ChocoLand (Update 5: probably final major update)

Welcome to ChocoLand, a city made entirely of chocolate and candy! Lose control, eat everything until you are stuffed and then grow larger to eat even more. A first person stuffing game made in Unity.
Download Update 5

Update 1 patch notes:

  • Added little chocolate people to eat for fun.
  • Added a dialogue system
  • Added a cafe worker you can talk to and get food from.
  • Added particle effects when you eat things, if you see particles you are able to eat whatever you are looking at.
  • Some items require more than one bite to eat (WIP still need to update the city)

Update 2 patch notes:

  • Updated the city a bit.
  • Added a modeled belly that looks pretty bad, updated code to support mesh belly.
  • Added a bit more dialogue.
  • Probably some stuff I forgot.

Update 3 patch notes:

  • Updated values to make a smoother game experience
  • More dialogue
  • Fixed spawn location
  • Minor other changes

Update 4 patch notes:

  • Added some sound and music (Credit to SRP for the music),
  • Minor changes.

Update 5 patch notes:

  • Added a smoother belly model
  • Added a win condition with the saddest excuse for a final cut scene you ever seen.
  • Fixed some hitboxes.
  • Made things darken as you eat them.
  • Tweaked some values.


  • Remove janky stuff like getting caught on the sidewalk despite being a 30 meter giant.
  • Add more dialogue.
  • Add a collider to the belly
  • Make the belly jiggle a bit.
  • Stop posing updates at 5:00 AM.

Left click to eat
Ctrl to crouch
E to open the door
F to grow when you maximize fullness
Q to skip dialogue
Right click/Alt to free look but kinda buggy

Basic gameplay is eat food until you maximize fullness, then press F to grow so you can eat even larger foods.

I’m mostly using the Gain Jam as an excuse to learn Unity better so don’t expect too much. If nothing else I do feel like I have learned a good bit about using Unity so I can make a proper game later. Almost all the assets are free assets I got from Unity or lazy models created with primitive shapes .


1st person?

Yes, I very much hope for these! A belly is all nice and good, but I hope for something more… And vore(even if the creature is made of food, it moves and exhibits life autonomously, eating it is vore) is always welcome!


I really like this idea! Definitely would love to see this idea expanded upon. I played the game and I actually thought it was pretty fun. Excellent job!


This sounds very interesting! You have my stamp of excited approval and can’t wait to see how this game progresses!

Ah yes, the fetishistic Katamari Damacy derivative we have all been waiting for. Well… “We.”
It’s a good start.


Oooh this sounds amazing, I’m definitely gonna check this out ASAP!

…also the name made me think of N64 Choco Mountain so


Wish we took bites out of our food(or at least ate it piece by piece), rather than just: click on thing, it’s gone now. XD

Like… I really wanted to eat the counter in the store we start in, rather than the whole damn building with a single click. XD


I love the idea but it needs lots of work like one time I ate one of the big building and got bigger and could not eat the small building because my belly was in the way.

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First person is fine, just need to swap out the pill belly for a real one. Third person means you have to go through all the trouble of modeling and rigging a whole character. Plus, just having a belly means we get to headcanon what the character looks like, what gender they are, etc.
Overall I actually like this game, it just needs some more content, like the OP post says.


Released update one, see the main post for the change log. Let me know what you want added/changed other than what is on the TODO list.


This is amazing so far. Very excited to see how this proceeds.

Has a cuteness factor to it. I found it entertaining to chase the people hahahha!

Overall, as a first-time Unity user, you are doing well.

Download didn’t work.

What issue did you have downloading? The link worked for me when I tested it.

Wha? Oh NOW it works… it said it couldn’t do it, and I had to download this desktop app thing to try downloading files of a larger size!

…the hell happened?

That’s a bit more like it! Run as far as you want you chocolate potatoes! It won’t keep you from my gullet! Hahahahahahahaha!
(And eating the counter was satisfying. XD)

This is a very good game, I agree with getting an actual belly as that would make the game just feel so much better.
Also would recommend some slower scaling or more ‘content’, I ‘finished’ it in about 3 minutes, as the eating was just too much fun…

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I made a quick belly model in blender and got the shape keys working. I should be able to fully implement that by the end of the day. After that, game should be mostly complete feature wise, will just need more tuning of values and tidying up the game.


great work my question is does the belly jiggle.

Update 2 is out. Most of the time was rewriting code to get the belly to work with a mesh that has shape keys. Belly is pretty janky but overall works. Project is mostly winding down, most the features have been implemented. Just need to tweak values, fix some bugs, write some more dialogue and quality of life stuff.

If I have time I would like to make the belly jiggle a bit.

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Played through 1.0 and 2.0 one after the other (completely unintentional lol, I just happened to be finishing playing the first update while you were uploading the second). Thoughts:

  • Dialogue was really charming
  • While it is very fun to see her stomach balloon like that, I think it should be smaller on the final stage, at least to begin with. There’s still a lot left uneaten when you hit the last stage and the big-ass belly makes it very difficult to click on anything since it’s in the way.
  • Speaking of, the final stage keeps the “Press F to Grow” graphic despite that no longer being a thing you can do.
  • I loved the little ChocoLand election part. Them hopping around but not actually moving was pretty funny :laughing:
  • Are the tunnels edible?
  • While fun, the lack of music or sound effects is very noticeable. Perhaps there could be some eating sound effect or a “stomp” sound effect when roaming the town as a giant?

Overall very fun for how short it is, but still has a few kinks to iron out. I wish you luck in the Gain Jam! :+1: