Games With Fat Character Creation Options?

So, I have been looking for more games, like ESO, where you have the option to make your characters look fat. I know that some don’t really have that option like Champions Online, but I guess it is still nice.


Saints Row 3, or maybe Skyrim or Fallout 4 with body sliders?

I remember that Yahtzee Crowshaw mentioned something about Dragon’s Dogma giving you the option of playing as a fat bastard. Yeah, he took that opportunity and played as a middle aged fat black woman.


In SWTOR you can make a thick woman, and the Sims series has weight gain. There’s also 了不起的修仙模拟器 but the English translation isn’t out yet. Kenshi has the potential for making a fat character, but the graphics are crude and I haven’t been able to make a good looking fat person. Mabinogi has weight gain but it’s an old MMO with a crude interface. That’s all the games I can recall for know

Ah, I remember SWTOR and Mabinogi. Lost interest in both due to SWTOR’s EA problem and Mabinogi isn’t kind to you if you go to certain places at the wrong time.

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I’m fairly certain if you’re willing to explore and put in the effort and time, Skyrim has some deep fat creation mod content. Should be a threat somewhere for it on the site

I know the normal Skyrim does, but SSE doesn’t have as much for males.

I highly recommend Dragon’s Dogma because not only it gives you option to play as a fat bastard, but also you can create a fat companion who will always follow the main character. Note that companion characters feel very alive in Dragon’s Dogma because they have their own HP bars. They get attacked by enemies and if you don’t help them then they can even die. Likewise, they can help you, heal you and so on. Interaction with party members was one of the things which I liked very much about this game.


I’ll give it a try once I get enough for it.

New version on Switch. I’m hoping to try it out for myself soon.

I made a thread ages ago about Skyrim mods. Here’s the link:

Playing as a fat character affects gameplay too. You’re harder to knock down, but your stamina runs out faster. You move a bit slower as well.


Ah, thanks for the heads-up about the disadvantages and advantage. Kinda sad body shapes can make it easier or harder though

I saw that, but I only got the Special Edition though

The differences are nothing too major and, generally, you can minimise the effects of fatness by adjusting your height.

On an unrelated note, running out of stamina in this game comes wit an actual animation of your character panting and, though it might just be me, I find the way pawns react to this pretty cute.


If someone is interested, I have an updated list of games (MMO or MMOlite mostly) where we can play a plump/fat characters:
-Age of Conan
-Black Desert Online
-Blade and Soul
-Continent of the Ninth Seal
-Dragon’s prophet/Savage Hunt
-Guild Wars 2
-Riders of Icarus
-Revelation Online
-Second Life
-Star Trek Online
-Starwars the old republic
-Swordsman Online
-The Elder Scroll Online


Things to do in those MMOs:

  1. Create a character with all thickness sliders maxed out and run around annoying others by your character’s looks

Never personally played it myself, but I believe Phantasy Star Online 2 allows you to make some pretty big characters by normal game standards (among a plethora of other options, that game’s character creator is nuts). I would’ve tried it out myself, but the game is only in Japanese, with English patches being available, but that’s a whole lot of stuff i’d rather not fumble with. Though it’s worth nothing that an official English release is finally coming out this year, I think.

Unrelated to MMOs but still relevant to the thread is the Fable series. All let you make a fat character (or rather, you start off thin and can eat tons of meat and pie to fatten up), but I think 2 is the best in this regard, as 1 only lets you play as a male character, and the gain in 3 isn’t as noticeable. Max fatness in 2 gives your character a big gut, fat face, and a very noticeable double chin, on top of having them visibly out of breath when you stop moving. NPCs will also comment on your size in idle dialogue while about town and during sex. It also doesn’t do something that I notice other games tend to do where fat male characters are proper fat, but “fat” females characters are just wider with maybe some face fat and double chin, but no belly to speak of, so that gives it extra points in my book. Personally I feel like the game itself is just ok, but buying out entire towns, jacking up store prices and using the funds to fuel your corrupt, gluttonous urges and gorge yourself on food (which actively makes your character stronger) is surprisingly easy to get a kick out of, if you’re like me.

Edit: Something else I also remember that’s pretty notable is the ability to actually make your character strongfat, which is something I can only think of exactly one other game letting you do. You can increase your character’s physical strength in order to make your melee more powerful, and doing so also makes them visibly more muscular. This isn’t mutually exclusive with fatness though, and having both fat and muscle makes your character real bulky, and still with a fat belly and face. So making a character that can eat out an entire pie stall while swinging around a greathammer at the same time is a perfectly viable build.

It’s also the only game I can think of which (no doubt unintentionally) has a coincidental amount of slob content in addition to the fat stuff. The game has a D&D style alignment system, except instead of law/chaos, there’s pure/corrupt. As you begin leaning more towards corrupt by drinking alcohol and consuming low-quality, cheap food, your character’s skin turns a more sickly color, your features generally get dirtier, and eventually a few flies will start to perpetually buzz around you. Among the numerous actions you have to interact with villagers are one to belch, and one to fart, which are intended for comedic purposes as they make NPCs think you’re funny, but if you’re still interested enough to be reading this, you probably see that a bit differently. I doubt this will appeal to many people, but it’s so weirdly specific I still felt it was worth mentioning.

Ok, honestly can’t believe i’ve written so much about the fat stuff in what I consider to be an “Eh, it’s ok, I guess” game, but if it piques someone’s interest, then it was worth it. Enjoy, I guess?


ah yea, PSO2 does have some good size manipulation options, even if it messes with some costumes. Though iirc the official English release will raise the minimum height for characters because loli/shouta=bad… though I don’t know how they’ll mess with the support partner system, considering they’re just mini customize-able NPCs.

To me, Dragon’s Dogma is the first game that will ever come to mind when thinking about flexible character creation. It’s one of my favorite parts of the game. It allowed me to created fucking Amazons and a cute chubby boy. Although, I wonder if the fat slider is not more pronounced for male characters compared to the one for females.