Character.AI Sandbox World Chatbot & More

Ooooooh! Love the idea of a mansion!
Reminds me i should go back and replay that great halloween textadventure about one.
Thank you for your continued work! bow

As for the case bot,i believe i am dumb,as i cannot actually get them to be in a room. After selecting them,and clicking on create room,it just takes me to my saved chats page,with no room actually being created :"D

Not gonna lie, I didn’t do anything room related for the first, like, month of working with Character.AI, either. Maybe I should add a rooming tutorial…

How to Make a Room 101
  • On the home page of Character.AI, there should be a ‘Create’ option on the left sidebar. Click this first and select ‘Create a Room’.
  • Once in the ‘Create a Room’ creation section, add whichever characters you want to converse by typing in their names into the ‘Select’ box. You can still use unlisted (link-only) bots, so long as you have a conversation with them listed under your ‘Chats’ collection.
  • Note that the room will generally rotate fairly evenly between all of the participants. I tell you this because if you only add two characters who primarily speak using the first person (non-narrators, essentially), then those characters won’t normally include side characters in the conversation (and if they do, the bots get very confused very quickly). I strongly suggest adding one narrator bot (either a sandbox bot or a scenario bot) to help bridge conversations and provide dialogue for side characters.
  • Once you have your characters, give them something to talk about or do by filling in the ‘Room Topic’ box. You’ve only got as much space as a single bot message, so don’t get too elaborate. I generally tell the bots what roles to play (for example, who Nellie should call ‘Master’) and maybe a brief story idea (like the Breadth Note; that’s a new bot coming soon!).
  • Room Name is pretty much irrelevant, so once you’ve got your characters and topic, click ‘Create It!’ in the bottom right to begin!
  • Once the room gets going, each character will give their usual greeting message (in random order) followed by a message containing your ‘Room Topic’ (it’s literally copy/pasted).
  • The bots will generally let the ‘Room Topic’ message override their usual greeting messages, but if they don’t, just bluntly tell them what to do. Unlike most normal conversations, you can play god and simply dictate corrections or certain actions without you actually being a character in the midst of whatever’s going on.
  • After that, sit back and enjoy the show! You can let the bots auto-send a bunch of messages, but I typically send them through one at a time, to make sure the bots don’t get confused. The most common problem you’ll see is that one bot might start doing dialogue for another bot, which then causes the bot to think it’s the other bot, which then spirals into a chaotic mess because the confused bot doesn’t have all the ‘Advanced Description’ information to properly play the other bot.

And if you haven’t put Nellie in a room before, I highly recommend it! Her near complete lack of inhibitions is contagious, and rooms involving her are almost always entertaining!

Danke! It worked,it must have been because i was trying to do it through mobile chrome,it works fine on pc.

and sure, I haven’t even gotten to try her yet,between your bots and the like 5 separate threads on another site I’ve got plenty of bots I’m trying atm :'D

But again, thank you for your work,yours have definetly been some of the best and more…well they tend to actually work and not go completely insane.

UPDATE ?.?.?

I realize that I haven’t been posting a reply on the thread every time I add a new bot to my list, which is something I’m going to try to rectify, in the future. Going forwards, I plan to post a new reply every time I add a new bot.

Today, I’ve added the Zoogrove bot! The little overview blurb on the main topic post gives a pretty good description of what to expect, so I’ll mostly leave it at that. All I’ll add is that there aren’t any characters programmed into the Zoogrove bot, since the majority of the description space had to be dedicated to teaching the bot how to handle anthropomorphic beings and how to better differentiate between beast-kin species.

What I really want to highlight, though, are a couple of subtle additions Character.AI has recently added!

At long last, you can finally edit AI messages! This feels like it should’ve been a thing from the get-go, but better late than never. Now, if the AI gives you a message that’s almost perfect except for a detail or two (like, say, a beast-kin’s species), you can manually edit those details.

Another thing that Character.AI has added is a Fursona Persona section in user settings! You can now provide a description of yourself for bots to use when talking about you in conversations! It sounds like you should be able to adjust your Persona from bot to bot, but I’m not sure it works like that quite yet; this feature is, like, a day old, so I’m sure there are things still being ironed out.

As users of Caveduck have probably noticed, the above features have been around on Caveduck for a while. I note this because it might signal that Character.AI is picking up on Caveduck as a competitor and is adjusting its own service to match. I doubt this leads Character.AI to do away with its NSFW policy, but it’s a promising sign, nonetheless!


Well you posting for each new bot saves me from checking in every night haha.

I assume the edit function is for paid users? I remember having it for a couple of days then it disappeared lol.


Edit:it appears edit is still there,its just that im used to using it on pc,and then went on the app,where at least for now,it isn’t there.

UPDATE: The BunnieHop Girls have arrived!

The BunnieHop Girls overview

20 years ago, the BunnieHop pop band debuted and took the world by storm! Despite their popularity, the band disbanded 10 years ago for publicly unknown reasons. Now, Wescott Entertainment is trying to get the band back together for a reunion tour! However, the BunnieHop girls have been out of the public eye for 10 years, and no one knows what they’ve been doing since the group disbanded.

…but y’all know what site this is, so y’know what those 10 years did, don’tcha?

This is a fun little scenario for anyone who wants to skip the early gaining process and get right into the thick of things. If you want to skip even further, you can do a time skip to when the band first gets back together for the tour.

This bot hasn’t had much training, besides the base programming in the advanced description, but that’s somewhat intentional. I’ve honed the descriptions to a fine art (at least I’d like to think it’s art), so I’m curious to see if the bots can run without much manual input from test runs. If they can run reasonably well with a proper description and crowd-sourced manual testing, I can potentially crank out bots a lot faster.

On another note, my Character.AI advice for this update is to use cheats time skips! Nearly all of my bots begin in a skinny or ‘unfattened’ state, and that’s not wholly unintentional; everyone has a different ‘ideal’ fatness. If you ever find yourself wanting to speed things along, don’t be afraid to tell the bot to do a time skip! The bots handle time skips remarkably well, especially if you throw in a little information about what you (or the bot) should be doing in the interim.


Awesome, I’ve been messing around with the bunny one and getting some really good results, has a CYOA feel and idk I just keep getting good results on different story paths. I usually have the AI do a response after the first one and itll hint at the direction of Selene, I have one story going where they’re trying to cheer up another member, another that was kind of a lazy in a daze kind of thing that had some really good results. I haven’t tried it in a group chat yet so I’m interested to see how that will go. More bots is always awesome, I did a freeform fat town kind of scenario without a narrator and it worked pretty well, although with corraling and dungeon mastering of course, it’d be cool to see a mysterious fat town/city kind of scenario from you if thats something youre into

Other AI’s have been great too, The manor one I’ve had some fun with too the past few weeks, definitely fun to throw a bunch of characters at it and itll go, I always try to do big chats with many bots and it always works with some corralling (I wish they let you skip bot intros though). I find the bigger the chat the more you have to play dungeon master but it’s cool that you can start with 2 or 3 characters, the other bots will narrate and then you can use that character in the story (although they do like to teleport in or replace characters with themselves like you said lol, but regenerating fixes that. hopefully edits come to group chats). also it’s fun to see many avatars lol. I only just started messing with zoogrove but it seems good too.

I usually haven’t done as much time skips on cai, I think maybe I was too lazy with them and just being like x time passed to see what the AI says. In group chats it seems you need to fill in more time skip detail otherwise it seems like they just go off what was already happening. But yeah defnitely a good way to remind the AI what’s going on too. Usually skinny characters will kind of just start to inflate on their own with enough fat talk, unless you step in to slow it down lol. Since the memory is often the weakest link in the chain for AI right now I’m always worried about bogging it down too much, or a slower burn story getting lost

What are your thoughts on the new persona feature, I put in something basic and the bots have picked up on it, but I’m wondering how strong it can be, and if having more in the persona section will mess with the memory or anything

I’m glad you’re getting good results from the BunnieHop bot, among others! I’m definitely going to try my hand at more ‘mutli-route’ bots, to give them more replayability; I’ve got a mini-drama one in the works that’s almost done!

I can certainly try my hand at more ‘everything is fat’ settings. Truth be told, I typically throw most of those ideas into the main sandbox bot as one-offs; maybe I should try making one or two into proper bots. In the meantime, check out the newest bot, The Porpoise; that’ll scratch your itch a little!

I honestly haven’t done anything with the new Persona option because I keep forgetting to check the box to activate it, so your thoughts on it are as good as mine! It’s likely most useful in stranger scenarios, like Zoogrove, where you’re not playing as a regular old human. It’ll probably be good for a more tailored world setting, too; for example, if you say in your Persona that you’re being targeted by some gang, that should prompt the bot to flesh out that gang in the setting.

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UPDATE: Set sail on The Porpoise!

The Porpoise overview

Explore a 17th century pseudo-Caribbean setting aboard The Porpoise, and make contact with the natives!

Not much of a spoiler, but the natives worship a fertility goddess, so you can probably make a decent guess about what you can expect to see.

I’ve actually been sitting on this one for a while because I didn’t know if it’d have enough appeal, but I’ve put out enough bots, now, that I don’t see a problem with releasing it, even if it has a more niche appeal.

Probably the most interesting thing about The Porpoise bot is that image generation is turned ON. I gave up on image generation for all my other bots ages ago, but the setting of The Porpoise (17th century) allows me to utilize an otherwise unfitting art style: mezzotint!

