Character maker for my game

Hey people, I’m looking for a character maker/ illustrator app or site,

are you looking for something specific like 2d or 3d, a specific style, full body or just a portrait, any animations or facial expressions

there is an addon for Blender called MB lab that lets you create humans and it has a weight slider. I personally wasn’t a big fan of it but that might just be my taste

there is V-katsu for anime style models. it doesn’t have a weight slider (last I checked) but you can export the models and edit them in Blender (here is a thread to do that). it might take more work than you are willing to put in though

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Perhaps check out Daz Studio? The program itself is free, easy to use (must be if I can manage to use it!) and comes with enough free assets for you to decide whether it’s the kind of thing you’re going to enjoy using.

Be careful which one you pick. I’ve seen more than a few games use 2D or 3D character makers that were horrendously ugly or terrifyingly uncanny.