Character Ideas for a Fantasy Setting

I’ve been learning renpy recently and I have an idea for a decently large project that is going to take some time. The long and short of the concept is that the pc is a witch who is trying to fatten people up in her area. The game is going to be set in a generic sort of fantasy world and I need some feedback on npc ideas.

So far this is what I have:

3 goblin sisters (each with different personality traits and body shapes) ((there’s three cause I like short stacks))

A high elf paladin who doesn’t like your schemes (it doesn’t go well for her)

A dark elf dominatrix type character

And an oni who is an alcoholic

I also have tentative plans for a hucow, and a human that isn’t the pc. These are my favorite fantasy races so they’re the ones I started out making, but I was wondering if you guys might have feedback or questions about the characters I have here, or other fantasy races that are popular enough that they turn into must-haves. Also as a side note I’m personally not into the furry stuff (closest I get is hucow) so I have zero plans on including anthro characters. This project is also in the very early draft stages and I’m starting out with writing character descriptions and working out how they might interact with each other so I want to be thorough with what I start with. Sorry for being long winded with this I just want to cover all that I can. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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maybe like an automaton, or something similar. idk, just spitballing

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You could always do your own spin on dwarves given theyre a classic and you love short stacks, although I do like your 3 golbins schtick.

Gnomes and halflings also make for great fantasy npcs.

I could easily see a gnome getting fat off of tree syrups or candy, and the archetypal halfling love for fod speaks for itself.

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Honestly, I hadn’t even considered a construct or something like that! That’s awesome and something I’ll have to think on!

Never been a fan of gnomes tbh but a halfling makes a lot of sense. A dwarf would be a good route for a strongfat character so I think It’d be good for variety. Thanks for the suggestions!

a wight? I dunno, never really read much fantasy books

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This might be kind of an unusual one, but what about a dryad or tree nymph? They’re usually shown as lean, but also mischievous. I could see one start sneaking snacks or playing pranks that have an effect on their size like stealing from travelers in the forest or something. I could see a dryad slowly getting thicker and curvier from overindulging or maybe it’s the natural progression as they age.


Following from the last suggestion, if you want an inflation character you could include a naiad (water nymph), either as an accomplice to the witch or a victim. Or maybe their waters are strangely sweet and fattening because fantasy magic logic (the witch put a spell on the stream?).


Not sure if I’d do a wight or any other undead for that matter. Never liked those kind of characters in fetish stuff. Gives me necro vibes and kills my mood ya know? Thanks for the suggestion tho!

I’ve been playing a lot of Gorge Valley and that game is pretty dryad heavy so I can see the appeal. Also never been too into the inflation stuff but liquid stuffing I can get behind so a nymph with magically fattening water does seem right up my alley! Also I like the Idea of the dryad and nymph being kind of a duo and using the nymph to “water” the dryad could be a good way of making her larger. Hell yeah! I can work with these, thanks!

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That’s a great idea. I could see a situation where maybe a water nymph nurses a sickly or wounded dyad back to health and because of the water nymph’s more nourishing (and possibly a bit addicting) water, the dryad ends up overfed and thickening up. Perhaps growing thicker in the “trunk” first and then ending up bearing larger than normal “fruit” which I guess could refer to her chest or fertility or both. I see a lot of potential here. Like liquid stuffing would be over watering.

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I love the idea of the dryad producing fruit too. Could be that “cursed” water has effects on the fruit as well, making them a more fattening treat for the characters and maybe some background npcs too. This is definitely going in!

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Another thing you could do with the dryad (in addition to or in conjunction with the fruit thing maybe), is that maybe as she gets thicker, she makes some kind of ultrasound rich, fattening extra that she can feed to others to help them gain weight too. I think there’s some kind of panel from Dungeon meshi about a plant creature that feeds one of the characters (although maybe that’s fan art?)

Also, If you’re into the liquid bloating/stuffing angle, you might also consider some kind of humanoid ooze or jelly creatures.

That can sometimes get into vore, which isn’t everyone’s thing (including myself), but it doesn’t necessarily need to. Bonus is that they’re by definition the jiggliest.

All just ideas brainstormed up seeing these comments. Definitely seems like you’ve got more than enough super fun ideas to play with

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I like the idea of having a feeder character (especially when it comes to having larger characters) that stays thinner comparatively. So I was thinking about using the idea that Leonidas TimeWalker said of using an automaton or construct to fill that role because I can’t feasibly come up with an idea of a character like that gaining at all (plus fat robots don’t do it for me).

Also vore isn’t really my thing either so I’ll avoid characters like that, however I do like the idea of a slime girl though and I don’t think it counts as a vore character.

And yeah this thread has been super helpful with all the ideas! I’m still slowly chipping away with the writing of this game and I absolutely not set a date for when this comes out lol. Thanks again for everyone who replied too! You guys are awesome!

Here’s a soft update for anyone who’s following this accursed thread. I’ve been writing brief character descriptions and adding rough ai generated images to go along with them. Keep in mind that I want to do hand drawn portraits for all the characters at multiple stages of weight gain (and this is very much WIP at this point) so a lot of this is subject to change at the moment with community feedback. Anyway, enjoy!

Violiet-MC (curvy wg)

The three shortstack goblins (they’re sisters btw) Chartruese, Jade, and Olive (strawberry, pear, and apple respectively)

(I wanted the 3rd one to be more on the chubby side already because she’s the cook but ai gonna ai)

Plat- On the receiving end of some forced feeding stuff (not sure what body type but I want her to start more bottom heavy)

Scarlet- The dommy mommy dark elf who torments Plat (hourglass wg)

Ochre- An oni who is a drunkard that will grow softer over time (all over wg/strongfat)

Sienna- The dwarf in charge of making the buildings who pop up in the story (hourglass/strongfat)

Cyan- A water nymph who is cursed/blessed by the mc and does liquid stuffing things (all over wg)

Pantone- A dryad that protects the forest and the MC’s compound and provides fruit (all over wg but more emphasis on be)

Sorry for the long post but I wanna get feedback on these as I’ve more or less locked these in as the starting characters for this story, and I want some feedback on if this is a body diverse enough cast to start a game out with. Also suggestions for gameplay are encouraged as I want to get these things locked in ahead of time are appreciated! I am very new to this and I figure the more I have squared away ahead of time the better and I want feedback on these kind of things. Thanks again for your time!


I think this looks really promising! Do you think it would be possible for some of this to backfire on the MC causing them to gain weight over the course? Some bad ending sort of things could be cool also. Either way interested to try it out once you have something together!

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I absolutely have plans for this to backfire on her lol. That’s one of my favorite tropes in this kind of content.

I’m not too sure how many side endings I want to have but Big Aspirations is a large inspiration for me and I might do something similar to that, where the “bad ends” are noncanonical side things that are sort of easter eggs for you to find in the game. I think now that I have a good roster of characters to work with I can start moving on with getting dialog written, spell checked, and tightened up.

Glad you’re looking forward to it!

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Im very excited by this project too! Love to see yoh working on it!

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