Chub Quest!

(Previous named “Dungeons & Fatfurs”)

This is a simple, One click/touch game to pass the time ~

With Fat furs of course ~

How to play:

Click/Touch the cards over your character to move, reach the highest level before your HP or Stamina drop to 0… Or get too fat to continue!

Go and dowload this game (For windows now, and later on android)!


It’s cute, but I keep wanting to speedrun fats, the art is too good, haha!


New Update of this game! To see all changes and aditions, and download it, go here ~

This game latest update is up to everyone on now! To check Devlogs and download link of current update, go here ~
Chub Ques v0.3 DevLog - Chub Quest by Ziul Walls


I played a bunch of runs of this game, and I quite like it. Here’s some feed back for ya:

  • Currently I think the stamina penalty from being too big is too extreme at the moment, it is very easy to loose via staimina loss versus getting too fat and too a lesser extent lossing all you health. This also makes characters with high belly caps not very useful versus character with weight mitigation(more on this later) I’d reduce the stamina drain over all, or have the more extreme stamina drain (i.e 4 5 and 6) happen near the very end of the belly cap (i.e 85% 90% and 95%) that way characters with higher belly caps can use their caps more without being punished and characters with lower caps have to worry more about that disadvantage because they can hit the higher percentages easier.

  • Currently Ziul and to a lesser extent Moony are the best characters in the game because Calorie Control is by far the best trait in the game, as it lets them take very little weight and keep their stamina drain to a minimum while also having the highest stamina and health out of the cast so they can go the distance easy while everyone else struggles. Ziul in particular is ridiculous because he has the best ability with Ziul’s Self check, because it give good healing, gives him half his stamina and also completely removes everything in his gut so he can use that stamina to the fullest, AND ALSO gets a free stamina recharge if it gets to low with his other trait makes him by far the best character. If you nerf Calorie Control to either not affect enemies or to either round up the values or some other nerf this would help both of them to not overshadow the rest of the cast.

  • On the other end of the tier list is poor poor Pi, Currently every aspect of Pi works against himself so he ends up having to get on his knees and pray to RNGesus and have nothing but perfect runs for every floor to stand a chance. For starters, while Thicc Protection makes him want to have alot of fat, this makes his already terrible stamina problem even worse, even then he needs ALOT of food to reach 50% and the damages nullification helps him the least because he has the highest HP out of everyone. Two rewards, while fine on its own, really doesn’t help Pi at all because Pawcoins don’t do anything unless you find a shop, which is random to find and needs alot of walking to check every event spot and taxes his stamina even more than normal. Finally Pi’s Overeating is just really bad, you drain all your fat, which you want for Thicc protection, and in return you get every food pickup eaten to heal you for not nearly enough health for it to matter. As an example you can take when you buff Pi i’d improve his stamina a bit, but still keep it the lowest out of everyone so you still have to play around it. I’d also change his traits so they give bigger bonuses to being big and help offset is poor stamina, like the bigger you are, the more stamina you regain when you defeat enemies in battle for example. Lastly I’d change Overeating to give you more health back than just eating the food normally (like double or triple the amount), and have it set your Belly to about 40%. You don’t have to do buff him exactly like this but please buff my big boi, he is suffering.

  • Another change I would like would be to make shops more easily spotted and would their for make pawcoins more lucrative to have on hand, because currently there’s a good chance event spots will just kill you, and shops are really rare and unreliable at the moment. Also there’s a bug I noticed that had shops sell you literally nothing sometime, EDIT: Found out what causes this, if you get warped into a shop, the shop screen will appear but will not have any inventory for sale

  • Speaking of event spots, I’d nerf the frequency of arrow traps and warps because right now they happen all the time, I have lost many runs because I got 3 or 4 arrow traps in a row and died because of it, either that or randomize the damage a bit, like it can roll 5, 10 , or 20 damage so multiple arrow traps don’t just end your run.

