Cabaret WG & Inflation Management RPG Idea

The Cabaret WG & Inflation Management RPG Idea, or an alternative title ‘Round Town’ for the Cabaret/Game, is an idea I have spent 2 seconds on and have no idea how to make it. So im opening this up to any game dev who wants to try to make this, or take any ideas from this for their game(s).

The main premise is, your a Cabaret owner, who must operate a Cabaret, but manage your own weight and stress.

You both have an image of your character, and few stats so you can have information. If you overstress or eat to much all in one sitting you may end up causing your own death, but you could possibly pad it out over time and never need to worry.

As you do that, you must focus most your attention on the girls at the Cabaret, each having their own attributes of the following

Personality, body shape, weight, height, age, fullness, kink type, strechyness and status.

Girls range in their attributes, but only can have 4 types of kinks. Inflator, inflatee, feede, and feeder. So each one must match up with their customers.

Every girl has veritations in size as their weight increases, from slim to immobilized, and which will incress or decrease their fullness. The fatter they are, the more they can contain in their stomachs. But if you push the girl out to much for customers, and she is already full to the brim. She may pop.

If they do pop, there are two options. Fatal and non-fatal. Both cause the same issue but depends if the girl just lives. If non-fatal you must pay her hospital bills and she will quit. But if fatal, you must pay their family in compensation. Both will cause you to loose a girl, meaning you will have to find another. But if you want, popping can be turned off and kept off.

Food/stuffing will only change their weight, and if its higher they can fit more food, plus a bonus if they are a Feede, but they also have stretchyness. The more common they inflate, the more they will stretch, and have a bonus to that if an inflatee.

Customers will either want to feed/inflate the girls, or receive the same treatment. You cant control the customers, yet you can upgrade and change the Cabaret to influence who will come into the Cabaret. But if they want to be stuffed or inflated, then the girl must inflate or stuff them. Inflator/feeder girls have an extra bonus where when stuffing or Inflating customers, customers have zero chance of popping and will pay more than normal.

You also have to upgrade the girls with ‘bribes’, and as each one is given, a stat will go up. Some stats will change how girls act or just alter how they look. They cant effect how well they inflate or gain weight, but can change what happenes if they push them selfs closer to popping to make alot of extra money, or do special shows to make money.

You can also upgrade and change the Cabaret and your self. Buying better furniture or a better location, but also buying things to manage stress and weight that you or the girls can use.

Im not the best at typing stuff like this out but this is just a small idea I had.


I have a few ideas regarding the game. For example, a possible mechanic where the girls begin losing weight over a period of time unless they’re slim, kind of like in real life when people begin to lose weight with every day that passes, even with diet and exercise. Another idea involves two ways for the girls, and possibly customers to inflate or deflate (either the slow and calm way or the cartoonish way), being either through the mouth or through the butt. Lastly, the game should be released in, like, a .exe format for Windows users or a .apk format for Android users.


This has potential, the more This hounds sees the more impressed at what you guys come up with
It is only a lack of tools and time that inhibit quality

I lost my Gif format somewhere in the chaos of a 0.5 gb image folder, so… Sorry, but
Great interest


This sounds very similar to a game from one of the past game jams ClubFeedee


I was going to say the same as Skinny_Guy. This is basically just ClubFeedee with extra steps, perks, kinks, and limitations. That might be a place to start trying to build this, or it may be a motivation to try a different idea - depends on your perspective and attachment to the concept.

I will say that, on paper, I like the idea of ClubFeedee more (since there’s no popping or death to even have to turn off; I believe it was conceptualized and made by someone able to do the work and make/get the art assets; there’s an appealing narrative even to failing to make the club a success). That said, if this both gets off the ground and has as much put into it as it’s more ambitious, maybe it’ll be even better. Perhaps it will let you grow attached to the random employees (if you keep them successful, so they can stick around), and maybe the causes of success and failure will be even more transparent (and with less rushing to beat a clock). I’m interested to see if this goes anywhere.

Also, kind of hoping it takes a direction that could make it so you’re not punished for gaining (since that’s very feeder-audience-focused, and basically punishes audiences who like the idea of their character gaining), but maybe just requiring ways to work around it. Perhaps allowing the PC (and cabaret owner) to also take part as though an employee? It might also be neat to have ways to eventually make more of your success (instead of just a ‘you did it’ end screen), like being able to buy ways to open a new location (like a new game+, while still being able to go back to old locations that are now self-sufficient but still full of big characters you nurtured) or modifying employees to be able to do things that would break the game if you hadn’t already earned your victory (like having the inability to pop/get too full to continue). The latter-most idea is just my size bias coming in, even though I know having assets that show going to really massive sizes is a lot more work…