Chub Club: A Quest Adventure

It’s been a rough year, but it’s been even worse for your best friend Chloe. On top of everything else, including nearly flunking out of college and being bullied by her jerk of a stepdad, you’re surprised that she managed to hold on and keep being her happy, somewhat bizarre self. That changed when she stopped returning your calls however, and you heard rumors that she caught her long-term boyfriend in bed with two other girls. It’s been a couple weeks since then, and you haven’t heard a peep from her, and her mom wouldn’t tell you anything other then she was away more often then usual. You really started getting worried that she was involved with a bad crowd or something before out of the blue she called you up and invited you to the mall; specifically, the back room of an old shoe store that recently closed down. “Come over around six, I’ve been working on something new,” she said before hanging up. As you get on the bus, eager to help your friend out in any way you can, you start to wonder just what your weird, weird friend was up to lately.

And knowing Chloe, whatever it was, it was going to be pretty big…

Alright here we go, official announcement for my first ever Quest game, the Chub Club! Inspired by jerkajerk’s projects and the Strasbane University game, this is basically going to be a full thing based on the idea of the weight gain club from the latter game, where you pack on the pounds and make friends along the way, featuring romance, light puzzle elements, and of course plenty of fattening opportunities to sink your teeth into!

I’ve made this an idea instead of a project because I actually want to finish this to completion, at least with an ending or endings, before I post it, since sadly a lot of text adventures here tend to go unfinished (and I tend to be a nitpicky completionist in general). In the interim I’d be happy to hear opinions and ideas for what you would be interested in seeing out of this concept, so brainstorm away! :smiley:

Oh and since this has been finished, I’ll add another link up here: Chub Club - Play online at


Always happy to see a new text game on the site, though my comp has issues with Quest. Can’t play the downloads, and the browser occasionally freezes up. Still hasn’t stopped me from trying, lol.

Why don’t the downloads work, have you tried playing them with the Quest software?

I’ve got Quest installed on my computer, it just won’t run the games.

The really odd part? I was making a game in Quest, and I can load it and work on it without too much difficulty. But, if I try to play it, I get the same error. I’m not sure what’s going on.

That’s really weird, wish I knew more about Quest so I could help with that :confused:

I don’t know how many problems you have while working on it / playing it, but Quest has some problems with terms. Objects or attributes named “game” (formerly, I know this was a problem in the version before this latest one, but don’t know if it’s still a problem) or “resource” as I’ve seen in my work as recently as this past update. If you are working on it fine one night, close out of it, and try to reopen it unsuccessfully, it could be due to that. I guess you could consider some [edited spelling] names “sacred” to Quest.

Alternatively, reinstalling the latest version of Quest has helped me with a similar problem when I could not play the downloaded version of a Quest game. Perhaps Quest has / had an issue updating itself. Nothing I can say about the browser, unfortunately! It can be a mess.

Good luck on your Quest games!

Yeah can’t wait for it

@MightyHalberd I am really excited for this! I was also wondering if you can make this compatible with because I have a mac. Thank You!

I got the program for making it from that website so I think it should work, but I’ll make sure its Mac compatible when the project is done. :smiley:

On a related note, I am indeed working out the overall frame work of the game and I want to make a few bullet points for what to expect.

-Male and Female weight gain, there are two guys and two girls in the club besides you and Chloe, and the main character is going to be unspecified gender, so there’s a little bit for everyone.
-Main game mechanic is completing quests that will help other club members gain, fairly standard text adventury stuff.
-The ‘turns’ for the game will be in weeks, allowing for weight gain at a fast but believable pace.
-Romance options, of course

I’m not going to go nuts with the overly complicated plot threads or multiple unique endings just yet, since I’m still getting used to the program, but hopefully when this monster is out I can make updates to add more, so stay tuned!

