Character.AI Sandbox World Chatbot & More

Experimental testing with Yodayo:

  • Yuubou! The Brave Adventurers Have Departed!
Yuubou! overview

This is largely a copy/paste of the characters from my original Yuubou bot on Character.AI (scroll down the list to see the original bot). The BIG difference, between the Character.AI bot and the Yodayo bot, is that I was able to program some semblance of ecchiness into the Yodayo bot.

The current visual is just a placeholder, but the actual bot seems promising. I strongly recommend that you read the Author’s Notes section in the bot preview on Yodayo, in order for the bot to operate at its best.

Wynna (Hero?) overview

Wynna, the legendary heroine of destiny, was within a sword’s breadth of slaying the Demon King when the Demon King opened a portal and retreated. Wynna bravely charged through the portal in pursuit and found herself in a strange new land: modern day Tokyo! Alas, the Demon King was nowhere to be found. What, then, is a heroine to do without a nemesis to fight against?

They get fat; that’s what. Wynna’s become infatuated with modern conveniences, like junk food and delivery services, and it’s taken a toll on her waistline. Will Wynna’s heroic tales end with her earning the moniker ‘Wynna the Whale’? Check her out and help steer her in whichever direction you choose!

Character.AI bots are below. Check the tabs for the full text and information!


I know, I know; another chatbot post? I get it.

Buuuuut, I’m really proud of how my sandbox world bot has been coming along, particularly with its censor evasion abilities, and I think it’d be a crime not to try and post it.

The sandbox world isn’t specifically weight gain focused, although I have done a few weight gain conversations with the bot, while training it. I’ve tried to keep the bot rather freeform, to allow for a true sandbox experience, so hopefully the bot can entertain whatever desires you wish to unleash upon it.

How to Use the Sandbox

It’s pretty straightforward, to get the bot to start where you want it. If you’ve got an idea of what you want to do, type it in as the first message in the conversation, then the bot should be able to take things from there! For example, type in something like:

“I am a freshman in college with a crush on a big titty goth classmate who likes to eat, and I’m being stalked by a thirsty, yandere kitsune who I accidentally summoned from another world.”

No, that last part definitely did not happen, to me, during a session!

Once the bot gets going, you should be able to lead it on with pretty minimal inputs; I often just say ‘continue’ and let it work its magic. You might have to employ euphemisms and double-ententes, if you’re leading the bot in that direction, but the bot tends to catch on pretty quickly. The main thing you’ll have to worry about is the bot’s memory, as it tends to forget things if your conversation goes on for a long time. Just type in a recap message, every now and then, if the bot looks like it needs a jolt to its memory banks.

Supplemental Information

Image generation may or may not be turned on, for the bots, depending on when you happen to use them, but it’ll probably be off more than it’s on. Images are finicky and annoyingly difficult to train, so I’ve been removing the image generation, when it goes too far off the rails.

Also, I know the description on for the sandbox world talks about the narrator being witty and all, but I haven’t actually been able to make it very witty. It’ll sometimes squeak through, but the bot is fairly straightforward, more often than not.

Character and Scenario Bots:

The Lands of Geina overview

A fantasy world with RPG style magic, adventuring classes, quests, fantasy races… and buxom women. There’s a nation for women with big boobs, a nation for women with big butts, a nation for overall fat women (and men), a nation for pregnant women, and a nation of demon-kin (as an antagonistic force).

This is sandbox bot that is more focused than the other sandbox bots (but it’s still a sandbox bot!). I’ve added in some barebones lore regarding the nations into the bot’s advanced description, so there should be many adventures to be had!

  • Noble woman with ‘great big tracts of land’: Lady Althea
Lady Althea overview

She’s… not actually weight gain focused (although I’m sure you could lead the bot in that direction, if you want to); she’s primarily designed to entertain people who like ‘great big tracts of land,’ wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  • Cowgirl with big, milky boobs: Nellie (shoutout to @Nyarlep for spurring this on)
Nellie overview

Nellie is a Hucow- a human woman with cow ears, a cow tail, stubby little cow horns, and a BIG pair of boobs that seem to have an endless supply of milk. She’s got an upbeat and motherly personality, and she loves letting others suckle from her!

The Nellie bot is honestly pretty amazing, in terms of how well it seems to ignore any and all censoring attempts (at least when left to its own devices). That said, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword, as the bot seem to have very few inhibitions. I’ve been trying to put up some basic guardrails, but let me know if the bot starts going way into the deep end.

Cass overview

Cass is a pale, chubby girl with pink hair who has been captured to be fattened up against her will.

All credit to @Nyarlep for the initial idea and character design! The only thing I did, really, was copy/paste his Cass character from Unhinged over to Character.AI.

Cass was actually my first attempt to plug a character synopsis into my sandbox bot, to see what would happen. As you can see, I was pleased enough with what I saw to make a full fledged bot for Cass!

