Starbound Big Fatties Popping Addon by Joliair

The popping mod addon for Starbound: Big Fatties

Disclaimer: This mod was NOT created by me. It was made by Joliair. I am simply making a new upload for it because there’s no forum post for it (at least not one I could find)
Disclaimer: People seem to have problems with this mod, but I haven’t had any game breaking issues, but it IS quite a bit buggy. Play at your own risk and PLEASE backup your characters and saves. You very well could lose them.
Disclaimer: I did modify the pak a little before I decided to upload this forum. The FatThrower fattens up extra quickly and I added glitch npc lines to the popping dialogue list.

This mod adds popping to the big fatties mod (required mod obviously) as a gui option in the big fatties menu. Open the big fatties menu and you’ll see a new yellow square next to the green and red ones.

GUI Options


  • Respawn Popping: Toggles whether popping will force you to respawn

  • Friendly NPC Popping: Whether or not friendly NPCs can pop

  • Enemy NPC Popping: Whether or not enemy NPCs can pop

  • Creak: Plays creaking sound effects with any change in size

  • Pop: Instantly pops you


  • Time to Pop: How long it takes to pop once at max capacity

  • NPC Range: How close you have to be to an NPC in order for them to be able to pop (I think)

  • Increment: Just like in Big Fatties, lets you adjust how big or small of a number you change other settings with

  • Size Limit: What the limit is before you can pop (NPCs take 15 seconds to pop no matter what, thanks @TotsMcLegit for finding that )

  • Pop Increment: Just like increment, but only affects the Size Limit setting

  • Size Limit Level: Directly tied to the Size Limit setting but as a slider

Things That Were Added

  • Boston Cream Donut- A new food item with bloating.

  • Blubber Gum- Bloats you up to max weight pretty quickly

  • Blueberry Gum- Blubber gum but with a slight blue hue

  • Mysterious Potion- Fills you up pretty quickly but when you pop it makes anyone nearby “infected” and they will start to bloat. This is a status effect called infectious popping. Once they pop they will also spread it to anyone nearby. (I’m not too sure what the range is, but it’s pretty big. generally if you can see them fully on screen it will affect you)

  • Bloat Cure- Stops you’re uncontrollable bloating from the above mentioned items.

  • FatThrower- Throws fat? A good tool to quickly fatten someone up

  • Fat Dart Rifle- Shoots fattening darts

  • Dart Trap- Also shoots fattening darts, but as a trap

  • Moontant sludge fountain- Fattens you up if you’re nearby, and fattens you up a lot when you click on it

There are a lot of bugs in this addon and I don’t know if that will ever be fixed by Joliair themselves. It’s still a lot fun to play around with though.

Joliair’ (63.7 KB)


I feel like this mod definitely needs a way to cure the other npcs (in case friendly npc accidentally get the bloating effect). Is there a way to contact the author of the mod? I had some ideas, even though i don’t know if he’ll accept them.

Couple of other things I noticed about the mod:

  • NPC Range does in fact determine how close you have to be to an NPC for them to pop, at 0 distance they can’t pop at all, at 1 you have to be standing next to them before the pop count down starts.

  • NPCs will always pop after 15 seconds, this cannot be changed by time to pop at all, that timer only counts for you.

  • NPCs have dialogue whenever they are about to pop, with Avian, Glitch and Floran NPCs having unique dialogue, everyone else gets generic lines.

  • Despite causing the uncontrollable bloating debuff, the dart rifle darts need 3 or 4 shots in order to get someone to hit max weight, unlike the PC who only needs 1 (I think).

  • NPCs that are sleeping will pop and continue to live like a player who doesn’t have respawning popping, I think this is a bug because all other NPCs will die if they pop at all.

  • The 900 capacity bug that having granular and popping has been fixed.

  • The Mysterious Potion infection will ignore generic NPCs invulnerability that’s in the Outpost, as well as any other location with otherwise immoral. NPCs so if you want to depopulate the Outpost for no particular reason, hey there you go.

  • MPs infection will even effect penguins, it doesn’t cause the Debuff after they “pop”, but it does kill them, it even kills Dr. Akaggy, the penguin who gives you the mech quests.

  • Infectious popping does nothing to hostile alien life, I.E: unique enemies like poptops and all the randomly generated mosters.

  • The Fat Thrower is able to fatten any victims faster than any other weapon.

  • Fattening weapons work on NPCs who are in areas where they are otherwise invulnerable.

Edit: Used old version of the mod by accident because I’m a twat, up to date with better info


Hmm. I’m definitely getting unique lines for glitch, maybe I uploaded the version I didn’t modify?

edit: Just checked and I do have the glitch lines in there, I’m not sure why it’s not giving you the glitch lines.

I also have no idea why it won’t work past 899. I looked for ANYTHING within the coding from the popping addon, granular wg, and big fatties and I could not for the life of me figure out the issue.

(that said, I’m not a coder)

Wait is this purely just a reupload or are you fixing bugs and adding upon it?

Btw this is just a little thing but when you reset “Big Fatties” (quickbar) the popping settings don’t work as well and why is there two Blubber Gums?

I think my version of the mod was old and didn’t have those lines when I wrote that giant wall of text, I redownloaded the mod and the Glitch do have unique lines.

The other one’s a Blueberry bubble gum, so i think ya get what it does.

It’s basically a reupload. I’m not fixing bugs (although I did try to fix the incompatibility for granular) but I did modify some things before I decided to upload it (just the FatThrower projectile and some lines for the glitch race when they pop.) There was no forum post for it I just stumbled upon it on the spreadsheet and people said it didn’t work. When I tried it it seemed fine so I’m guessing it was an issue with the mod that it was “bundled” with. I uploaded it here because I know a lot of people here also like popping and this didn’t seem to ever get any attention.

I also wrote my knowledge of the mod so people knew what they could do with it instead of needing to figure it out on their own.

I have found a way to make it work with Granular! As you get bigger there’s a mass increase for each stage, so when Granular added more stages the total mass increase changed. I made a modified version of granular that should let you finally pop past 900, but I replaced all the “extra” stages of fattening. I think that should be ok though for most people (also the names of the stages are wrong now)


Ok I obviously seem to want to make an update every time I make any progress at all, but I finally got it to work with Granular without needing to modify Granular, so this one’s huge. It was such a simple fix too, I just didn’t know how to read lua scripts and looked for the wrong thing.

What was wrong, if you're curious

Basically the mod searched for your level weight, which in the vanilla Big Fatties Mod goes up to 10 (including zero). But granular WG makes those levels range up to 20. So the popping mod only searched up to 10, and with granular, level 10 would be like the middle of a weight progression which is why you couldn’t pop past 900lbs.

The current download fixes capability with the original granular addon. Let me know if there’s any issues.


Not sure if you actually updated the download, as the popping still doesn’t happen if I don’t bring the limit down to 50% on the slider.

Do you have the updated download? The current one still has the 900 limit issue. Thanks!

@pornucopia @luckybot

It was the wrong version, my bad. Should be fixed now!

Yup the 900 weight limit has been fixed, thank you!

I know that this is kind of off topic but does Joliair know that you’re modifying his mod?

I doubt it, I couldn’t find him on the forum anywhere. But modifying it isn’t my intention (other than the granular fix) I just knew there wasn’t a topic for this mod and thought to post it here with what I learned was included in it.

That’s fair.

Also, I think Joliair is a user on the big fatties discord, and he never made an account on here so that’s probably why you couldn’t find him.

where do i downlaod the game?

Buy it on Steam during Holidays, you get a discount.

weird my character just resets back to normal when they pop i thought i meant death?