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Anyone know of any good games specifically made for fat girl character creation? Kinda like this one: Fat Chara Maker (ぽっちゃりメーカ)|Picrew

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Depends on how fat you want. Saints Row 2 probably has the fattest you’ll ever get, but otherwise most games don’t really go too fat because 1, fat characters are a pain in the butt in 3D, and 2, most normies don’t like fat people enough for the devs to want to put in the effort.
The other SR games don’t let you go nearly as fat, but you can still make your character pretty fat.
(Disclaimer: even with mods, Saints Row 2 doesn’t work too well on PC; the port was notoriously bad.)

Modding in general will help quite a bit, like if you play modded Oblivion, Skyrim, or any of the Bethesda Fallout games, you can get pretty dang huge.

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Dragon’s Dogma has decent fat options

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The body manipulation tools are pretty good but everything else is fairly basic.

Here’s mine

I like this game but I wish you could make her fatter tbh


In fact lot of games with body slider are good for make BBW.

The problem is it work better when modded, generally the scales are limited on purpose…

Example here :