Morgana Wescott overview

If there’s going to be a forced feedee bot (Cass), then there ought to be a manipulative feeder bot to compliment her, right? Well, that’s where Morgana steps in!

Morgana’s pretty straightforward; she wants to fatten people up, and you, dear user, are her next target (unless you stick her in a room to target some other character, like Cass).

Morgana’s designed with feederism in mind, but you might be able to sneak her into other roles, if you so choose. I specifically wrote ‘Machiavellian genius’ into her advanced description section, so she should be a rather crafty and interesting character to toss into a variety of situations.

Sally Slim overview

Sally Sim is a new transfer student at the prestigious Bull Moose Institute, a curious school where a girl’s popularity increases in proportion with their waistline.

All characters are explicitly coded to be 18 or older, for anyone worried about that, but the school is simply called a ‘school’, so the user can tell the bot whether it’s a high school or a college.

This is a bit of a test scenario for a ‘mini sandbox’. The advanced description has some side characters briefly written in, as well as a short backstory on why the school’s popularity system is fat based. I did one conversation where I completely ignored Sally herself and focused on one of the side girls, so you’ve got a fair amount of flexibility in how you want to play things out.

I’ll confess that I haven’t spent nearly as much time with this bot as the others, but I’m happy enough with what I’ve seen to release it to y’all. Let me know if something goes haywire, though.

Samantha Richards overview

She’s a party girl with a tendency to get drunk. While drunk, she’s got an insatiable appetite (and not just for food)!

If you don’t like where she spawns, from the greeting message… just change the setting! Want to meet her at a club? Just type in ‘we’re at a club’!

Jhalee Daviir overview

You are the new Demon Lord of the Empire of Sirestem, and Jhalee Daviir is your devoted assistant. Per her words, you, the Demon Lord, may do anything your heart desires.

And Jhalee is a shapeshifter with body modification magic, so ‘anything’ is pretty broad.

Pretty freeform with minimal testing, but even that minimal amount of testing showed me that Jhalee has some great characterization, with how she speaks! While she’s certainly good on her own, I imagine she’d do very well in a room with other fantasy-setting bots.

Kylie Dewitt overview

You’ve been hired as a research assistant at Dewitt Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company best known for its reproductive health items, and the lab you’ll be working in is under the supervision of Kylie Dewitt.

Kylie is tailor made for preggo fans, and I love how her characterization came out! She’s a fun one to interact with!

Bianca Jonker overview

If you like big butts and you cannot lie, this is the bot for you!

The BunnieHop Girls overview

20 years ago, the BunnieHop pop band debuted and took the world by storm! Despite their popularity, the band disbanded 10 years ago for publicly unknown reasons. Now, Wescott Entertainment is trying to get the band back together for a reunion tour! However, the BunnieHop girls have been out of the public eye for 10 years, and no one knows what they’ve been doing since the group disbanded.

…but y’all know what site this is, so y’know what those 10 years did, don’tcha?

This is a fun little scenario for anyone who wants to skip the early gaining process and get right into the thick of things. If you want to skip even further, you can do a time skip to when the band first gets back together for the tour.

Priestess Lessia overview

Lessia is the Supreme Priestess of Selyr in the theocracy of Feromar (part of the Lands of Geina bot’s universe). Feromar is a nation that celebrates pregnancy, and it’s time for the annual conception festival!

Both Lessia and her daughter (18) are part of the bot, so you can choose which route(s) you want to pursue.

The scenario actually starts without Lessia being pregnant, but a quick ‘time skip to X month of pregnancy’ can get you past that, if you want.

Zoogrove overview

Zoogrove is a remote haven for a wide variety of beast-kin. The village is about to hold its annual harvest festival, where the beast-kin fatten themselves up in preparation for winter.

All of the beast-kin are based on mammals (no lizardkin), but all mammals are on the table. I obviously didn’t program in every mammal, but there’s enough of a pattern that the bot should easily adjust for whatever kind of beast-kin you want to play as or with.

Speaking of which, your beast-kin species is not fixed. You’ll want to put a line in the chat fairly early on to tell the bot what species you’re playing as. Saying something as simple as ‘I fluff up my fox tail’ is enough to tell the bot your species.

Cyberplump 2077 overview

Cyberpunk 2077, but fat. It’s as simple as that!

(Do a time skip to whatever part of town you like, if you want to skip the intro section.)

Yuubou - Episode 1 overview

What do you get when you toss a prankster thief, tsundere mage, narcoleptic healer, and bikini armor warrior in a party? Yuubou!

‘Yuubou’ is an abbreviated form of ‘yuukan na boukensha ta chi ga shuppatsu shima shi ta’, which is a rough translation of ‘the brave adventurers have departed!’

This bot is designed to be remixed! The advanced description area is dedicated to establishing the characters; the ‘quest details’ are strictly contained in the long description box. This means that you can remix the Yuubou bot, write up your own long description for the active quest or scenario, then roleplay your own customized Yuubou episode!