  • Finally I’d boost the amount of healing and stamina gain from food so you have more of a reason to explore floors instead of just rushing to the boss monster and then the door and milk the in-between floor effects to keep the run going.

Sorry if this post was kind of whinny and overly wordy, but I hope you continue to work on this game more, what’s here right now is really good.

EDIT: Found out what causes the shop bug.

EDIT 2: Also for fun and also to say something about all the other characters, here’s a tier list of all the playable characters for this version of the game with really questionable letter ranking.

SS: Ziul : There are no negative aspects of this character, best traits, best stats, best ability, very gud boi

A+: Moony : Moony has calorie counter but has a slightly worse stat spread with less heath and a bit more belly capacity, Never give up is quite a bit weaker than Provisions, and her ability, Moony’s Temptation, is probity 3rd best out of the cast giving her more stamina, less belly and showing where all enemies on the map are. It also hurts you if you use it with less than 30% belly cap which I can’t tell if that’s intentional or not. Either way she is most certainly second best, I managed to get to floor 135 with her, only loosing because of my own stupidity. (Also she has my favorite design out of the cast)

B : Eloy : Eloy is very evenly stated, has one so-so trait and one very good trait, and the second best ability with Eloy’s Softness, allowing him to skip the boss of a given floor and also effectively getting a second proc of Rest. While he is very good on paper, there’s a good chance he runs into stamina and weight issues, Softness + rest only gives him 22 stamina back, which might not be enough to make a run for the door, particually if he has just a bit too much weight on him. Other than, if Calorie counter gets nerfed and having a larger belly capacity is more useful, I can see him being A tier for sure.

B- : Scott : Scott has the second lowest health and stamina out of the cast while being tied with the highest belly cap. While this sounds really bad, one of his traits; Get every nutrient, helps him offset this big weakness of him, and his ability Scott’s gains also helps by putting some some of the strain of those stats to his belly capacity. Unfortunately this forces him to pack on the pounds and make his stamina consumption too much if he gets unlucky and can’t loose the weight. His other trait is Never give up, which doesn’t help him get out of him loosing too much stamina from being too BEEG. Still, he’s also still good despite that con.

C: Ian: Ian has similar stats to Eloy with a bit more stamina but has the lowest health out of the entire cast. His two traits are nice; Acute Hearing lets him know where all enemies in a level but not what those enemies are until he uncovers them. Chest Hunter lets him find chest easier, While you more often then not get ambushed its still good, particularly if you get lucky with getting keys in chests. However these are both undermined with how bad his ability is, as it give him the meager benefits of some health regain and a bit of stamina regain plus 30 pawcoins, however it sets his weight to 50% every time you use it. This means whenever he uses it he will have to spend 5 stamina to just start moving though the floor, which eats up any stamina that was given to him by the ability. I think this ability is just a place holder because it doesn’t help all that much with Ian’s health or his game plan of grabbing all the chests then snipping the boss and leaving, and it lacks a name too. Still this ability is debatably worse than Pi’s Overeating, because at least that helps Pi deal with his really bad stamina.

D: Pi : You know what they say about how the bigger they are the harder they fall and Pi ends up falling down as hard as someone who weighs over 1000 pounds does. pls buff :c

I have no idea if I’m going to do these tier lists for future updates but this was kinda fun if really time consuming.


I really appreciate your comment! I am currently working on each point you mentioned here. (Because those were also points mentioned in my discord due patreons played this version a week earlier) So, with this I can confirm that I need to make those adjust to the game… And I will!

I am really glad people are linking this game! This makes me feel very exited to continued working on it ~ Stay tuned for the next update soon ~


New update of Chub quest with a lot of changes! Now you can check the changelog and download it for free here ~


That was one really quick update!
Here is some more feed back:

  • Calorie counter now rounds up and the stamina cost of movement formula got changed so characters with larger belly caps can use that advantage more. I still think characters with weight mitigation and big stamina bars are still the best, but the gap between the two ends of viability isn’t as extreme.

