Character customization WIP/Weight stage previews

After a week, I reworked and completely changed the premise of the previous iteration of this game.

Link to last screenshots here: Very, very early screenshots

Premise -
You are a reincarnated soul lost on an alien planet and need to find your way around a strange new world.

A 5-minute demo with minor weight gain stages/ weight gain scenes is ready, but because of a severe lack of content and some leftover jank, it will be delayed.

What is available:
-Pear and apple body types and descriptions
-3K words
-“Look at self” descriptions
-Giantess/Immobile path variations
-Two very minor weight gain scenes and minor choices
-Character customization is maybe 30% done

To be integrated in the demo:
-Dynamic scenes (interacts with variables)
-Custom name, eye/skin/hair color
-More weight stages

Future builds:
-Personality types that will affect choices/scenes
-Character races
-NPCs (They will be sparse though)
-Hourglass builds
-Way more weight scenes
-More story; probably will be a short CYOA of 30 min. - 1 hour total

WIP Screenshots


BTW should I consider getting busts or not? I have no idea the code would even work for art lol. Also, if you are genuinely curious, I can DM you a copy of the demo.

Really need feedback on this tbh.

I’m not great at even basic code, so this is an experiment project to gear up for something bigger in the future.

I’m very excited to see these “stages” in development U:

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Small update. The flavor text features (skin/eye/hair) are being integrated.

Bahaha real first day of CS class noob hours here. Just remembered how to include more variables than true or false. There is basically no code involved in this project but it will now be much easier to include everything I want.

P.S: If anyone has played Modern Gains, that’s kind of what I plan on modeling the character descriptions after minus the life sim elements.

Skimming this, I had a couple thoughts.

There’s mention of a planned Hourglass gain shape, but that requires a breast display, which as of right now doesn’t seem to exist. Is one planned? And if there’s a “focus” for both belly (Apple) and ass (Pear), wouldn’t it be prudent for there to also be a topheavy shape to balance things out? I’m on a bit of a crusade to popularize the name “Strawberry” as I learned it from Tainted Elysium for such a shape. =P

As for whether or not you should get busts, imo that depends on the level of detail desired and the ability for the bust to reflect that. If it’s not going to be feasible for the bust/busts to adapt to changing game states, I’d personally prefer that the dynamic text descriptions are expanded upon instead.

I’m curious about seeing a demo, but I don’t log into WeightGaming often enough to reasonably ask for a DM. Hope this little wall of text is at least somewhat useful feedback, best of luck on the project. c:


Will address these one by one.
-Hmm. In the future, more shapes for sure! Starting with 2 for simplicity then can integrate hourglass, etc.
-As you can see, the character descriptions are kind of fucked right now. I did not yet release the demo for a reason. You just caught a huge oversight! Clothes descriptions are also absent, but that was more for convenience’s sake atm. I can add breast descriptions easily though.
-The day after that post I think, already trashed the idea of busts. This will be a text-only game.

And I post many walls of text myself, so that is no problem.

Another small update: Eye/Skin/Hair colors and custom names are now integrated into character descriptions. Cosmetics are very easy to program, just lots of copy/paste code. Unfortunately there will be no dynamic scenes yet.

At this point, I really just want to get the demo out and feedback, so it will probably release tomorrow.
It’s mostly a proof of concept for character customization. Just have to tweak a few small things and it will be done tonight.

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