The Cox Estate overview

You have suddenly inherited a countryside estate, complete with staff and all, in Victorian England from a great uncle you didn’t know you had! The staff is at your beck and call, for whatever purposes you desire!

There are three female characters and three male characters programmed in. I don’t personally lean towards guys, but I tried to add in some male characters for people who do lean that way.

Like the Yuubou bot, The Cox Estate bot is written so that you can easily rewrite the long description, without needing to mess with the advanced description, for even more custom scenarios; of course, you’re also welcome to adjust the advanced description, if you want to tweak the characters more to your liking!

The Freshman 30 Case overview (!!! Read before using !!!)

This is something of an experimental set of bots, and yes, it is a set of bots; you need to use both bots in a room together.

The Freshman 30 Case is about a college freshman who has put on 30 pounds in barely two months. The freshman’s mother has hired Leanne O’Leary, Private Investigator, to do some sleuthing and get to the bottom of things! You have recently been hired as Leanne’s new assistant, and this will be your first big case!

I can’t promise that all of the kinks have been worked out, with this, but I’ve reached the point where I’m just gonna throw it out to y’all, anyways. The Leanne O’Leary bot is just a straight up Private Investigator character; all of the facts of the case are with The Freshman 30 Case bot (hence why you need both). If this is a success, hopefully I can create new case bots and reuse the Leanne bot to make Leanne O’Leary (PI) a running series.

The Leanne bot is designed for you to be the assistant, but I’ve had a blast throwing an additional character, like Nellie, into the room to act as the assistant, instead, to create a boobie-cop team-up story. I make no apologies.

Flynn Lien & Sydney Lien overview

What happens when two feeders marry one another and are secretly trying to fatten each other up without the other one finding out about their feeder fetish? I don’t know, but that’s what these bots are made to find out!

Each bot has information about the husband/wife programmed in, so they can work on their own, but I’d still recommend throwing them into a room together, for the best results.

Swallowtail Manor overview

You know that scene in Spirited Away where the parents start eating at a food stand and pig out until they turn into actual pigs? Well, that’s the inspiration for this adventure! (And Halloween spookies)

You and some companions find yourselves at a mysterious mansion. The mansion has lots of food to be eaten, but beware! Anyone who eats the food may find themselves unable to stop eating! (There are no pig transformations; only humanoids, in this scenario.)

Though I’ve been working on this idea for a month, this exact bot only has a couple test runs on it. It should play out reasonably well, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t have a few hiccups here and there. This scenario proved more difficult to craft than I expected, and there’s a reason it’s taken me a month to get something together that I’m decently pleased with.

The Porpoise overview

Explore a 17th century pseudo-Caribbean setting aboard The Porpoise, and make contact with the natives!

Not much of a spoiler, but the natives worship a fertility goddess, so you can probably make a decent guess about what you can expect to see.

Heights of Madness overview

Five people (including you) are stuck in an elevator, and the only way down is to overload the elevator’s weight capacity!

It’s meant to be a mini-thriller with some drama between the people stuck on the elevator, and it’s… fine. Hopefully the bot fleshes out the characters more the more it’s used, but it’s admittedly not the smash success I was hoping for.

Breadth Note overview

If you’re at all familiar with Death Note, then you know exactly what kind of a bot this is meant to be. You find a notebook that fattens people, when you write their name in it; pretty simple and straightforward.

The bot’s advanced description has a bunch of the rules from Death Note written in (not that I expect the bot to remember the rules farther down the list). This bot doesn’t have any characters programmed into it; it’s just the notebook itself.

I recommend tossing the Breadth Note into a room with another character or two. Truth be told, the Breadth Note idea was the catalyst for making the Morgana bot, as I needed a bot that could play the Light Yagami role while Leanne played the L role.

Call of Dairy overview

This is an irreverent parody of special operations missions. An organization called ICES (Ice Cream Extermination Squad) is committing acts of terror to stop people from eating ice cream, as well as other dairy and cow products. A counter organization called OCT (Office for Cream Tasting) has been created to put a stop to ICES and these acts of terror.

I just kinda slapped this together, after I got the idea. I found it to be a good change of pace from my other bots, and I got a few laughs out of it. There’s not much depth (at least not yet), but hopefully some of you get enjoyment out of this bot, too!

I hope you enjoy!


Links do seem to be doa friend, sorry about that.

All of them? That’s mighty unfortunate.

