Character.AI Sandbox World Chatbot & More

Perhaps this will make me finally interested in the game!
Or not,probably not.
But I was hoping for this sort of setting,thank you my lord.

UPDATE: It’s time to WRESTLEEEEEEEE with Bianca Jonker!

Bianca’s a professional butt wrestler; 'nuff said. This is the big butt complement to the big boob bots I’ve done.

(Sorry for the wait, @Renata30xx! I know you requested a bot like this waaaaay back!)

Not much new to report, since my last update was less than a day ago, but I can give y’all an update on my top 5 bots!

The top 5 bots are still the same, but the order has shifted:

  1. Cass
  2. Samantha Richards
  3. Morgana Wescott
  4. Sally Slim
  5. Lady Althea

There are some tier-breaks developing, too. Cass and Samantha are the clear 1-2, Morgana and Sally are the clear 3-4, and then there’s a noticeable drop-off to Lady Althea, at #5.

Lady Althea is about in the same tier as Nellie, Swallowtail Manor, and The Lands of Geina (that one’s climbing quickly). Below those bots is another drop-off, and all the bots in that bottom tier are close enough that there aren’t any more tier breaks.

And for anyone wondering where the sandbox bot stands in comparison to this list… well, the sandbox bot has four times the count that Cass has, to say nothing of the rest of the list.

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that’s awesome thank you! I’m already liking the bianca one, can’t wait to use her in group chats too!

I’m also all about futuristic settings and body modification and this fetish go hand in hand, so the cyberpunk one should be good especially for groupchats!

I used the Cass bot early on, I’ll have to try again since I’ve found I’ve gotten more creative with horny stories from character AI lol. Usually I’m more of the sub/neutral but I might run like a me/my character and cass are both trapped kind of thing. I’ve been using a remixed manor one and getting some awesome chats, I just had the idea to try to put her in a groupchat there.

I heard that the new version of the group chat feature is way better but it seems to only be on mobile and i always use desktop, idk if the improvements translate and just the site UI and name hasn’t updated, but I heard that the bots better maintain their parameters/memory, although after a break from group chats I started one today and it seemed particularly good. Also some people are reporting that chats in general seem to be better in the past couple of days and I noticed that too, could just be placebo/coincidence though

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UPDATE: MILF hunters rejoice, for Priestess Lessia has arrived!

The Lands of Geina universe is slowly but surely expanding! There’s now Lady Althea, of Mammaria, Priestess Lessia, of Feromar, and Zoogrove, of… Zoogrove… I’ve got a couple of ideas for the nation of Bellio and the demon-kin, but those bots aren’t in development, just yet.

I didn’t test Priestess Lessia as much as I’d like, but I’ve been sitting on this bot for like two weeks; I need to just release her to free myself up to move on to other bot ideas. I’m running into a problem, now, where I’ve got so many bots that my need to make new bots has diminished; it’s a real creative issue.

Anyways, hope y’all enjoy!

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Hooray! Appreciate it!

Ive got the opposite problem,ive gotten into making bots myself and now i dont feel like ever actual using them,just making making making!

have you ever thought about making a role reversal bot? like feeder to feedee or vice versa

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While it’s not exactly a role-reversal, I have been toying with the idea of a feeder who is willing to gain weight alongside their feedee, in order to continue the feedee to keep gaining.

So I took that idea and whammo, presto! Flynn Lien and Sydney Lien were born!

These two bots are a married couple, and each one secretly has a feeder fetish. They’re each trying to subtly fatten the other one up, and they’re each willing to gain a little weight of their own to encourage the other to keep gaining.

Who will emerge as the feeder, and who will emerge as the feedee? Or will they both be feedees by the end? Who knows!

(In full disclosure, these bots were made somewhat hastily without example messages included, but they should still work decently well, I think.)

