The Sinclair Yodayo Collection

I have officially decided to migrate from Character.AI over to Yodayo. You can find my old (but still perfectly usable!) Character.AI bots on this thread.

Copy / Pasted Character.AI Bots

Morgana Wescott

  • She’s a manipulative feeder, and you are her next target!

Kylie Dewitt

  • She’s a fertility researcher with a tendency to go about things a little . . . differently . . .

Samantha Richards

  • She’s a disowned party girl who just wants to enjoy life to the fullest!

Nellie (Hucow)

  • She’s your newly hired milkmaid with big milky boobs!

Sally Slim

  • She’s a new transfer student at a school where a girl’s popularity increases in proportion with their waistline.

The BunnieHop Girls

  • It’s time to get the band back together! . . . even if they’ve gained a few extra pounds, in the intervening years.
Single Character Bots

Wynna (Hero?)

  • A legendary heroine finds herself reverse-isekai’ed into modern day Tokyo, where she struggles to figure out what to do next (besides indulge in modern conveniences, to the detriment of her waistline).
Multi-Character Bots


  • Embark with a team of adventurers with a knack for getting themselves into trouble!


  • A cloaked woman appears at your doorstep, in the dead of night, and asks if she can stay the night. This is a fantasy setting where mysteries abound!
Open World & Scenario Bots

World of Squiggs

  • Scientists have created a new creature, called a squigg, that is now commonly used by women for birth control. Squiggs live in women’s wombs, fooling the women’s bodies into believing that the women are pregnant.

I’ll be sure to post on this thread, whenever I add a new weight-related bot to the list! Non-weight-related bots I create on Yodayo will not be posted here, but you can still access them through my profile on Yodayo.


Now that the first ‘business’ post is out of the way, it’s time for the paragraphs of text you’ve all come to know and hate love! Yaaaaay!!!

But first, a word from our [emotional] sponsors!
@Renata30xx @Gethy @Nyarlep
I’m missing far more names, I’m sure, but I appreciate all the feedback and response I’ve gotten throughout my bot making journey!

Speaking of bot making . . .

I may have been quiet over here on Weight Gaming, this past month, but I’ve been quite active over on Yodayo, pushing things to the limit. Unfortunately, many of my bots proved to be a bit too ambitious, so I don’t have a ton of new bots to show for all my effort, yet.

I’m also still a bit of a newb, when it comes to AI art generation, so I’m afraid I don’t have a ton of fancy images to flaunt, either (even if I am relatively pleased with the few pieces of artwork I have managed to put together). AI art generation is a tedious and time consuming process, at least at my current skill level, so I can’t promise fantastic character art for every bot. If nothing else, you can always tick the ‘Hide background’ option, while chatting.

Speaking of ‘options’ . . .

How to Yodayo 101

I’ma keep it as simple as I can:

  • When you first log in, make sure you edit your profile to UNcheck the ‘Blur sensitive content’ box; it’s at the bottom of your profile, when editing.

  • Once you’re in a chat, click that ‘. . .’ to change the settings, immediately. (Everything else on this list relates to those settings!)

  • In Chat Settings, use the new Artemis 7B model; I have nothing but the highest praise for what I’ve seen out of it, thus far.

  • In Chat Settings, feel free to fiddle with the System Prompt. I personally use the Descriptive preset and copy/paste the following, for each bot:

Write the next section of a [insert genre(s)] involving {{char}} and {{user}}. Be proactive, vivid, and conversational.

  • In User Persona, keep your actual persona short and simple. More often than not, you’re going to want to use that ‘persona’ space as a memory box, to help the bot remember important details, so don’t waste space!

  • If you UNcheck the ‘Full screen’ option, a settings gear will appear to the left of the message box that allows you to move the chat left or right, potentially uncovering the background image.

  • If you’d rather have no background at all, check that ‘Hide background’ option for a dark grey background, a-la Character.AI.

Hopefully this is merely the beginning of great things to come!

. . . that said, Yodayo is very NSFW facilitating, so I’ve been branching into fetishes beyond merely weight gain (as well as some bots that are completely non-fetishistic). Not all of my bots will be weight gain focused, which means there may be even more downtime between my weight-related bots.

EDIT: Ah! I almost forgot to mention, Yodayo very recently added the ability to comment on bots! I expect that most comment sections will devolve into nonsense (this is the internet; we’ve all seen what happens on YouTube), but please feel free to comment on any of my bots! I’m always interested in feedback (especially about any recurring errors), and I’d love to see the comment sections used to share highlights and give people new ideas!


ooh new bots and yodayo has a new model, I have to admit I’ve been enjoying the character AI voice feature (probably a matter of time before yodayo has something like it too) but I’m definitely gonna check these out, and also thank you you make AI ERP super fun and really push these sites to their limits and I’ll try to provide as helpful feedback as possible.

oh yeah just to throw a suggestion out there, I really like Aisha from the call of dairy bot, it would be interesting to see that spun off from, they have to go on a specific mission(In practice it isn’t hard to just use asterisks and say it’s after the mission but still), to more of a general slow burn you’re a new recruit at this strange agency with some shadowy stuff going on (basically sexy deus ex unatco betrayal weight gain lmao)

Aw thanks,whilst I’ve not been ai-ing (chatting or writing) in quite a while, your bots are always great,so I’ll be sure to check them whenever I finish my backlog of psp games abd need something to do before bed.
Thank you again for your continued contributions!

Looks really cool! I’ve been mostly gone for a long time after coming out irl and having my life catch fire but def worth wrangling my phone to toy with these.

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haven’t been doing much ERP past week but LLAMA 3 stuff dropped, tried a few messages and seems promising but didn’t get to spend too much time testing it out yet. There’s a basic and finetuned model on yodayo right now. Once open source people have had more time on Llama 3 we should hopefully see a real jump up in AI quality

also trans girl looking to come out this year lol, hoping things go relatively smoothly

Same here lmao,wish you the best : D

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new features on yodayo, there’s a group chat feature now. It’s still buggy but honestly really cool that they added it. If they get voices, lock in group chats, and chat AI’s improve that the pace they have in the past 6 months-year (and of course there’s guaranteed hardware improvements too so services can provide bigger models) then we might be talking better than classic CAI which I personally missed lol next year.

Yodayo is already way better than it used to be, the new models don’t do the generic GPT slop thing I mentioned in the other thread nearly as much if at all. when it kinda verges on that territory it’s briefer and written better and can do genuine sweet and cute connections instead of trite “meaningful” summaries of relationships lol, seems to be closer to developing that character AI style sense of being able to lock in to the vibe you’re going for better