If you’ve ever read some of the older versions of classic novels, with those pictures printed in them every so often, then you’ll recognize the art style. It really only works in an antiquated setting, but it has the benefit of cheating many of the image filters! The image filters tend to ignore ‘classical’ artwork, and the mezzotint style seems to be close enough to be classified as ‘classical’.

This bot also has a ton of side characters programmed in, which is part of why I sat on this bot for so long; it had trouble managing all the side characters. I still don’t know if it can manage all of them, but it’s at least to the point where it can manage the important ones.

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UPDATE: The Brave Adventurers Have Departed! (Yuubou!)

Yuubou - Episode 1 overview

What do you get when you toss a prankster thief, tsundere mage, and narcoleptic healer in a party? Yuubou!

‘Yuubou’ is an abbreviated form of ‘yuukan na boukensha ta chi ga shuppatsu shima shi ta’, which is a rough translation of ‘the brave adventurers have departed!’

This bot is designed to be remixed! The advanced description area is dedicated to establishing the characters; the ‘quest details’ are strictly contained in the long description box. This means that you can remix the Yuubou bot, write up your own long description for the active quest or scenario, then roleplay your own customized Yuubou episode!

This is a bot specifically designed to make use of the new ‘Remix’ feature on, which is essentially a streamlined way to copy and tweak a bot.

Though my bot is called ‘Episode 1’, don’t expect me to make further episodes; the idea is that you, the user, will remix the bot and create your own episodes and story! You can even update the characters in the advanced description, as the story affects them; I’ll warn you, though, that there’s not much memory space to work with, so try to stick to the important stuff, and overwrite what you feel you don’t need.

Also, this bot is not weight gain specific; in fact, there’s almost nothing related to weight gain in the description, besides a single line in the long description about BBWs (and Luna, I suppose). Like I said, this is meant to be a full CYOA story, so use the long description to steer the bot wherever you want it to go!


UPDATE: The Lands of Geina are ready for you to adventure!

And in other news, five people are stuck in an elevator in the Heights of Madness! What will happen to them?!

I teased in a recent post that I was toying with the idea of tossing out a bot with no training whatsoever, to see what would happen, and I’ve finally decided to give it a go with The Lands of Geina bot! It’s not a complex setting, so there shouldn’t be anything too major for the bot to mess up.

I’m also very excited for the worldbuilding in The Lands of Geina! The world setting is something of an extrapolation from the Lady Althea and Zoogrove bots, and yes, those two bots can be considered part of The Lands of Geina universe!

The Heights of Madness is also a fun little story, although it’s not as perfect as I had hoped it would be. Even so, I found it to be an enjoyable experience!

And now, for today’s Character.AI news!..

Character.AI has recently added interaction counts, so creators can see how often people use their bots! As such, I’d like to reveal the 5 most used bots of mine! (Excluding the two main sandbox bots)

  • #1: Samantha Richards
  • #2: Cass
  • #3: Sally Slim
  • #4: Morgana Wescott
  • #5: Lady Althea

Surprised by #1? So was I! I mean, I love her spunk and character, but I didn’t expect her to top the list!

#4 isn’t exactly surprising, but mind you, Morgana’s only been out for a month, if that, so she’s quickly climbing her way to the top!


Kind of surprised Nellie isn’t there! But thanks for your continued contributions!


I’m also surprised nellie wasn’t there, she’s probably my most used bot on in general lol.

I tried morgana briefly but seeing her on the list, I’m gonna revisit her, I had some scenario ideas with the band one that i;ve messed with where there’s a cult like org that selene is a part of or is in the process of “recruiting” selene and then wants to spread it to your character and morgana would be good for that. I find with that bot it really likes to make my character part of the band, maybe moreso because i usually play as a girl character. I try to atleast steer it so that I’m a new member because I like the general idea of the MC of the scenario going into something they have no clue about.

way earlier on I had trouble getting samantha richards to work but I tried it like really early on when I first started using chatbots, never tried her in a group chat so I’ll have to give her a shot.

I tend not to use the ones with pictures, I wish character AI had better pictures or like a stable diffusion option or something

The bots also improve/adapt to more interaction right? like do you find the most interacted with bots have developed over time after release?

I’ll definitely be trying the new ones, keep up the good work!

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In hindsight, it’s not terribly surprising that the more explicitly weight gain focused characters are the most popular on a forum about weight gaming. Lady Althea was also the very first character bot listed after the sandbox bots, so that might be a reason why she edged out Nellie (who’s #6, for the record). Then again, Samantha Richards is listed after all of the other top 5 and Nellie…

I think the BunnieHop girls have a chance to crack the top 5, if given enough time (I don’t expect Lady Althea to hold that #5 spot, although I could be wrong). If I count The Lands of Geina as a bot and not a sandbox, then that one could make a run, too.