  • Regular enemies now give you pawcoins so you have a reason to fight them now, which is nice. Less nice are the new bosses on later floors that don’t have keys, because they are typically the biggest drain on your resources and if you kill a keyless boss, you get NOTHING in return. I’d at least give you something in return for fighting them, a potion, alot of money, maybe something else, because of can screw yourself if you get unluckily with bosses which will most certainly end your run due to not having enough stamina. Also it would give characters that have observation a reason to fight bosses that don’t have the key and make the player have to weigh their options more.

  • I do not particularly care for the new gacha system, partly because I am bias as fucc against those systems in general, and also because it makes obtaining new characters and upgrading characters very annoying. You only get a single point added onto base stats if you roll a character that you actually want to upgrade, as for the traits, well…

  • The new trait swapping feels very bizarre to me, mostly because you can just take traits from weaker characters that need them to offset their weaknesses (or are just bad on the characters that get them like thicc protection) and sticking them on stronger characters to make them even better. Particularly because it might lead into the issue of character loosing what makes them unique from one another, like giving every character with calm soft steps because that trait is ridiculous and useful on literally every character, rather than something that helps Pi specifically. This is kind of a complex issue, but I’d change this so every character as a trait they cannot change but a one or two they can, with the unchanging trait being particularly powerful to help differentiate characters a bit more. Also you could add a feature when you can buy or roll for traits using diamonds.

  • Finally speaking of blue diamonds, because going down floor for long runs doesn’t increase the amount of diamonds you gain, and because rolling for characters is the only form of progression, It’s better to have short runs where you prioritize diamonds and nothing else. This, ironically, makes Pi the best character for farming diamonds because you can play incredibly reckless and focus on event spots to farm diamonds, and his starting money lets him buy up as many diamonds as he can.(even then you could just give Pi’s money trait to Ian and he might be better at this) I’d change this by either granting diamonds more frequently on later floor or by giving them as you progress through the dungeon, like every 5 floors you get a diamond or something. Or you could change progression by having characters level using xp they get by clearing floor with them getting more for clearing later floor, then they can use that xp to upgrade their base stats or equip new traits or something like that.

  • Finally I still find the best way to play is to rush the boss and then the exit, you could add items or equipment to help incentivize people to explore floor more, either as permanent boosts to the run and or more powerful consumables that can get you out of a jam or open up new opportunities but are limited enough that players will always want to seek them out. Either that or boost the restrictive effects of food and drinks.

I might make a follow up post later today going into more depth on the new characters if any one is interested

Good luck with the game Ziul!


Thank you so much for your nice feedback again! I will continue reading and improving the game thanks to those opinions and thoughts. Things I want to say about your comment is.

  • Giving no-key bosses a nice reward (like a chest, with just positive rewards) is a very nice idea and I surely will implement. Thanks.

  • I know a lot of people hate the new gacha system, but, coding and thinking about ways to unlock characters (like in other of my games like ffc) is kinda hard and time consuming, also, giving all characters for free at the start makes the little “progression” the game has get lost… So, for now, I will keep it.

  • If you reffer to the skils with “traits”, yes, I thought they should be unique for each character, but, I really liked the player to “build” your character with different skills and make “less usefull characters” very good characters, by giving them the best skills and wisely leveling up the correct stats.

  • “Making the best character even better” is subjetive ~ I promise each character can be the best, if you give them enough love. even comparing. Because, for next updates, not only they will be unique in stats spread and clear special card, there will be more to come ~

  • Blue diamons! Yes, They will be rewards for reaching certain levels ~

  • Also, there will be other ways to buy/obtain skills, don’t worry ;3

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I mean when it comes to adding a different progression system that should be pretty easy to implement, you could add in a shop that uses diamonds as a currency instead, that way players could buy stuff more consistently and you would still have progression in unlocking new characters/getting new skills. You could also have both the shop and the gacha with the gacha being cheaper than the shop but you could weigh having to either rolling for protentionaly more or spending more to get exactly what you want.