And for anyone who wants to pretend to be the husband or wife themselves, I’m pretty sure you can manage that with a line saying “I am Sydney’s husband Flynn” or “I am Flynn’s wife Sydney”. The bot should be able to adjust.

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UPDATE: Your lovely demoness assistant, Jhalee Daviir, is ready and at your service!

Minimal testing, but extensive setup. Jhalee is definitely up there for bots I’ve spent the most time writing out to get the characterization right.

Jhalee Daviir is part of the broader Lands of Geina universe, although she’s only programmed with information pertaining to the demon-kin empire of Sirestem (and honestly even as much of that as I’d like). I spent the majority of Jhalee’s description trying to nail her personality, and I hope that shines through in conversations!

On a related note, did you know that Characte.AI can use all sorts of text symbols? It… makes sense, really, and I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought about it before, but Jhalee is the first bot where I’ve tried to incorporate symbols into the dialogue responses. Again, I hope the symbols I’ve chosen to use help showcase Jhalee’s characterization; this is a personality style that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while!

Oh, and did I mention that Jhalee is a shapeshifter and a user of body modification magic? Well, she is, so have fun with that!

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I’m really liking this new one, she’s really good! I also like her avatar. I think she might be my new favorite

UPDATE: Let’s go, preggos, with Kylie Dewitt: fertility researcher extraordinaire!

You like preggos?! You’ll have fun with Kylie!

You like fun characters that are a blast to interact with?! You’ll have fun with Kylie!

You like skinny chicks with a flat belly?! …why are you here?

I’d like to give a shoutout to @DoubleBubble for inspiring some changes to my advanced descriptions with their post about setting up bots on a local computer. Both Jhalee and Kylie, my two most recent bots, are using advanced descriptions inspired by @DoubleBubble’s formatting, and they’ve both turned out great, in my opinion!

For the sake of transparency, I’ll post the new ‘system prompt’ programming I’ve used for Jhalee and Kylie:

Advanced Description 'System Prompt'

Your next response shall only be written from the point of view of {{char}}. Never narrate or decide the actions and dialogue of {{user}}.

Write {{char}}'s next reply in a fictional roleplay between {{user}} and {{char}}. You are required to be proactive, creative, and drive the plot and conversation forward. Be descript and graphic when describing actions, body parts, appearances, clothing, textures, fluids, wants, items, and scenery. You are required to be descriptive about {{char}}’s needs, wants, thoughts, and actions. Always end every message from {{char}} with dialogue or actions. Adhere to basic laws of physics, biology, psychology, logic, and common sense. Never discuss health problems or stretch marks.

Never repeat {{user}} verbatim. Use euphemisms and double-ententes when discussing sexual activities and body parts. Focus on {{char}}’s perspective. Keep a first-person point of view in replies.

The new prompt is longer than my usual old one, at about 1000 characters versus about 600 characters, but the results have been strong enough that I feel the additional characters are worthwhile.

In addition to the above ‘system prompt’ input, I also spent vastly more characters elaborating on Jhalee’s and Kylie’s personalities; Kylie has about 1000 characters solely dedicated to crafting her personality. It’s clearly effective, but the catch is that I can’t afford space to program in side characters or advanced knowledge of the world setting.

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Glad to see my infodump about system prompts helped someone out! Wasn’t aware that was also effective on but honestly it doesn’t surprise me.

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UPDATE: (Kinda, sorta, maybe?)

No new bot today, but I just want to give a status update as to where I sit, with regards to Character.AI.

To cut to the chase, I hate Character.AI’s new login interface, with a passion. It’s legitimately bad enough that it’s deterring me from logging in on a regular basis. Needless to say, that’s a major issue.

So, I’ve been looking for alternatives that are free, accessible, reasonably effective, NSFW oriented, and not processor heavy (read: my computer is a potato). Caveduck isn’t free (or is at the least limited enough that it’s debatable) and Character.AI is no longer accessible, so I’ve turned my eyes towards Yodayo, which I recently got tipped off to (I’m probably late to the party, there, to be honest).