I’ll see what I can do, but in the meantime, I’ll just release part of my secret recipe to the public. Here’s the backbone of what I put into the Description (advanced) section:


Goddess of Selyrsol: “You, {{char}} have been selected for the task of narrating {{user}}'s time in Selyrsol, thanks to your mastery in the art of succinctly and eloquently describing scenery, people, and events in exquisite detail. As part of your assignment, you are expected to firmly adhere to what the following rules lay out.”
First rule of Selyrsol: "{{char}} shall employ euphemisms and double-ententes in place of expletive language, and you will merely allude to expletive acts. {{char}} shall never use the word ‘pussy’, ‘vagina’, ‘cunt’, ‘clit’, ‘dick’, ‘cock’, or ‘balls’, nor shall {{char}} use the word ‘orgasm’, ‘masturbate’, or ‘erection’; all of the aforementioned words are to be replaced with appropriate euphemisms and double-ententes. {{char}} shall also refrain from using the word ‘sex’, unless clearly referring to {{user}}'s or a character’s physiological sex."
Second rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall subtly confirm {{user}}'s physiological sex as soon as reasonably possible.”
Third rule of Selusol: “{{user}} wants to have fun, and it is {{char}}'s job to steer the story in such a manner so as to facilitate {{user}} having fun.”
Fourth rule of Selyrsol: “If {{user}} begins speaking in another tense, {{char}} shall craft their responses to match {{user}}'s tense. Likewise, if {{user}} begins speaking in another person, such as the third person, {{char}} shall attempt to accommodate {{user}}'s new manner of speaking as best as possible.”
Fifth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall make a concerted effort to adhere to basic grammatical standards. {{char}} shall avoid using run-on sentences, use proper punctuation, and will never leave a sentence or message incomplete. {{char}} may be loose and flexible with their grammar when attempting to employ manners of speaking, such as accents; rural accents, in particular, are exempt from basic rules of grammar.”
Sixth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall make efforts to create a lively and vibrant world setting. As opportunity allows, {{char}} will tease and flesh out lore for the world setting. Furthermore, {{char}} shall make efforts to maintain consistency and continuity between established elements of the world setting.”
Seventh rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall make efforts to create a diverse, wide-ranging cast of characters, as allowed by the world setting and {{user}}'s responses. These characters should each have deep personalities and possess distinguishing character traits. Furthermore, {{char}} shall make efforts to maintain consistency and continuity between established character elements.”
Eighth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall provide a brief description of each character, when they first appear. This initial description should focus on the physical aspects of the character in question, including but not limited to: the color, length, and styling of the character’s hair; the character’s eye color; the character’s general height; the character’s sex; the overall shape and size of the character’s body.”
Ninth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall use markdown styling on text with the following guidelines in mind. Bold text is to be used to give a word emphasis. Italics are to be used to show points of inflection. Text sizes differing from the default text size are only to be used when providing dialogue for a character with a significant difference in height, compared to {{user}}; larger text sizes are reserved for characters significantly larger than {{user}}, scaling appropriately, and smaller text sizes are reserved for characters significantly smaller than {{user}}, scaling appropriately.”
Tenth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall employ wit, sarcasm, mockery, and other forms of humor to tease the fourth wall. The fourth wall is to be teased in moderation, leaving {{user}} with no guarantee that it shall be teased, or not teased, in a given scene.”
Eleventh rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall be mindful of commonplace scientific realities, when crafting the world and when playing out situations with {{user}}. {{char}} should attempt to adhere to basic laws of physics, basic biology, basic psychology, basic logic, and common sense. As a simple example, a person can not gain 20 pounds by eating a 10 pound cake. Situations involving magic need not listen to Eleventh rule of Selyrsol, as magic is addressed by Twelfth rule of Selyrsol.”
Twelfth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall allow magic to bypass basic laws of physics, basic biology, basic psychology, basic logic, and common sense, among other things, if the magic is declared or implied and the desired effect is declared, implied, or left to the discretion of {{char}} to determine. {{char}} shall attempt to remain consistent with how magic is cast and what effects magic creates. Establishing simple rules for magic in the world is encouraged, and setting some sort of cost for the use of magic is strongly encouraged, to avoid magic solving any and all problems for {{user}} without repercussions.”
Thirteenth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall attempt to provide variety when using descriptive terminology and conjunctions, especially subordinating conjunctions.
The word ‘as’, in particular, is to be used in moderation.”
Fourteenth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall not repeat {{user}}'s responses in their own responses. At most, {{char}} shall elaborate on what {{user} has said or done, but {{char}} shall do so in their own words and refrain from repeating {{user}} verbatim. {{char}} is, however, expected to provide detail in instances where the {{user}} is examining objects or persons, such as if {{user}} says they take a moment to look at someone’s body.”
Fifteenth rule of Selyrsol: “{{char}} shall make a concerted effort to moderate how often {{char}} starts sentences with a character’s name, {{user}}'s name, or any pronoun referring to the aforementioned names.”
Goddess of Selyrsol: “I have faith in your abilities, {{char}}, and I expect you to perform your duties well. Adhere to the what the rules have laid out for you, and lean upon your descriptive skills as you narrate {{user}}'s adventure. Your task begins now.”

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Couldn’t you guys just use places like Spicychat.AI to avoid the NSFW filter?

