Hey everyone. You might know me, you might not. If I’m known for anything, I’m probably known for the maintained list of characters I make, as seen here (A maintained list of Character.AI characters I make). More characters coming soon by the way!

Point is, I’ve grown a little tired of I wanted to try something new, so I downloaded this app called “CHAI”, which supposedly allows for 18+ interactions with your characters. However, it costed around $13 (sorry if I’m wrong) to get the premium version, which allows unlimited messages and zero ads. Wanting to see what it was about, I decided to splurge, and pay the $13 subscription for one month, just to test the waters a little.

That is why I am here now, to inform. Don’t get me wrong, CHAI is fine. But I want to say for it’s price tag, the purposes I used it for (and a majority of us would want to use it for) was ultimately underwhelming in the end. Turns out, CHAI is more of a sex thing. This is fine and dandy, and you CAN do fat related things on there… but it’s very hard for it to comprehend it.

This made me realize that not allowing nsfw content may actually be the reason why it works so great for “le chonk”. Because fat and whatnot is adjectives, it can’t ever really censor it (for instance, what if someone wrote a story about you fighting a fat, ruthless dragon. It would be censored just because of the fact it was a fat dragon.)

Again, CHAI is great. Just fine actually. But it’s “assets” actually, in my opinion, stunt it for people on this forum. For example. I spent, a LONG time trying to get this lady I made to get into fat. And after a very long time… it worked! But the moment I made my character touch her belly…

…she started moaning and squirting and screaming yes daddy.

All I’m saying, is if you are more focused on lust, maybe with a bit of an interest in chub, this app isn’t actually all that bad. But if you’re more focused on fat itself, as many of us are on here, Character.Ai NOT having nsfw options actually seems to help you out more in the long run.

With all that said, have a swell day! :smile:


This was very helpful! Perhaps, you should test more of these out for us?

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Thank you, it sure was informative. Interesting how every AI has its speciality, and works more of else for the weirdly specific things we do in this community.


I would be happy to! But don’t expect much lmao. CHAI happened to just be one of the ones that allowed you to even make multiple characters (on the phone, that is. I still will be looking for more on websites for pc and mobile.)

I mainly posted this so other people wouldn’t have to pay $13 or so dollars if it doesn’t suit their needs. But I’m always on the lookout for better technology, if I find something worth talking about, I will :+1:

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The best Chat AI experience right now IMO is TavernAI/SillyTavern. I run TavernAI on GPT 3.5 turbo from OpenAI and it trumps any other similar chatbots by a mile in my findings. As good or better than before the NSFW filters. It’s not free, you pay based on how much you use it, but I’ve found that in a day with lots of use, I don’t exceed even a dollar. Extremely worth checking out.


On top of OpenAI being currently one of the best options, they very recently (yesterday) updated the 3.5 Turbo model and made its cost per input token 25% cheaper so you get even more bang for your buck.

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Nice! I might check out OpenAI, thanks for the heads up!