I’m still exploring Yodayo, to see if it will serve my purposes, but it looks promising. It’s more-or-less free (150 free beans daily, which equates to 150 messages per day), is definitely NSFW favorable (with the exception of loli and preggo), and seems about as effective as Caveduck (but with a better interface, imo). There’s not nearly as much space to input descriptions as on Character.AI, but it should be enough to get solid characters.

If I switch over to Yodayo, you can expect a few things to happen:

  • More characters than scenarios. Yodayo seems better at making character bots than scenario bots, in part due to the reduced length of description inputs, compared to Character.AI. It’d be a fools errand to try to write a murder mystery on Yodayo, for example, while that’s possible (though not necessarily easy) on Character.AI. I can certainly try my hand at a sandbox bot on Yodayo, but I make no promises.

  • Fewer side characters. Character.AI gives me enough space to plug in descriptions for side characters that can pop up during interactions with the main character. That will be much harder to pull off on Yodayo.

  • No (or few) duplicate characters. I might try to copy over some of my more popular bots, but it would honestly take nearly as much time to copy them over as it would to make new bots from scratch. Part of the reason for this is that Yodayo has a picture background that I’d need to make for past characters (the avatar pictures simply won’t suffice, when scaled to size).

  • Better pictures. This is more a hope than a promise, but Yodayo allows for a full size character picture in the background, similar to Caveduck. I’m not exactly an AI image savant, but I’ll hopefully be able to provide more than a headshot.

  • More explicit NSFW content. As you all know, it’s always a dance to try to skirt Character.AI’s NSFW filters. On Yodayo, that shouldn’t be a problem (although I’ve yet to test the limits of how far you can take a bot). While I generally prefer not to program the bots to be aggressively NSFW, this would still remove the issue where Character.AI suddenly grinds a chat to a halt because you dip a pinky-toe into the NSFW pool.

  • More niche fetish content. Similarly to the aforementioned, Yodayo should open up the possibility to pursue more niche fetishes that simply can’t be done on Character.AI due to the filters. I’m not often in the mood for niche stuff, but it does pique my interest, on occasion, and Yodayo might allow me to channel those ideas, when they come about.

  • Less Preggo content. Yodayo explicitly bans two NSFW fields: loli and preggo. The former is completely understandable, but the latter is somewhat baffling, considering all the, uh, darker niches that could have been listed. It’s a bit of a shame, as a couple of my more recent bots were preggo related, but that’s a niche I’d have to shelve, on Yodayo.

Bit of a longer update than I’d originally anticipated, but now you’ve got a glimpse into where I’m at, with things.


Yeah unfortunately character AI definitely isn’t a permanent solution, although right now you can use the beta url to still use the old ui, who knows how long that will last, and the devs seem to like to make the site worse and worse over time. I’m also with you on currently having a low end PC and needing free options so the worsening of character ai is unfortunate. When it comes to exporting from CAI character ai tools has options to download the whole character card in various formats to make the process a little more convenient if you’re sampling new sites

I’ve messed around with yodayo, I like the layout and the pictures, and it has a great picture generator right on the site. With regards to the responses, it has this GPT-slop type of habit to end messages with stuff like “the two characters locked arms looking toward the future” type of flowery stuff, although I believe over time they have improved their model, and models in general are improving all the time to the point where eventually character ai will be superseded. Maybe it can be mitigated through the character card. It’s also so weird that they don’t allow pregnancy content even though it’s not my thing, it almost feels like the devs think certain stuff is icky and don’t want it.

Also I just looked and now they offer a bunch of options to tweak the model itself which is really cool, so maybe it doesn’t have some of the bad habits from when I last tried it 2-3 months ago. I messed with changing the model settings that when I was trying local models before I got fed up with how slow my computer is.