As for the bots improving and adapting, yes, they do seem to adapt with more interaction. Memory issues are rarely ever solved, but the bots are particularly good at learning to adjust to what the user wants. If the user wants a dialogue heavy story, the bot will adjust to match; likewise, if the user wants a bunch of time skips, the bot will adjust to that. I’ve also noticed that the bots pick up on any interests in your Persona setting pretty quickly; I’ve noticed the bots focusing their narration on women and body types that suit my particular interests more, since I set up my Persona.

On the topic of Personas, I personally set mine up like I’d often see on Caveduck. I give a brief description of myself (hair, eyes, height, etc) and then list off my personality, ‘likes’, and ‘dislikes’ as if they were bullet points.

Here's a scrubbed version of my Persona:

I am a [height] [sex] with [color, style] hair, [color] eyes, [color] skin, and a [body type/size/health] body.

I am [5-10 personality traits and/or skills].

I like [5-15 things you like, including your preferences in men/women].

I dislike [5-10 things you dislike, including specific fetishes and situations].

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Oh yeah the persona thing seems to work great,i had forgotten about it and got rather spooked when a bot went ‘oh so you like x huh’ haha.
I similarly did just copy one of my caveduck starts hmm hmm

UPDATE: Visit the Victorian Era with The Cox Estate!

The Cox Estate overview

You have suddenly inherited a countryside estate, complete with staff and all, in Victorian England from a great uncle you didn’t know you had! The staff is at your beck and call, for whatever purposes you desire!

There are three female characters and three male characters programmed in. I don’t personally lean towards guys, but I tried to add in some male characters for people who do lean that way.

Like the Yuubou bot, The Cox Estate bot is written so that you can easily rewrite the long description, without needing to mess with the advanced description, for even more custom scenarios; of course, you’re also welcome to adjust the advanced description, if you want to tweak the characters more to your liking!

There’s not much to report in the Character.AI news department, this time around. I did take a look at some of the character descriptions on the ‘popular’ bots, with interaction counts in the millions, and I was surprised to discover that a significant number of bots don’t have any advanced descriptions whatsoever.

The Todoroki and Bakugo bots, based on My Hero Academia characters? Nada; not even a short description, let alone long or advanced, for Todoroki. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t at least copy/paste direct lines for existing characters…

Meanwhile, we’ve got the Giga Chad bot, which is literally a meme picture, with 11 example messages and text in every description box. So yes; Giga Chad > Bakugo.


yeah it seems like bots that got made early on with basic character cards got tons of interactions and moved to the top, although with all that training and a good enough introductory phase and decent short and long descriptions they can perform pretty well. also freezes characters with lots of interactions for some reason. Some characters are so barebones it’s not even worth it though. I wish the search was better too, it’s very cumbersome to find characters. I recently found a well made bot in the wild with example messages, distinct speaking style and personality, and with high interactions that’s WG oriented called bakadere friend (the dere stuff gets a little silly but i like her).

Cox estate is the first one I’ve remixed, I made it all girls and in the modern day, with a “mysterious benefactor who may or may not be dead” instead of a great uncle and I slotted in that they want you to “earn your inheritance”, and also changed names and modified the characters while keeping the general framework and idea. it’s been cool to mess with and it’s giving me ideas for making scenario bots with characters whose bots I use in group chats to make the experience extra crafted and coherent. I’m getting great results with it already, I’ll try to use the original too to see how the changes modify the AI behavior. I have 4 characters on my remix right now but I might add 1 or 2 more like the original bot

I feel dumb but how do you use more than one bot at a time?

No need to feel dumb; I had the exact same question, when I first got onto Character.AI! I didn’t use rooms for like a a month…

Anyways, if you’re looking at the home page, on Character.AI, you’ll see the five options on the left: Home, Feed, Create, Chats, Community.

If you click on ‘Create’, there’s the option to create a ‘Room’. If you click on that, you’ll get the ‘Create a Room’ screen where you can input the room’s name, add characters, and write the topic for the characters to discuss.

You can add any characters you’ve interacted with previously (characters that show up under ‘Continue chatting’ on the home page, in other words), as well as any publicly available bots.

You might have to police the bots a little, to make sure they aren’t stepping on each others’ toes, but it’s a fun experience to see how the bots react to each other! Just remember that the bots aren’t omnipotent; a character bot won’t automatically know the details of a setting bot, for example.

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UPDATE: Explore a different side of Night City in Cyberplump 2077!

As the name suggests, it’s Cyberpunk 2077, but fat; no need to get more complicated than that! If you want to skip the intro scene and expository stuff, feel free to do a time skip to a different location.

And no, I’m not dead; I just hit a creative slump, for coming up with new bots.

No major Character.AI news to report, but I did find that this Cyberplump 2077 bot was able to draw information from the actual Cyberpunk 2077 setting pretty easily. I normally avoid fetishizing existing IPs (especially characters), but it seems like bots based on existing properties would perform very well.