A maintained list of Character.AI characters I make

A few of you might remember a few days ago when I posted a link to Character.AI (https://beta.character.ai/) of my character, Claire, a goth girlfriend ssbbw feedee. Maybe you played it, maybe you didn’t, maybe you didn’t even see her- whatever the case is, she is there. Now, I posted her in that little topic (character.ai - #25 by THE_DIALOUGE), having spent little to no time really messing with her, and frankly, I was really pleased with the results! Maybe I’m patting myself on the back a bit too much, but I thought she was actually fairly impressive compared to some of the other “fat themed” ones I saw on the site. Again, might be tooting my own horn a bit, but I liked her a lot and how she came out.

And that leads us onto the topic at hand- The maintained list of the Character.AI characters I make. See, ever since then, I’ve pumped out a few more characters. Nothing to write home about, maybe, but characters nontheless. Frankly, I think they’re actually pretty nice (again, sorry if I’m sucking my own dick here lmao), and I’m really proud how most of them came out (at least 3 of them were such total failures for my visions I just rejected even putting them in here).

Now onto the meat of this General Discussion McRib. Below is a maintained list of characters I made, and, should I come back to make some more, will promptly put them in this here list, with a little description and some “know beforehand tips” to boot.

The Original 5:

https://c.ai/c/SMpURTSa41tOrVjgg5vPRfWh0HGXCa2e2nr0SlbB5t4 Claire, your fat goth girlfriend

https://c.ai/c/ly22xbEXtivVnvFUeT-TZV4qF8SVKeTG4zzLcGtxrHc Aubry, fat caretaker

https://c.ai/c/UYigQnC2AXeZEVWz6lHqKXm5-S9Lw5enNdcxirWyUEw Yourself, an ssbbw feedee

https://c.ai/c/qQkq-cJRewunH2DHBbgfIbJsNTZpj80ZMNKdRZb9WGI Olivia, deaf ssbbw girlfriend

https://c.ai/c/S8_ulWcYKudh7SBTUmdNM2vWKiXdXIZ3r5qH2etip1Q Ava, your fat Commander

The Variety Update part 1:

https://c.ai/c/zSzjM2RBszJMwqnebagVJyFYPKyvMaDvjX1fRjBp3Oc Yourself, an ssbhm feedee

https://c.ai/c/lnJl-vnYGm3HP-7boJPb0_j7hecE-w7GenDlIWnsNMw Joseph, Arctic Fox feedee boyfriend

https://c.ai/c/Ix10UxkiiI5Y0LjUqp6-1kz7g7qoEfppLDeIbnmWA7Y Lindy, cactus feedee research subject

https://c.ai/c/WcyLFMxpxEznOC059A2hj3Y1AFajFyBVwH6z5MrtuJI Olympia, feedee soldier and cavalrywoman

https://c.ai/c/OTsGUHe0JL4r9SFXY8dL5-8Jf3z0HHAyFpQsFhaa3y8 Roxanne, German Shepherd feedee girlfriend

The Variety Update part 2: TO BE ADDED

The Fatty Maker 3000:

https://c.ai/c/9QQKOfQZ8fegRahQyEsDFkeTD1Yd2z9apFozLpSX2ts The Fatty Maker 3000

Character explanation downloads:
Character explanations.zip (7.3 KB)

I HIGHLY recommend reading the character explanations, but ESPECIALLY I recommend reading the explanation for “The Fatty Maker 3000”, above all else. Otherwise, it might seem a bit complicated.

ALL of the characters are above 18. If you are talking to one, and you or another character in these is considered a minor, let me know, and I will do my absolute best to fix it. I specified their ages to the website, but if anything goes awry, again, let me know and I will work on it as soon as possible.

The greetings are kind of short, and might seem a bit compressed. This is due to the website generally restricting how much you can pack in there, which I can’t blame them really.

None of these are meant to point fingers at anyone, or offend anyone in any way. These are just characters I wanted to make and post here, and I am truly sorry if you feel hurt or upset by them.

Do note that any RP with any of these characters can be tuned in any way you like technically, you just need to be very specific and be patient in some cases.