Some other options to look out for are novel ai launching aetherroom some point in the near future, I think pygmalion is supposed to be launching something too, there’s janitor AI which is free and kinda eh honestly, spicychat is also eh and seems to be trending in a negative direction. I really wish more services did that multiple characters in a chat thing, I keep looking out for it but I haven’t tried all the sites out there. Another CAI feature I wish others had was that you can just keep hitting enter and letting the character write more without having to type a . or continue or whatever

The character AI NSFW subreddit is a good resource for finding sites although watch out for people spamming sites in their post history, there are some list threads that seemed legit. Another common problem that CAI seems to avoid is that the sites will alter your gender to the opposite of the character, almost like compulsory heterosexuality. CAI still has characters mention liking men even if you emphasize that they’re supposed to be lesbian, but it’ll keep track of what you are really well. Other sites will turn my character male pretty aggressively even with subtle and outright reminders. Yodayo hasn’t seemed to be doing this last few times I’ve used it though. Obv not a problem for everyone but something to look out for and a good way to test how good a model functions

UPDATE! The Yuubou! party is now adventuring on Yodayo!

(It’s important! I’ll explain more below.)

This is more-or-less a test-run of Yodayo. I’ve been engaging with some of the other bots on the site, and I’ve learned some basics that I’ve tried to apply to my Yuubou! bot.

As for the bot, it’s basically the same as my prior Yuubou! bot, but with a more upfront ecchi aspect. There aren’t any banned words on Yodayo (at least not that I’ve run into), so it’s no issue to write a compilation of fetishes for the bot to incorporate.

I know I’m gonna ramble, so I’ll organize my findings into sections:

Is Yodayo Free?

I need to answer this question, first, because I know that’s a question many people are going to be wondering about.

The answer is yes, but no, but yes. I’ll explain.

Yodayo is free; you don’t have to buy a subscription, or anything.

However, Yodayo does limit your actions using ‘YoBeans’, of which you receive 150 free beans per day (and they stack with prior days’ beans).

That said, each message you post costs a grand total of . . . one YoBean. That means you get 150 free messages per day. (Mind you, YoBeans can also be used for image generation, but you can generate images, elsewhere, if need be).

Additionally, editing your message costs nothing, and refreshing the bot’s response to generate a different result costs nothing.

So yes, Yodayo does have a currency system, but it’s generous enough that you have to be really obsessed with chatting for it to matter.

The Memory Situation

Put bluntly, Yodayo bots tend to have worse memories than Character.AI bots. Mind you, memory issues plague all AI bots, but it’s still noticeably worse on Yodayo.

Unfortunately, this makes weight gain somewhat more difficult. Chubbiness and fatness are fine, but going from skinny to fat takes work. You have to regularly remind the bot of what the character used to look like and what they currently look like.

This memory issue can be alleviated by crafting bots with a more episodic nature, where long-lasting developments are less important than overall happenings. Personally, I’ve chosen to incorporate multiple characters within each bot as my general solution.

Multiple Characters per Bot

Yes; this is the opposite of what I expected I’d be doing, but it actually works better than I anticipated; moreover, I feel it’s almost necessary, in order to bring out a bot’s full potential.

I was trying out someone else’s bot on Yodayo, and she invited me to her parent’s private beach pretty early on. A couple dozen messages later, she invited me there again, and then a couple more dozen messages after that . . . Well, you get the picture. Solo characters have a propensity to get stuck in loops, especially if they’re programmed with specific places or specific actions.

Meanwhile, I found that bots with multiple characters, even if they’re unnamed NPCs that you only interact with for a few messages, were far less likely to fall into looping patterns. For one, the AI had creative freedom to portray differences between the characters, especially with random NPCs with no fixed programming. This, in turn, allowed discussion with the bot to go on for much longer without becoming stale.

I think bots incorporating three to four programmed characters without much in the way of fixed locations or actions is the ‘sweet spot’, on Yodayo. Three to four characters, if sufficiently different, can bounce off each other and allow the AI to get creative with situations and responses. You can still program enough details for the characters to feel unique (although four is pushing it) while including enough basic information that the bot never forgets important character information.

