Very, very early screenshots

This is a tech demo, but here are some preliminary screenshots of my CYOA’s character selection screens. The game plot is a vore competition, so there will be different character descriptions for all five weight stages for each girl and probably some simple tracking variables. It will max out at 400-500 lbs and include minor height growth/WG. No code atm.

I am using three main options for girls in place of character customization, to make coding simple as I haven’t used Twine in 9 years. And also I know the bare minimum of coding lol.

This is a short proof of concept and to get feedback for a much larger game of the same nature. It will probably be done in a couple of weeks. The next iteration of the same game will include life sim elements, character customization etc.


Literally didn’t want to post this fucking shit because it’s something I cobbled together just yesterday, but I feel like if it’s posted It’ll at least get me to commit to the project.

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