbh~

Try to keep this topic free of general game discussion just for organization’s sake.


is this for the player only or also other npcs?

I’m going to go ahead and say this topic can be used to display all custom sprite edits including NPCs and such.

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how do i get in the discord?

One down, roughly a dozen more to go. Will I ever finish this? Probably not.

Now to wait for someone to do a decent catgirl one

Oh look. I finished it. Do note it only works with size 3 chest, and that I’m not planning on any touch-up.




Not sure if it’s the right place to ask, but is it possible to make the werewolf sprite the default one?

In-game, technically no, but you can make a copy of all the wolf sprites, rename them to match the base sprites, and then replace them. Just do know there’s no size 3 chest sprites or sheets 6-8 for them as of yet.

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Are there different werewolf sprites for each of the three player skins? I only see one werewolf sheet in there for the player.

All three sheets do indeed use the same werewolf spriteset. I’m guessing it’s because it’d take more extra code to make it keep track of that, and it didn’t seem necessary at that point in development.

Bored of those random NPCs you see walking about? BAM! Here’s some slightly different augments for them. The purp one is just a placeholder, though it seems to be extremely rare. I’ll get the third sheet done eventually… Maybe…

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Not even finished the game once and I’m already planning to do some sprite work, I had the idea to switch the default player sprite to a “wolf” kinda deal, and then the actual werewolf to something like the alpha, did -some- effort into it but I did want to get some feedback
Needless to say I am not very artistically inclined :sweat_smile:

It’s already looking adorable starting off, but may I suggest using the light blue for the tip of the snout, and having the outline of it be shaded rather than be a solid border? The back tail and ears are perfect as-is, but I’m not so certain when it comes to the side tail. That’s always tricky to figure out. Oh, and choosing inverted shading was a good call, given the border. Gives it a magical feel.

Oh so something like a lil off blue nose?, that’s a nice idea
I wasn’t so sure about the side tail either, one idea was to paste several gradual chunks of the -actual werewolf tail as it went
The other idea was as you went through the levels you’d get more wolf like, level 0 just has tiny ears, while level 8 (soon:tm:) is gonna be the actual werewolf sprite

So I’ve been spriting my self-insert… only have the first page worth of weights, but I thought maybe people would like to see

Never touched pixel art before, so please lemme know if anything looks really wrong ^^’



Starting work on a spritesheet of my own. You may recognize them from other places…

Before I continue with this, though, I’d like to have @Chubberdy 's permission to post these publicly! If you’re not comfortable with it, just let me know and I’ll take the attachment down.


Sprite away! These are looking great so far.

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likely will not finish this soon, buuuut…

ever wanted to be a gator? well GUESS WHAT
very simple resprite that turns werewolf form into a gator! found some (seemingly unused atm) files left within the data which perfectly covered the space used by werewolf form, so i made a custom second stage based off of the existing werewolf form, a lazy custom fifth stage, recolored the main sprites to be a nice black and green, and left it at that.

if there’s a gator transformation added to the game any time soon (or if it’s already in the game), i will play it instantly


  1. back up graphics folder
  2. insert files contained within zip in graphics folder and overwrite
  3. play (314.7 KB)


I decided to try editing the base sprites and Aseprite has been super useful. I wanted to add ears and rather than go and manually add extra pixels, I imported it as a sprite sheet, upped the canvas size, edited it on the timeline, then exported it right back out. I’m happy with how it turned out.