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i think if you took the shop during a stage event out, and made the shop appear every 3 levels or so with like 9 items instead of 3 would be a bit better too, maybe make the shop events just give a random item

also maybe a gallery of characters with size stages

and maybe awarding blue gems for full stage clears

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I rolled for new characters 5 times and got Ziul 4 times… I wanted to try the other characters, but I’m not going to sit through multiple runs just for a chance at a new character–and apparently not even as big of a chance as one would think, seeing how many characters there are.

For the most part, by the time I finish one run as a given character, I’ve already seen enough to want to move on to the next character. Why not just give the player a new character for reaching, say, Level 10 as the character that was just unlocked? That would challenge the player to achieve some mastery of the new character’s play style, and it would also result in much better-controlled progression than just putting the player at the mercy of the RNG.

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This game is very repetitive and seems to have no spike in rewards or difficulty. Progression is slow for both leveling your characters and and unlocking them. As far as I know there is no reason to level up my characters because there is no difficulty increase or reward for later floors. On top of this, if the boss and door are on opposite sides of the map (or god forbid in a corner) its pretty much an instant loss.

That being said, I generally enjoy your games and I am sure you’ll figure something out. Its still better than most of the projects out there, but your other works seem to have more direction.

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Maybe Because this one is the newest and is in the earliest phase of all my projects… This will get more aditions in the future that will make the game less “repetitive” and will have tools to fasten up the progretion in future updates.

Thanks for your feedback.

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A new update was released yesterday for this game ~


I would have put this on the itch page but it wouldn’t let me upload a screenshot on mobile. Anyway it’s possible to get softlocked by the dark holes with the new walls.

Alao the challenge no fighting enemies before the fifth floor might need some rethinking. As it is, it’s entirely luck-based, as it’s pretty common to generate boxed in by enemies, and that’s not even considering the ambush and dark hole events.


I got a chance to play the new update and I like this new direction for the game, having a level up system lets you keep a run going and also helps balance out all of the characters so you can (usually) pick favorites more rather than whos the best. It does also mean that characters are now similar to each other at the start of a run apart from starting stats and their between floor abilities but eh its not that big of a deal.

On the topic of bigger deals though;

  • Walls are normally fine but they can soft lock your game if you don’t have a skill (I don’t know why the hell I kept calling skills traits) that allows you to bypass walls. While dark holes can soft lock your game, you can also enter a floor where you get surrounded by walls and there’s nothing you can do but just restart.

This happened to me about 3 other times as well, I’d add in some feature that allows you to break down walls but really inefficiently for everyone (like you can break them but it takes 10%hp and stamina every time or something like that) or change how levels generate so you always have access to the door and the boss with the key and also not have dark holes no longer send you to area where you can’t escape from.

  • If you get a ambush event while near walls, they can sometimes spawn inside the walls allowing you to bypass them, this feels like a bug because there’s a coinflip chance of it happening, also I’ve only ever seen it happen to walls to the left and right of the player.

  • There’s a bug with the morshu shop where if you pick it you enter the shop screen but you are also still controlling your character, so you end up walking to places you can’t see because the shop screen is in the way.

  • Stamina drain from being big feels MUCH more forgiving that it used to be so now using effects that boost your weight now feels much less detrimental.

  • I second that Tammy’s unlock is very unforgiving as it is feels borderline impossible do not fight any common enemies without using Kat or Turly and also having really good luck, I’m a little unsure how to change this without not making it a challenge, maybe change it to: get to floor 5 without fighting more than 6 regular enemies or something similar to that.

  • Because of the bigger levels, Pi’s overeating now has a change to eat himself to immobility if too many food and drink items spawn. I’ve only got this to occur once but you should give the ability a cap to stop that from happening.

