Cant find one artist available... please help

As you have already seen me on the forum I am currently working on an MMO project, we are making good progress however, currently after hours of searching in vain, it is impossible for me to find an available graphic designer.
I’m looking for someone competent and in a manga style, it will be used for the busts and faces so the style must be well incorporated into the game.
This is unfortunately the point that delays us the most, do not hesitate if you know people who take commissions or you yourself are competent enough to offer your services.

Thanks for reading.


have you looked around on DA to see if anyone on there is willing to do the art?

Many times I don’t get an answer, or they tell me that they don’t take commissions anymore

There was an artist here offering help, though he’s been asked by many people already, so i don’t think they’re still available - Yo uhh.. I can draw shit for your projects.

Ah, I actually haven’t found any projects that have caught my interest yet XD
And the ones that did aren’t gonna be ready for development for a whiiiiiile lol

Oh you are here, you mean you are looking for a project that interests you?
For our part you can look on the project discord or the forum I try to keep updated, if you wish you can contact me directly on discord too if you want more information