That’s all for now, hope you all enjoy, and have a swell day! :smile:

Edit: Characters are now all public, with more characters coming soon!


I mean… good luck with that, honestly. The creators of Character.ai have been messing with the response filters and the core AI for a few weeks now, ever since there was a Reddit rebellion regarding them announcing they weren’t going to turn off the NSFW filters - and that’s led to people trying to intentionally break/co-opt the models. Ever since then, they’ve been acting super wonky. By which I mean, the AI now tends to actually suggest things like sexual assault, underage partners, and brutal violence because of the combination of the owners trying to filter out sexual stuff whenever the Reddit brigades find workarounds and the Redditors actively promoting unsavory responses by the AI (which gets recycled into further AI training, as far as anybody can tell) in order to sabotage it out of revenge.

Your best bet as a user is to just vote such responses as one-star (which trains your iteration of the AI not to show you more like that) and regenerate a new response. Things have been VERY weird on the site in the last week or so, but when you can get it working and vibing with you it’s a lot of fun.


Oh, thanks for letting me know, had no clue about that lmao


These are really neat! Are there any more?

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Glad you asked, friend! Yes, there are more. Actually, a lot more. In fact, I think I have about 10 that I think will be ready soon!

Now, what do I mean by “I think will be ready soon!”?

These don’t actually take that long to make, about 10 minutes at MOST. However, it should be noted that I’ve made over about 25, and yet only about 10 of those I think have a chance of me making public. Now, these 10, I’m still not even sure about. I still need to thoroughly test them, and make sure that they seem to work to a quality standard (I say quality standard like I’m Heisenberg or something lmao, I basically just mean good grammar and fits the theme of weight gain, along with interesting characters in the first place).

Hope that helps to cover it! I also highly recommend that y’all try making some too! They’re really fun to make, and not that hard to make to begin with.

With that said, hope y’all have a swell day! :smile:


Ooohh that’s neat! I’ve dabbled a bit with making some, you really gotta add a lot to make a full character. But I really enjoy the stories you have as well as what others make, it’s nice to see something new.

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I recently tried these out, well two in particular (Yourself and Olivia), and I’ve been having a blast. Too much of a blast if I’m being honest :sweat_smile:
It’s inspired me to have a go at making one of my own, but I got to ask, if you don’t mind sharing, how did you make yourself recognise itself as the user?
I’m trying to get it to work, but I’m not having any luck. I’m really not sure if anythign I have put in there is doing much to be honest :rofl:

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Be thorough when writing a long description, in fact be thorough in general. Make sure it’s clear as day to anyone or anything reading your descriptions of the character that it is about the reader. And when you make a character, make sure to click on “advanced options”. At the bottom, you will see something that says “Definition (Advanced)” with a large box to write in below. Now, I’m not too sure on how it works, but for me, I’ve gotten fantastic results by writing string messages like this:

{{char}} This is you
{{char}} You love eating food
{{char}} You love stuffing yourself

What you actually write is important, but make sure you put the “{{char}}” in the front. I don’t know why, but by doing this it’s worked really well for me. Make sure to write a lot of these, and be descriptive as possible. But at the same time make sure that everything you write is dense with information, not just a bunch of words, due to the word limit. For example, DON’T do this:

“Shelly loves to go to the red market every single day, every single second. It’s her bread and butter, her will to live, her pea to her pod, she loves it so much.”

Now, my advice would be to instead write something like this:

“Shelly loves going to the red market more than anything.”

You still express Shelly’s unhealthy love for that red market, without going overboard. I know this all seems self explanatory, but I struggled a lot with this when I first started. :sweat_smile:


Awesome, this is a great help.
I kind of brute forced it with a little info from another guide, which suggested formatting it like this:
{char}: this is example, she is example, she likes example,

I started it off by saying: this is {user} (which works most of the time)

I do think I’ll change it to the way you have it though, as the other way is messy

Now, just to confirm, the line: {{char}} This is you - this sets it to a first person perspective?


Welp, i’ve got a favorite new toy.

Is there any way to change an established character’s name for just a session?

