can someone translate is game?

here the link:fanbox - Google Drive

Very…uh, descriptive thread. At least there was a little more info about Feeder Fantasy

Could you give Mtool a try? Support multilingual translation

After translating with mtool, it looks roughly like this:

(My native language is Chinese, the title is Chinese because I used mtool to translate it through ChatGPT)


The game is mentioned here in another thread. It’s by 4m4m__ the original post is on their Twitter. that links to their Pixiv for the download.

It also seems the game is no longer being developed which prompted the demo release.

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if can you post that in here?

Here’s what the Fanbox post says (Translated with DeepL): "Development Cancelation Notice and Trial Version
August 11th, 2023 01:32 / All users
About the obese RPG that had been announced

We would like to announce that we are discontinuing the development of the obesity RPG that we have been announcing for some time.

We are very sorry to all of you who had been expecting it.

There are three main reasons.

(1) My ability is low for the concept and hurdles of this work, and even if I were to complete it, the degree of completion would fall short of many people’s expectations.

(2) In light of my taste and environment, I felt that I should not continue to spend a huge amount of resources on game production in the future.

(3) I no longer see the appeal of my work.

If (1) were the only problem, I would have considered making the game to the end for my own personal education and for the sake of some people who would enjoy it to some extent,

However, because of reasons (2) and (3), I no longer feel that I want to continue making games, so I have decided to cancel the project for these reasons.

We are sorry that we have betrayed all of you who have supported us.
Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you very much.

About the trial version

Even after we decided to stop production, we have continued to work on this project, determined to upload this one without fail.

We received a lot of feedback, and we wondered whether we should charge for it or not, but we decided to make it free this time, and if people find it valuable, they can donate money to the project.

If you found it interesting, we would be happy to have you participate in the plan.

As you can see from the above, there are a lot of things I am not good at, but if you like it, please try to play.

*Please report any glitches or feedback to Marshmallow, DM me, or tweet me with #Guild & Dining."