ClubFeedee- A Feede Caberet

Here’s my submission for the jam I based the concept off of the feeding bars I found out about in Osaka.

if things get too slow you can press D to speed things up and A to return it to normal.
Let me know what you all think and what would be cool to add if I continue with this train of thought.

Side note: its Best if you play in full screen or else the UI will flip out

Hope you enjoy JM.

thanks a lot for the input everyone for now What changes I made was add in a few extra things to do during the day for now patrons will ask for a few things will ask for one of tree things randomly during their stay and you can send girls away to get a bigger stomach.
I also cut the day by 10 and made it were if you reach the debt goal by the end of a day you win, made stress more effective to along with it actually cutting into the profits (overlooked that bit sorry).

lastly I agree with all of you based on the input, I based it off of the yakuza cabaret minigame and there was a few features that I wanted to do but couldn’t figure out how to do them but they are on the list

as of now what I plan for the future for this game is:

  1. Different patrons with different wants and needs
  2. buying more chairs and upgrading the club
  3. being able to interact and do other stuff with the girls
  4. more Seating events and problems to take care of
  5. and girl customization

also @Errornulll that’s an amazing Idea with being able to seat yourself! I look in to seeing how I can do that as soon as I can.

I’m also thinking of doing this in 3D and have you be able to switch from walk around to the full Club view. let me know on yeah or neigh with that

other than that I again say thank you all, JM


I don’t understand how you are supposed to play this. You can click on the baristas and then click on the feeders but nothing happens.

when the feeders sit down your suppose to click on the seat next to the, I’ll make a change to the code to make it clearer later today.

Some quick observations:
Before you start the day click on “Baristas” to open the list of girls (I thought this label applied to the pic on the left which is the owner I think). If you don’t open this you cannot place any girl (so why have it closed initially?).

Click on the tiny “Available” button - which is how you select a girl (it would be nice if anywhere on the girl’s description selected her). Hover the mouse over the seats to get an idea of where the selection box is: the central area is the crease of the seat between the first and second segment of the back cushion on the girls side - it highlights when you are over it. This is what you have to click on to place a girl.

Now begin the day and you should be in business!

I love the concept of the game, but there’s a lot of things that need work.

The couches are a HUGE pain to click on because only a tiny sliver near the center counts. You need to stretch that across the whole couch, and make sure the color changes to indicate you’re over the right spot, which it doesn’t always do right now. The barista ‘available’ buttons are also really tiny and hard to click on easily. It’d be better if the whole character panel lit up when you had it selected.

The numbers of what the girls gain don’t match up to the pictures at all. The sizes only look like around 300-500 pounds, but the numbers were up to 10,000 at the end.

Also, the self-gaining doesn’t factor into the game at all. I never gained 50 pounds on the owner the whole time and the portrait in the corner never changed.

The gameplay itself gets kind of tired after Day 10, since by then the girls have reached their max size and there’s not really much else to the game after that.


Is the $50k in the corner intended to be a goal? I surpassed it by a bit, and… Nothing really happened.

you have to hit 50k, and then hit day 30

In that case, there should probably be something to note that. I made $50k by day 13.

I really love the concept of this game, I really hope you work on this, it’s got a lot of potential. My suggestions are to polish up the art, as I love the design and would really like to see it finished, make it easier to get stressed, because right now it’s too easy to avoid it, and add some more in-between stages for a more gradual gain.

Maybe you could start a Patreon if your serious about improving the game?

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This is very cool! I like the concept and it’s fun to watch and keep up, but I would recommend a couple things:

  1. Make the hitboxes bigger! It is a bit of a headache trying to aim for them, especially combined with the 2nd point

  2. I played several game days before I realized I had more than three baristas! It’s tricky trying to drag the list up and down in a hurry, so I’d strongly recommend just making it show all at once. O.O

  3. On that tip, things would go much faster if I could select a barista with the number keys.

The music selection is great, by the way. The mood is very well set. :slight_smile:


I managed to get the player icon to change, but I had max out stress every day from day 12 on to see it

I like the idea and it’s fun for the first little but, but it kinda drags on trying to get to the end.
~the gameplay is repetitive and after the first few days it feels really samey and stale, maybe add in some more interactive elements with the help event or similar things
~There’s a bug/logic error where since stress only takes from the day’s profits, you can max out stress every day after reaching the 50k with no penalties
~It may be beneficial for you to shorten the length of the game, but maybe add a bit more between the days like interacting with the girls or something like that

Just a few things that might help you with this, because I wanna see it do well in this

Working on a second playthrough for testing, and another thought occurs:

  1. If the absolute fastest time in which you can possibly clear a level in double-time is 1¼ minutes and you must clear 30 levels to reach the ending, that means each game takes an absolute minimum of 37½ minutes. I dig a slow gain as much as the next guy, that’s a bit more investment than a game like this calls for, I think. By day 30, you’ve almost certainly reached a point where there’s nothing to accomplish but ticking down the days.
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I don’t Usually talk, but when I do feel like it, I want it to be worthwhile.

the premise alone is a common idea outside of the gaining community, but a nice one to find implemented in here somewhere. Even so, the overall work is surprisingly lackluster. Examples of this can vary from relatively easy win conditions to lackluster character punishment. Rather than rant on about flaws, why not speak about potential?
This simple, yet new game has three key mechanics that can be added to further “Flesh” out gameplay.

1. Club improvements
As obvious as it may seem, a way to modify the seating quantity and quality would be a phenomenal start. Even if it is as simple as adding a fifth seat, it would do wonders. This could also include things like a versatile menu, changing both fullness rate and feeding fees.

2. Pickier Customers
A mixture of customers who Just want whatever and others who prefer a certain body type would be quite interesting. Even something as simple as important guests who desire multiple girls would make awareness more important. Obviously, these pickier customers would also include impatient peons.

3. Self-service
Imagine a possibility where once per day, you could be the one to serve as a customer’s feedee. Or, imagine abusing the system and feed other people. Just imagine the possible sins.

Overall, Everyone would love to see this game improve. many things are possible for it, and I would love to see a game I can finally crunch down to simple numbers.


Is there a reason there’s no download button? This is what I’m seeing in my browser:

that’s weird I updated the game so there’s a new link in the OP to download let me know if it doesn’t work.


Great! Btw. Stacy’s Button is still small.

Edit: You can also apparently stack girls now. Get all of them on 1 couch.
Also, your stress level rises all the time now and pressing “More Time” just sets the counter to 10 instead of adding 10. (At least I think that’s what it was supposed to do)
And Vivi’s Image in her max-form seems to be scaled wrong, it appears to large.

Yep, still nothing. I’m trying to google a solution but I’m getting nothing.

EDIT: I got the .zip downloaded by changing the 0 at the end of the URL to a 1. What the fuck…you know, I don’t even wanna know.

I love the base concept here, being the (For lack of a better term) pimp of these girls as you fatten them up and try to repay the debt is a really novel concept that only pregmod for free cities has touched upon. My suggestion is definitely flesh out the character models and add more stages, hell, maybe make the feedee girls an upgrade system where they become so immobile that they become the couches, allowing bonus money as the billies feed the immobile couch girl as they wait to be attended. Please work on this after the game jam, this feeding bar concept needs to be fully explored. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I love this game!

Jess is bae :heart_eyes:

my only critique; there’s no saving feature, and it’s gonna be at least an hour to sit and get the money. So either saving needs to happen or the amount should be shorter. I really had fun playing I just can’t sit down for an hour to play it all in one sitting :sweat:

neat little game once it gets goin! Jess is my giiirl