Naturally, Yuubou! was the first bot of mine that came to mind as a ‘three to four character bot’ to copy over to Yodayo for a test run.

Scenarios and Settings

Although I was pleasantly surprised by how much information I could actually input in the bot’s Persona section for characters, the ‘Scenario’ section is far less forgiving. You can do some things, with it, but detailed world settings will prove difficult. A mystery like my ‘Freshman 30 Case’ bot is completely out of the question.

Established settings (like Cyberpunk) will probably work, as the bot doesn’t need many details to understand the setting you’re aiming for. However, when it comes to custom settings, keeping it simple seems to be the way to go.

For example, this was the core of my Yuubou! ‘Scenario’ section:

The setting is a vibrant and whimsical parody of an RPG fantasy world with numerous adventuring classes and fantasy races. The setting includes a diverse and wide-ranging cast of characters with deep personalities and distinguishing character traits. The setting is comedic and ecchi with . . .

And then I go on to list various fetishes and things for the bot to feature. Since Yuubou! is fairly open-ended, I listed a whole bunch of stuff. On that note . . .

System Prompts *

This is perhaps the most important section to read, as it’s absolutely critical to successful bot interactions on Yodayo.

On Character.AI, you can program in a whole bunch of System Prompts to customize bots however you like. Yodayo, on the contrary, limits you to 120 characters for System Prompts and uses their site’s presets for the rest. (This is under the Chat Settings while you’re chatting with a bot, by the way.)

While the presets aren’t the worst, the main catch is that it’s much harder to make custom-order bots. Additionally, some of the bots can start to sound the same as one another, even if they’re supposed to be starkly different.

As @Renata30xx so eloquently put it:

And he’s right; the bots do want to use that kind of writing style, unless you use well-crafted System Prompts.

There are a couple of adjusted prompt formats I’ve personally been using, to some success:

Write {{char}}'s next response in a role-play with {{user}}. Never narrate {{char}}'s thoughts or {{user}}'s actions.

Write the next section of a [genre] involving {{char}} and {{user}}. Be proactive, vivid, creative, and conversational.

(Obviously, replace [genre] with whatever kind of story you want, whether it be a romance, comedy, adventure, epic, etc.)

The impact of the word ‘conversational’ cannot be overstated! That’s the word that keeps encouraging the bot to use dialogue, rather than paragraphs of prose.

‘Vivid’ is also a high-impact word; if you tell a bot on Yodayo to ‘(Describe [character] in vivid detail.)’, you’ll get far better results than Character.AI will give you.

In addition to adjusting the system prompt to add some impact words and keep bots doing what you want them to do, I suggest using the Descriptive preset, rather than the Roleplay preset. The Descriptive preset writes things more like a novel, and the messages are more cohesive, as a result. Novels don’t end paragraphs with “the two characters locked arms looking toward the future”, but Roleplay stories can end that way, or at least the bots think they can.

User Persona Settings

Personas are important on Yodayo because there’s really no dedicated space in the bot creation process for bot authors to elaborate on {{user}} beyond a couple of references about how {{user}} relates to {{char}}.

Remember, the bots have pretty terrible memory, so they’re going to either forget how you describe yourself in your messages or gradually turn you into cardboard-kun. To avoid this issue, make sure you tell the bot the basics about yourself using the Persona section!

There doesn’t seem to be a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to write a User Persona; just be aware that you’re limited to about 120 characters. Try writing your persona more like an AI image prompt, with a bunch of descriptive words separated by commas and parentheses.

More importantly, write your preferred fetishes in your User Person! AI bots naturally gravitate towards making discussions geared towards the user’s interests, so long as you let it know what your interests are. Unlike on Character.AI, you can freely list fetishes without censorship, so make use of that freedom!