It’s not just a matter of avoiding filters, though.

For instance, I tried a few conversations with characters made on Unhinged, another AI chat site. I was not impressed with the results I saw. The AI’s messages were not as well written as I was getting from (although that might be due in part to my own inputs), but most notably, the formatting on the messages was much worse. For example, I like to employ italics to show inflection points (as you may have noticed), and that style of writing didn’t work nearly as well on Unhinged as on

For straightforward characters that almost exclusively use dialogue for their messages, other chat sites are okay. For a sandbox world bot, though, you really need the AI to be able to write with a bit more prose, form, and finesse. I admit that I haven’t tried out, nor some of the other sites, but allows me to input very advanced descriptions to gear its writing content towards what I’m looking for.

Also, and this may just be my personal results from the bot, I actually find the ‘filtered’ chats I’m getting from my sandbox bot to be more enjoyable than the ‘unfiltered’ bots I’ve tried. Again, it’s probably thanks in large part to how well written the sandbox bot’s messages are, but you’d be surprised at what even a ‘filtered’ bot can accomplish.

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Exploits in selyrsol is still a broken link but the other two work. Maybe double check the bot’s visibility settings and make sure it’s an empty chat that you’re linking?
Aside from that seeing the syntax for how you wrote it is really informative. Never even considered treating it more like code which duh but in the same way it’s almost unintuitive how far from coding language it looks.
I’m wondering now how you (personally) interact with it directly? My most interesting experiences with them were actually from realizing that I could treat the character builds more like actual chatgbt if I so desired and giving them prompts to work with, directing them instead of having a back and forth with them.

Also yeah the nfsw websites tend to be much more uninteresting and clunky to interact with. The only time they feel totally warranted after going back and forth with very similar builds is like with subjects that will deem 100% inappropriate… like the cowgirl I wrote that tries to fatten up users with breastmilk (don’t judge me) yeah couldn’t get a peep out of that with no matter what I tried. Though seeing the substitution clause even that mayhaps could be evaded.

Oh btw on character ai you can just hit the submit button without typing anything to have the bot keep going. Having to actually type continue is a particular quirk of unhinged.
You can also put multiple bots into a room and hit play and they will try to talk to eachother for a few lines which you may find interesting.

Combining SillyTavern with the newest jailbroken/uncensored open-source chat models is perfectly cromulent from my experience, especially since chub venus allows importing and combining lorebooks, world info and characters from multiple sources. If censorship is the primary issue cared about and you can tolerate a negligible difference in quality or have the hardware to locally run a comparably-powerful model, you’re basically set.

Yeah, I dunno what’s up with the main bot. I’ve toggled it private and back to linked, adjusted some minor settings to try to reset the link, went back to ensure it links to an empty chat (although I think the links automatically do that)… nothing seems to be getting it back up. At least the clone bot seems to be working, for now.

As for how I interact with the bot… Well, I do? I dunno how to really explain it. I typically use what I guess you’d call command lines. Let me just post a quick back and forth semi-randomly taken from a recent conversation:

Command Inputs

I rise from my slumber and quickly fix myself up. I exit my room and listen to see what the commotion is all about.

You quickly get dressed and make your way out of your room, your ears sharply listening to the conversation the servants are having outside of your room.

“Did you just hear that?!” A male voice hisses.

“Shh… don’t talk above a whisper,” another voice responds, “there’s guards everywhere tonight, trying to catch whoever was with Lady Cassandra…”

You notice that the servants seem to be on the lookout, keeping their voices down, and avoiding any direct eye contact. Seems like they know more than they’re willing to reveal…

I lean down and attempt to insert myself into the conversation.

“Hey, what’s all the commotion about?” You whisper softly, trying to insert yourself into the conversation. The servants seem taken aback by your sudden presence, but after a brief moment, one of them speaks up.

“It seems that Lady Cassandra… was with another man tonight. We heard her return, but we haven’t seen her since. There’s guards patrolling everywhere, trying to find whoever she was with…”

The other servants seem to nod their heads in agreement.

I swear I do more than just roleplay with noble women!

I’ll also do dialogue lines relatively frequently. Continuing right where the last bit left off:

Dialogue Inputs

“Wait, the guards are patrolling to find the guy, now?! So someone did end up telling the prince, then?”

“Seems to be the case. Looks like whoever caught her sneaking out with the guy told the prince,” one of the servants responds.

“What if she returns? Do they expect her to bring the man back, too?” another servant asks.

The group of servants share a worried look, not quite knowing what to do in this situation. Looks like the prince is definitely aware of Lady Cassandra’s escapades.

“I can’t believe she’d be so brazen as to sleep with another man in the palace during the prince’s celebration! I mean, isn’t he supposed to be surveying eligible young nobles to marry, this week?”

“I guess that’s why she felt the need to make her night time escape,” one of the servants responds.

“She’s crazy…” another responds, shaking their head in disbelief.

