Can't edit old posts?

Of the FM mod threads that still exist, I’ve noticed that the one mod I have up links to an outdated version. However, I can’t find any button that lets me edit the thread to update it, nor can I delete/close the thread in any obvious manner. I’m not too worried if I have to start a new thread, as the old one is still buried in 2016 posts, but it’s still frustrating.

Additionally, while the forum software says I can use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML in my posts, I’ve noticed that Markdown is strongly preferred, and the switch to whatever this new software is doesn’t seem to have converted or accepted the old BBCode, making anything with quotes or spoilers into a bit of a mess.

Markdown Bold
BBCode Bold
HTML bold

EDIT: So I can edit this post, and it looks like all three forms of formatting are working here. I’m gonna guess it’s just a quirk caused by importing old posts from SMF, although it’s weird that it acknowledges that I’m the author of a thread without letting me edit it.

@jimbobvii can you provide a link to the post you can not edit?

As for the BBCode, we have a plugin that brings most of the BBCode formatting back, but not all of it. Some of what SMF used was not in the standard BBCode to my understand so some posts will be broken like that. Also as you pointed out Markdown is the preferred way to format posts in discourse.

The post in question is here, although there are likely others. The share/flag/comment/reply buttons work as intended, but the edit button is nowhere to be found. Additionally, while I can delete my own comments within the thread, I cannot delete the thread itself, nor can I edit the comments.

Looks like there was a setting that prevented posts from being edited after a set time frame. I have changed it so you should be able to edit any posts regardless of the post’s age.

I impersonated your user to check and it looks like you can edit the post now. Let me know if there are any further issues.

Oh. Nice. You can edit posts at any time now.