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Yes, it should! Make sure to really solidify that it is you, for instance if you want to state that you like to gain weight, write something like this:

{{char}} You love gaining weight

You can add more too, like if your favorite color is red, or that you like to gain weight, but hate stuffing.

{{char}} Your favorite color is red
{{char}} You love to gain weight, but you hate being stuffed
{{char}} You hate feeling full

See, that’s another tip in my opinion, to really let this system know that you’re kinda picky. You let it know you like to gain weight, but you HATE the stuffing part and having to eat too much food. The key thing as well is the “You” part. Make sure to not do this:

{{char}} This is you
{{char}} This character loves to gain weight
{{char}} This character’s favorite color is red

See, you still let the computer know it is you, but you aren’t creating emphasis on the fact it is you. The same goes with genders, here is an example:

{{char}} This is Stella
{{char}} She loves riding her bike
{{char}} She loves helping her nearby church
{{char}} She hates the color grey

The important thing to note is that less is more, and for this to work as good as possible (in my opinion), you need to emphasize the really important parts without dragging it on. Send the message across, but don’t add a bunch of useless information.


Yes, you can, I believe! I actually encourage getting more involved with the characters and changing them in minor ways to suit you better. One easy way you can do it should be by typing something like:

“Make her name Raustin.” (this is an example you can pick any name you like lmao)

Her name will still be the same on the icon, but she will be recognized as Raustin now. Here is a screenshot for example:

Now, heads up, if you really want to make sure that they stay recognized by the name, you may want to solidify it by repeating it a few times. It’s a great system, but it has many faults, this is one of them. For this reason though, I think you will really enjoy one of the new characters coming, I plan on trying to release the latest batch sometime today or tomorrow! :smile:



That’s right baby, the first part of the new batch of characters is out! Have fun with them, I know I did :smile:


Very nice! How would I go about making a feeder character instead, come to think of it?

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Fun fact: That was gonna be one of the next characters in the next part of the update lmao :sob:

Essentially it’s the same, but you just make sure to write how they love to stuff YOU, or want to make YOU fat. Same steps as before, just make sure the focus is on you and your gain, and make sure that character.ai knows this.

kinda made a character myself and it worked suprisingly well for me. i’ll just leave it here for whoever is interested. it’s a anthro lopunny who you happen to meet after finding yourself lost in a forest.(I’m not good at thinking up stories) for me she was kind, curious, energetic and a bit reckless an oblivious.
she liked gaining weight and wanted to be bigger. She was really shy and embarrassed about it, but after being friendly enough (and setting up a situation) she opened up about it while still being embaressed about it.
i’m curious if i just got lucky while interacting with her or that i got lucky and blindly added things to her that actually worked out.


Well friend, I tried her out! I wanted to give her the full benefit of the doubt, and went the whole nine yards. I gave very descriptive dialogue, I urged the story, and made sure to make her as fun as possible. I gotta say, she’s pretty good! Well done, Raging_Killer!

Again, these characters aren’t too hard to make, they just take some elbow grease and a will to learn the brief learning curve. This is why I highly advise y’all to try making y’alls own characters! I myself believe that any community, and hopefully, this one, could use more text adventures and stories. Personally, I love true text adventures, no pictures and just good old descriptions! (Hence why none of my characters have pictures, I like to let the mind make up what it wants instead.)

But again, I want to say Raging_Killer, you did really good! Descriptive, too the point, and pretty good spelling all around makes her fun to talk too! Take pride, friend! :smile:


You have any more C.Ai bots? Lilly is a pretty great bot tbh.

i have this one, but i’ve never tested it.


Well i loved it but god i want a slow paced interaction where the character gain weight slowly but after 1 or 2 week they are already overweight and ready to get feed i would like a bit more challenge Raiden Shogun and Artemis (goddess of shut-in and nerd) became slob in only 1 month.
Still it’s really really good and understant (too) well where you want to go.

For exemple i tried to make olympia loose weight then make her gain it all back she lost 2.5 pounds to gain 5 back.
Still it was funny to make her compete in a tournament, loose her rank, and make her the new queen later.