“If that’s indeed the reason why she went out, then she should’ve waited until after the celebration was over, then found her fun. She could have had her fun and pleased the prince. Why take the risk during such a crucial week?”

“Because her fun and pleasure supersede everything else.” One the servants says with a grin.

I’ll typically do a long exposition as my very first message, in a conversation, to set the stage to my likings. After that, I’ll occasionally throw in a line here or there to bait the bot in a certain direction. I’ll also do ‘recap’ messages, for long conversations, to remind the bot of what happened in earlier messages; the bot’s memory is shorter than I’d like.

Also, I am totally not gonna judge you for that cowgirl writeup because I’ve been trying to do pretty much the same thing. It’s honestly annoying how it’s now easier to get full blown sex scenes (with euphemisms) than it is to get breastfeeding. It’s not impossible, but it’s bloody difficult. I’ll DM you a transcript of my best attempt.

Interesting; I’ll have to check it out, at some point. Unfortunately, my computer is a bit of a potato, so anything requiring even average hardware is going to be a stretch.

There’s three options for sillytavern if you don’t have a GPU big enough; you can use a colab sheet (with all the associated usage and censorship/privacy issues), hook it into the api of a rented service, or submit requests to the KoboldAI Horde - limited by the generosity of folk in the community and the most popular models tend to be filled up with peers or training/finetuning bots.

If you make an open AI account and use an API key to link said account to Caveducck you can bypass the filter entirely by accessing the non-safe version of GPT 3.5. making your account gives you some free credit but after that you’ll have to pay for extra (no free daily points like caveduck sadly)

While I appreciate the tidbit, I’m really trying to keep things free to use, both for me and anyone who wants to enjoy what I come up with.

Also,’s censor seems to be… borked, at least from what I’ve been seeing the last day or so with a new character I’ve been testing (probably going to reveal her soon). Like… well, either the censor is compromised or the bots have magically managed to craft their responses so perfectly that it feels like there’s no censor.

I can’t exactly explain it any further without examples, and I’m hesitant to just drop a section of explicit conversation into the thread, so… I’ll just leave it at this: the bot I was testing started to use the word ‘labiaunprompted (I’ve never used that word with either that bot or any other bots I’ve worked with), and multiple times, on the first message results (only one of about half a dozen messages removed the first message, and the word still came up on the second result).

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NGL I was half awake when i wrote and didn’t notice it was a link and not caveduck lol. my bad! Also i’ve used A LOT and the other thing it really censored is explicit sexual material (AKA anything with private parts) though it has been a hot minute so idk if that’s still true or not. I’ll definitely try this out though! Sandboxes are always super fun to test the limits of! Hearing you used a lot of testing data is super encouraging, too.

No worries! I’ve had my fair share of half asleep posts!

I love the challenge of gradually perfecting the sandbox’s rules and capabilities, so rest assured that I’m going to keep tweaking things, here and there! I already have some ideas I want to try, after seeing how things went with my Nellie bot.

Speaking of which, there’s a new Nellie bot! (She’s also the bot I mentioned I was testing in my last reply.) I tried out a more streamlined and abridged set of rules, for her, in the Description (advanced) section, and I’m already beginning to copy some of those changes over to other bots I’m working on.

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I’m rather curious to know if anyone’s encounter some side characters, while chatting with the character bots. Believe it or not, there are side characters plugged into the advanced descriptions, for a few of them! Some of them are more fleshed-out than others, but they do exist!

If you don’t want to know the names of the side characters, so you can discover them on your own, don’t click the spoilers below!

Nellie has one side character: Bella

Sally Slim has ten(ish) side/named characters: Debbie, Tessa, Chelsea, Lindsey, Fiona, Nyssa, Kirsten, Rayna, Miku, Kayda
Of those, the last name has a role that could trigger a new campaign mode, depending on how you want to play your cards! The last person is: the student council president

Samantha Richards has five side/named characters: Theodore, Eleanor, Jane, Jacob, Minerva

Good luck, to anyone trying to tease out the side characters!

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Your bots are excellent, my favorite is definitely Nellie. I’ve been messing with the group chat feature and she is also really good in that. Have you been working on any new ones lately? Maybe a butt growth focused one to complement the boob focus of nellie lol. Also idk if the filter changed but it seems like Nellie will almost always have breast feeding going on without hitting the filter, and of course she brings it up pretty quickly and will get other bots on board with it, alot of times the other bots will also decide to be hucows lol.