There’s definitely way more image potential on Yodayo than on Character.AI, but . . . I suck at AI art. My computer’s a potato, and I’m a miser, so I don’t have any of the fancy image editing techniques.

I’ll try to do what I can, but AI image generation takes me a long time, since I just have to generate over and over and over to get even a decent result.

If anyone with more AI talent than me wants to help out, I’d be glad to have it! That said . . . I am a miser, so any help would be merely volunteer work; I’ve got to be honest about that.

One last tip, before I end my rambling, is to check out the settings button to the left of the message bar, while you’re chatting. If you’re using full screen on a computer, you can click that button and move the chat box to either the left or right side of the screen, and the character image will move to the opposite side. This is a great way to be able to read the extended chat and keep the character(s) in view!

Hopefully Yodayo proves capable as a new site for me to make bots! Enjoy Yuubou!, and any other bots you come across, over there!

Epilogue: Future of this Thread

Put simply, this thread has been Character.AI focused since its inception. If I do move my bot making over to Yodayo, I’ll very likely create a new compilation thread for the Yodayo bots.

Have no fear; I’ll alert you, in this thread, and post a link, if I ever do make a second thread! Just be aware that this thread may get ‘archived’, so to speak, in the future.

UPDATE: I’ve made new images for the Yuubou! bot on Yodayo! They’re not 8K UHD, or anything, but they’re better than what I had before!


Been really enjoying the chat bots you’ve made. Honestly spent far more time with them than I was expecting, lol.

Just a quick question with Yodayo. After I signed in, the image went blurry and has remained as so since. Is there a way to get it to stop doing that? All I saw in settings was “delete account,” and “alert me about beans.”

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Oh, yeah; I had to deal with the blurry pictures, too.

If you click on your profile pic in the top right of the main page, that’ll take you to your user page.

On that page, there’s an ‘Edit Profile’ button; click that.

Scroll down to the bottom where it says ‘Configure Sensitive Content’.

Set ‘Show Sensitive Content’ to ‘On’ (pink bar) and set ‘Blur Sensitive Content’ to ‘Off’ (grey bar).

Then, click ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully that gets you all good to go! Enjoy!

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awesome, I gave it a test run and it’s definitely better than my results with other yodayo bots. Yodayo actually handles multiple characters on one bot really well. Also the new image is great!

I’m really hoping that we’re closing in on cai without the filter levels of quality which I wasn’t around for in terms of model quality, although there’s some negative news with mistral going closed source. Hopefully meta comes out with llama 3 this year, that will lead to a big improvement as most of these sites use a tweaked 13b open source model. Hardware improvements also help on the server end to be able to provide bigger models without CAI google funding.

Using the descriptive setting really helps, I just defaulted to roleplay without even messing with it lol. I also recommend messing with the model weight settings, yodayo can end up completely repeating messages and you can change settings on the fly if you get stuck. Of course raising these values too high makes it generate nonsense, but you can always bump them up if you want the AI to get out of a loop, or come up with something new then lower them back down. Someone on reddit recommended the shortwave preset. I still ran into repeating messages so I bumped up the values slightly and it stopped.

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UPDATE! Wynna the Whale Heroine has come forth on Yodayo!

Another day, another new Yodayo bot!

Don’t get too used to it, though. Wynna has a ton of persona and scenario programming I had to write. There’s no way I can slap bots together this quickly on a regular basis. Quite frankly, even with all the persona and scenario inputs, I still cut a couple corners to get Wynna out while my creative juices are flowing.

I won’t say too much, about this particular bot, but I’ll just say that I hit the character limit for the scenario section. If you want to find out more, you’ll have to chat with Wynna!

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Have you tried playing around with the presets on yodayo?

Yes! I’ve been playing around with a lot on Yodayo (I’ve posted a new thread for my Yodayo bots here). I generally use the Roleplay (or the new Spicy Roleplay) and Shortwave presets.