(PS, since I don’t want to leave everyone hanging while this is getting worked on, if you want to see what my writing style is going to be like for this, feel free to peruse the stuff I’ve put on It tends to be a little finnicky in regards to free users sadly, but if you can get in I hope you like what’s in store! :slight_smile:

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Ah, I’ve seen your Daven’s Port thread. I post on the site under the name “hedkrakka”. I can’t say I’ve read your other works, I’m afraid. I prefer OC’s over… I’m spacing on the word I want here, but commercial characters in fat works that don’t fit their character, so I tend to avoid them.

Quick question, as I haven’t seen it asked, or I might just be blind: can the MC gain in this story, or is it just the four other characters in the Chub Club?

And as long as I’m asking questions, are you planning different body types and total gains between the characters?

And for those offering help with Quest, I’m going to try uninstalling and reinstalling the software, see if that works.

Yeah I totally get preferring OC’s over commercial characters, the Davens Port stuff has kinda been my favorites so far. Nice to meet you hedkrakka, I’ve read your stuff too and its great. ^^

As for the questions, yes the MC is going to be gaining in this story, and there will be different body types. The total gains will mostly be the same, but I think the ending weights will be different depending on the romance subject once I get there.

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So in weighing my options I decided to backtrack on something I said earlier.

Yup, a demo. This doesn’t really have any weight game stuff and is mostly fluff and one very easy fetch quest, but since there’s clearly a bit of interest I wanted to share my attempts to get a grasp of this coding language and figure out how things work, as well as making sure I’m uploading properly so Udaddy and other mac users can play it. Let me know if there’s any severe issues at this stage and stay tuned for more developments! :smiley:

(If you see a next day button don’t get too excited, I don’t have anything past day one made yet)


If you give Tina the clothes and then talk to her she will ask you if you got her the clothes yet.

@MightyHalberd Thanks So much!

I like what I’ve seen so far. Leaves me wanting more.

And Quest is still giving me issues. The error reads: “Could not find ‘CefSharp.Core.dll’ or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found.”

Edit: Is there anything after the one fetch Quest, is that all she wrote for now?

Sadly that’s all I have for you guys right now, but work is processing steadily. If I feel ambitious enough and the coding doesn’t fight me I may add some dynamic weight gain for the main character, but we’ll see how that goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The demo looks very good so far.

Looks good, is all basically functional, and I didn’t run into any bugs, although one thing I am hoping for is that the fountain is going to play a bigger part in the game.

I definitely like the idea of dynamic weights, so here’s to hoping the coding isn’t too difficult.

You mentioned one of the core elements of the other members gaining weight was the MC doing Quests for them, like with Tina and the pants quest. Does that also apply to Chloe, and how would you effect the MC’s weight? Chloe and Tina both seem the most gung-ho about gaining (Tina seems to be aiming particularly high, and I love her for that), so I could certainly see them putting on a fair bit even without outside interference. Still, I’m always happy to help, lol.

As for the MC, is it just going to be something you do at the start or end of the week, similar to Long Live the Queen? Something like:

Schedule for Week 13
Exercise: 0 out of 5
Meals: 5 out of 5
Portion size: 5 out of 5
Snacks: Excessive
Food Quality: Greasy
Weight gain shakes: Yes

Estimated daily calorie count: 14,237
Accept schedule?: yes/no

Obviously, this is just an example. I don’t even know how someone would code that, or if it’s even possible in Quest.

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Oh lord, for the sake of my sanity it isn’t going to be that complicated. But I do have a system in place.

Since I’m fairly new and I’m focusing on making the descriptions nice and meaty (hehe) the game itself is only going to last a few turns or so, with every member of the club getting a quest and ending with something poignant for Chloe herself. In future updates I’ll probably add more fluff and minor characters that you can mess around with, but for the base framework I’m sticking to that model.

The NPCs gains will be consistent (at least initially), but I have something fairly simple in mind for main character weight gain. If you recall from the demo, Chloe hands out coupon books to help everyone get cheap food, and I’m tweaking it so that the book you choose will affect where you gain weight and subsequently any descriptions of your character. You won’t be able to affect the way your friends gain weight in the first completed version but that’s definitely something I may want to add later.

As for the fountain, that’ll definitely play a part in the game at some point. :wink:

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