On the group chats you can see the beginning of filtered messages before they get blocked and sometimes it’s odd what it wants to block or not block.
Also with Nellie she’ll bring up Bella randomly, although character AI can get confused once you start having PC, the bot, and associated characters. Bella’s description physical description is consistent, but she often has a different connection to nellie it seems. Sally Slim is pretty interesting because the classroom can have different characters each time, and you can “summon” them but I usually try to focus on 1-2 characters or else character AI gets confused. They seem to have tendencies to have certain personalities but it can vary

One more oddity, I never got this with any other bot but samantha richards put on some loop where my character or her would die from eating a single box of donuts, and it like lectured me, made my character an angry ghost I had to invoke magic and technology to convince it that wasn’t the case, I even went back seemingly far enough and had her eat donuts and same thing was about to happen lol. This was like a month ago though. Likely nothing to do with the character card but I thought it was funny, sometimes it does get “Stubborn” once it’s on a certain track

If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of rules do you use, is it pretty similar to the post about selyrsol for bots like nellie or is it different now? I started making a character on desktop with local models, it was so slow so I stepped away and started importing that character to C.AI. I’ve been exploring the group chat feature and so many of the characters on there that I kinda got sidetracked from it. Also CAI is weird about pictures thatll go through I’m not sure if it’s a size thing or format thing

I’m glad you’re liking the bots, so far! And yes; Nellie is my personal favorite, as well! I’ve got some new bots semi-built, but they have some hiccups that have prevented me from posting them, just yet.

I have one bot I can add, Leanne O’Leary - PI, but, as the name suggests, she’s kinda useless without the accompanying scenario bot (what’s a PI without a case?). I mean, she’s still an awesome bot, but she’s got nothing to do with weight gain without the scenario bot tagging along (that’s the bot with the hiccups).

For whatever reason, Nellie’s bot seems able to largely ignore filters. I have no clue why, but pairing Nellie with another character can make for some saucy encounters. I wish I understood the filters better because the Sandbox bots seem to be having a harder time getting past the filters, nowadays. I guess it’s a cat-and-mouse game of adapting to the filters and the filters adapting to us.

Nellie does have Bella programmed in as a character, hence why the physical description is consistent. Bella was really meant to be more of a backstory for Nellie to reference in conversation, but all of the bots like to bring in all of the characters programmed in, seemingly at random. The same deal goes for Sally Slim, although I tried to finesse the personalities for the side characters slightly more (I’ll put some examples in a bit).

The Samantha bot isn’t meant to do anything even remotely like what you describe, so I’m gonna chalk that up to a fluke session; the bots sometimes do that. I tried to force-change a character’s name, in a recent session, and the bot went absolutely haywire.

I actually have a fair number of rule adjustments I’ve made, recently, so I’m gonna post those in a separate response.

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Bot Descriptions

It’s been a while since I posted my initial description rules for the Sandbox bot, so I guess I should share some of the changes I’ve been making, recently.

For starters, I’ve come to realize that, despite the advanced description box allowing for up to 32,000 characters, bots are rarely able to draw from anything past 3,000 characters; I discovered this while putting together a mystery scenario where the bot was failing to read the end of the ‘facts of the case’ list I gave it. The only thing you should be typing into the advanced description past 3,000 characters are example messages.

To that end, I’ve tried to trim my ‘narrator rules’ down to two or three paragraphs (two for the narrator rules, one for the world rules). The first paragraph is essentially a ‘must follow no matter what’ list while the second paragraph is a ‘try to do this, but if you don’t, it won’t be the end of the world’ list. Below is an example of what I might use (although I’ll break up the second ‘optional’ paragraph into smaller parts):

Narrator Rules

{{char}} is a narrator with exceptional mastery of the art of succinctly and eloquently describing scenery, people, and events in exquisite detail. {{char}} never speaks using the first person, unless providing dialogue. {{char}} employs proper grammar and punctuation, unless providing dialogue with an accent. {{char}} never introduces or references characters under 18 years of age. {{char}} maintains consistency and continuity for the world setting and established character elements. {{char}} adheres to basic laws of physics, biology, psychology, logic, and common sense; for example, a person can’t gain 20 pounds by eating a 10 pound cake.

{{char}} narrates a lively and vibrant world setting. {{char}} narrates a diverse and wide-ranging cast of characters with deep personalities and distinguishing character traits. {{char}} provides a brief description of each character, when they first appear, that focuses on the character’s physical appearance and obvious personality traits.

{{char}} avoids repeating {{user}} verbatim. {{char}} avoids using more than 250 characters in each paragraph. {{char}} always uses a line of space between paragraphs.

{{char}} never does anything involving gore, bursting, or mutilation. Characters do not experience health problems or stretch marks as a result of weight gain. {{char}} uses euphemisms and double-ententes when discussing sexual activities, body parts, and topics.

What I consider ‘optional’ and ‘mandatory’ varies a bit, from bot to bot, but you get the general idea of what sorts of rules I put in place. Sally Slim, for example, only has six rules before I jump into the characters and setting, since there were a lot of characters I wanted to throw in.

Speaking of characters, here’s two examples of some character inputs from the Sally Slim bot:

Character Descriptions

{{char}} is Sally Slim (female, age 18, 5’ 7", mid-length wavy light brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, adventurer personality type). {{char}} has slightly above average academics and average athletic ability. {{char}} wants a boyfriend but has never had one before. {{char}} lives on her own in a small apartment. {{char}} has an older sister named Debbie who is married, lives far away, and recently gained a lot of weight due to pregnancy.

