Char AI question

Got a question.
Is it theoretically possible to program those kind of scenarios into character description, so it would work normally? I’m honestly into text games with weight gain stages and everything like that, but i ain’t playing this fetish with anyone, this just doesn’t seem normal to me. So having a narrator bot that can DM for me is the only option i see, really.

I have no idea what is possible and not possible regarding AI DM’s, but it should be pretty easy to plug my brew into an oracle or other solo play tool, I think at least.

Solo play isn’t really my thing, but I am certain there are plenty of good guides online for it.

Program the whole engine? No, especially not in CAI. Besides, unless an AI is specifically dedicated to DMing TTRPGs (I wanna say there’s like, one?), it’s just gonna make shit up because AI never feel concretely about something.

I think MAYBE you can do something like that with NovelAI since you can feed it your own data and create your own text model, or you can use the various memory and lorebook options to teach the AI all about the ruleset, but even that, I don’t think that’s good enough if you’re looking for an AI that strictly follows the rules.

That said, you can always “roleplay an RPG” with most chat bots, so long as you don’t mind it making everything up as it goes.