  • When you get up to the larger belly caps you remove 3 from your belly meter instead of one when you move a space. I can’t tell if this is a bug or intentional but it really helps characters.

  • The ‘Do flexes’ effect has a wrong description it should be “sets belly cap to 25%” not “removes 25% of belly cap”. This also means that doing flexes while at less than 25% belly cap will make you fat which is pretty funny.

  • Finally; The Gatcha is dead.

  • The Gatcha remains dead, and we have killed it.

  • How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?

  • What was frustrating and random of all that the forum has yet owned has bled to death under our comments: who will wipe this code off of us?

  • Ok more seriously while I am glad I don’t need to use the gatcha to pull and upgrade characters anymore, this makes blue diamonds not useful anymore. At least for now and I’m not sure what application they would have now that you upgrade and unlock characters in runs now. Maybe they could be used like lunar coins from Risk of Rain 2 where you exchange them for items with positive and negative effects?

Overall, this is a really great update and I’m glad you kept working on this game!


And I am very glad for your comment! I will continue working on that


Done! Chub Ques v0.5 Hotfix Log - Chub Quest by Ziul Walls


I’m very glad you replaced the gacha system. Tying character unlocks to achievements feels much more satisfying, and just having achievements at all is a nice way to give the player more things to do.

I’m also glad that the stamina drain at high weights seems to have been nerfed, as it makes high-weight strategies more viable. I still don’t feel like they’re anywhere near as good as low-weight strategies, though.

As for the bugs and problems:

  • Unfortunately, as you predicted in your dev log, dark holes are still capable of soft locking you. I’ve had it happen in two different ways: once when I got dropped directly into a space between 4 walls, and once when I got dropped on top of a wall and then unknowingly stepped off of it into a space surrounded by walls.

  • In terms of balance, some categories of skills feel a lot more useful than others. Smart in particular has some really good skills (Calorie Control and Observation, the same skills that made Ziul so broken before), while Calm feels mostly underwhelming. Thicc Protection in particular stands out as a poor skill; since Stamina is the stat that drains with each step, it’s far more likely to cause a Game Over than loss of HP, so intentionally giving up more Stamina per step to preserve your HP is usually a bad trade. The Auspicious category isn’t necessarily bad in terms of effectiveness, but it feels boring–it’s just various ways of flooding you with coins, regardless of which skill you pick.

  • Speaking of skills, it would be nice if there were a place that we could view the list of skills for each trait, just for quality of life.

  • I will also agree with what was said earlier about the characters feeling a lot more similar to each other now. This is probably just something to flesh out over time, but it would be nice if the characters had unique skills to go with their unique between-round cards.

  • If you have Acute Hearing, it overrides the Merchant item that reveals the Master Key along with chests, so you’ll just see the red question marks, and it won’t show you which of them has the Master Key.

  • There’s something wrong with the calculation for Moony’s Temptation, although I’m not exactly sure what. It’s supposed to restore your HP, but if you’re already within 30 HP of your max, it doesn’t just bring you up to your max, like you would expect. In fact, if you’re close enough, it might even reduce your HP!

  • The experience bar doesn’t always seem to accurately reflect how close you are to the next level. It seems like if you get a level up from the Study card, the experience bar is shown as empty, even though the excess experience points still get added to your total, so you end up getting the next level up sooner than you would expect from looking at the bar. (Either that or something is wrong with the calculation for Study itself.)

  • Some of the cards on the level don’t have any numbers on them. This can happen to regular enemies, food, and drink, and when it does, it seems like their actual values are negative. It also seemed to me like Kat’s Cafeteria didn’t replace enemies who were affected by this.

  • I’ve also had some issues with accidentally clicking on the board when trying to choose an option from a popup window (such as the Merchant). It seems like the same click registers as both choosing an option and clicking a space behind the popup.

Overall, though, I think the game is in a much better state now than it was in the previous version, and I had a good bit of fun trying to unlock all the characters.