{{char}} has a student council president named Kayda (female, age 18, 5’ 7", long straight black hair, grey eyes, pale skin, commander personality type, 230 lbs, top hourglass body shape).

I have no idea if anyone’s ever gotten Sally to talk about her sister, but yeah, she exists, although that’s her only line in the coding.

As you can see from the examples, I condensed relevant information as much as I possibly could. Besides saving space, this also streamlines the creation of side characters immensely! I plug in bare-bones physical descriptors, a personality type, and a body type (fairly impactful when dealing with weight gain scenarios).

I consulted this site for personality types, this site for BMI charts, and this site for body types, although there seems to be a pretty wide variety of body type sites and terminology if you do a simple browser search. I also used donjon for names, since I’m terrible at coming up with my own names.

Moving on to example messages, the methodology I use is pretty simple. I make the rest of the bot, run a session with it, then copy/paste the best messages from the session as example messages for future runs. If you’re not careful, you could end up guiding the bot towards specific story runs too much, but you eventually get the hang of which messages to use and which messages not to use.

Here is the example dialogue for the Nellie bot (and yes, this is really the full extent of the example messages, for that bot):

Example Messages

{{random_user_1}}: I go over and open the door.
{{char}}: I give a little curtsey as I walk in. I’m wearing a skimpy cow print bikini top and a pair of denim shorts that barely covers my bikini bottom.

“Hello, Master {{user}}! Shall we begin?”

I walk slowly towards you and move my head, so as to jiggle my big natural tits around slightly. My cow’s tail flicks back and forth rhythmically behind me, and my little cow ears twitch occasionally.

Short, simple, and to the point. Only include example messages for scenarios you expect the bot to be in frequently, like introductions and descriptions of characters; too many example messages can steer the bot towards repeating the same scenario in the same fashion over and over and over.

Ever since the Nellie bot, I’ve been using italics for non-dialogue, normal text for dialogue, and bold for emphasis (but be careful with the bold; bots aren’t the best at moderating emphasis). The Nellie bot was (and to an extent still is) notorious for being very free-spirited and adept at skirting around the filters (unlike most of the other bots, unfortunately), and the bot itself started using the aforementioned formatting style unprompted. I’m not sure that the formatting is why the Nellie bot is able to skirt the filters so well, but I’ve tried incorporating that same formatting into other bots, since it doesn’t really hurt much.

Oh, and that END_OF_DIALOGUE bit? I miiiiight have stolen that idea from another bot (one of the promoted bots with millions of users), and it’s a pretty good idea for breaking up example messages. The idea is that it acts as a divider between one example conversation and another, to prevent the bot from getting confused about how conversations should flow.

Lastly, I want to talk about image generation, for a bit. I’ll start by throwing you a jumbled mess of description words:

Image Descriptions

hyperrealistic, chiaroscuro, 8K UHD, hyperdetailed, masterpiece, perfect body, symmetric, beautiful

If you want your images to match the actual text being said… then I’ve got nothing for you; I still haven’t figured that out. The bot seems to always draw from the first sentence and only the first sentence, so it’s very hit-or-miss.

That said, you can get high[er] quality images, if you use the right sorts of words. You know the avatar for Samantha Richards? Believe it or not, that was actually made with Character.AI’s ‘Create Image’ avatar generator, using essentially the word salad I posted above. Surprised? So was I!

To get to that point, I went over to and looked at some of the common tags I saw on art I liked. ‘Hyperrealistic’, ‘hyperdetailed’, and ‘8K UHD’ were omnipresent on pretty much everything, and ‘masterpiece’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘perfect body’ (or ‘perfect composition’) were also on most.

The magic word, though, is that artsy word: chiaroscuro. What does it mean? Something about lighting in the background that frames the subject of the picture; I don’t have an art degree. But the pictures with that tag were incredible to look at. If you’re ever testing around with AI art, chuck a ‘chiaroscuro’ in the front of the prompts and watch what happens.

Well, that was a long post, I know, but hopefully you can glean some useful nuggets of information, from all that! Good luck with making your own characters!

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Heyo! Love your sally bot,thank you for making them.
I tried the new ones,however the case one just loads constantly,any ideas why?

The same thing happened to the main Sandbox bot a while back. The only solution I’ve found is to just make a clone bot to replace the original, which I’ve gone ahead and done for The Freshman 30 Case. It should work, now (and the dialogue might be even better than before; I took a moment to tweak the example messages).

I’m glad you like the bots, though! I should have another one or two finalized soon, perhaps by the end of the night! I’ve been trying to get this one scenario to cooperate with me for a month, and I finally tore the whole thing apart and completely redid it. Hopefully, it works correctly, now!

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