call me curious yet again. how did you all hear about this place?

so how did you all come across this site? me personally i heard about it and decided to check it out and it so far it is a neat place.

For me it was pure, absolute coincidence. Was looking for WG games, stumbled across it referenced I don’t even remember where, and now here I am, lovin the site.


pretty much the same was looking for WG games and found this site

Been here since the beginning, I think.
I want to say I first got here when there was a mass-exodus like Inflatechan shutting down or something.

I found this site accidentally through Eat the Dungeon when it was being developed, a nice surprise considering I originally though DevianArt had the few weight gain games (more interactive but at least it was something).

Found the old version of the website while scouring for Weight Gain related games. Very lucky I found this place and I’m just thankful there’s a niche for this sort of thing.

I saw an ad on furaffinity for the last gamejam. good thing I actually read it

I found out about this place from a journal by Noone on FA.

When Cake-Catboy advertised it on her DA

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oh, I found about it when I was also looking for some weight gain games and stumbled upon that gamejam thingy that was done did like, sometime last year

If I remember correctly someone advertised it on bbwchan, I had blown through all the wg games I could find at the time so I was intrigued! :smiley:

I was wandering around for obscure games with weird mechanics, when all of a sudden I found Axlwisp’s Axugaem. Thought the mechanics and story was good, so I pondered the idea about weight as a mechanic in video games. two weeks later, this site became a thing, and I found an easier way to hunt down these games with strange mechanics.

I can’t remember for sure, but I’m all but certain I simply typed ‘weight gain games’ into Google and this was top of the list :slight_smile:


jerkajerk games :stuck_out_tongue:

I stumbed onto a video of a game cakehoarder(cakecatboy) made, and they mentioned this place.

I think I found WG when I was looking for games on DevianArt.

I stumbled on it when I made the place, and then again when I gave it to @grotlover2 and he made it better.


I think I just was randomly searching up games with weight gain in them and then found this place afterwards

I got here by a link I found on a site I go to.

I can’t remember how but I do think it started when I was looking for the Starbound bellies mod