Chubby Cultist Girls RPG Idea

Okay, so I have this fat cultist girl global takeover concept that I’ve been working on, and I was wondering how viable it would be as a game of some sort. Probably not combat-heavy, but still kind of an RPG with puzzles and light combat. The basic idea is that an eldritch goddess I’ve dubbed O’bby’shx aims to convert humanity into an army of obese young cultist women based off this particular image by Twitter user @j8867bbw.

There’s a bit more world building in this Pastebin if you would like to peruse and suggest things:
Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll ever work up the nerves to produce a game such as this, but essentially what I’m here for is to just dump some basic concepts into this forum for open discussion, see if there’s anything of worth in my idea. Maybe the story could follow a party of cultists with complimentary skills traveling around the game world and attempting to convert everyone in the area. Just talking to NPCs could be one of the objectives, as well as side quests involving delivering something to someone else or devising a television advert for the cult’s ideals. All the save points could be pizza parlors or vending machines and there could be humorous dialogue!
So yeah, just here to get feedback on an idea I have no idea if I’ll ever make or not. It’s just here to be a what if, but if someone more talented than me wanted to do something with the idea, I’d jolly well let them have their way with it.


I’m sorry if this is blunt but your project seems like it’d make for a better series of stories than a game in my opinion. My biggest worry about this game is that it will turn out to be a genuinely unique and creative world with some frustrating RPG elements slapped on. Maybe come up with a gameplay gimmick or find a databaser to come up with one for you? Maybe make it more of a cult/cult sect management game as opposed to an RPG? I feel like the latter would be much more interesting and actually fit in the strict cult world you’re envisioning. I should also mention that I’m personally not a fan of RPGs, so take this with a grain of salt. Hit me up if you need any music/sound design done.

Management sim eh? Of course, I do want it to be narrative driven, and have funny character moments…

I think an RPG could work well if you gave it unique mechanics to go with the fat/weightgain/sex themes. Personally I just can’t see a traditional turn based JRPG combat system working here.

It could work in a Plague Inc/ Cookie Clicker type game, though I would suggest not even mentioning children however, even if it’s part of the “convert everyone on Earth” plot.


I can totally see it working if you focus on the puzzles.

In general I’d say the idea itself sounds interesting, whether or not it works depends on how well everything is designed and integrated into the game as one whole. If your choices feel like they mean something (You are cultists for an eldritch goddess after all, so seeing the effect of it all on you surroundings seems somewhat important), if the gameplay elements like puzzles and combat are there for a reason and not just as filler (As an example, having objectives that need to be solved with combat, having combat be affected by your characters and their choices and/or having combat and it’s results play a role in both story and world progression, as opposed to just random encounters to delay the player with neither consequence nor reason to name) and whether or not you can make it engaging is somewhat important I think.

Generally a game generates interest based on it’s appearance and characters, and keeps engagement with it’s story and gameplay I’d say.


If they like video games, their tastes will automatically start to include From Software games.

…Are you trying to say something here?

In any case, this sounds like fun. I’m a sucker for worldbuilding in any capacity, and I’ve done more of that than actually trying to make a project myself. If it’s alright with you, I could offer some ideas for answering your questions in the pastebin, as well as offer some of my own.

What’s the hierarchy withing the cult?

You seem to have answered this yourself, but I think it might be believable if social standing correlates with weight. At the top, you have women who are as fat as they can be before they stop looking like human beings; at the bottom, slightly pudgy girls. The perceived value of obesity goes up if the cultists need to exercise to maintain their health, or at least mobility, as it would become harder to get really fat if so. A woman’s body type (top-heavy, bottom-heavy, etc.) could also affect what their role in the cult is, though probably not their actual rank. Like, bustier women are in charge of…something relating to milk…idk, I’m probs biased from being into lactation. I also think chefs and doctors (who could provide weight-gain drugs) would be rockstars in such a society, and the obsession with sex would elevate porn stars as well.

How does the cult get financed?

You have a few options here.

  1. Draw on real-world religions and cults. Christian churches ask for donations from their members, which they earn from their real jobs. More unethical practices to get money include practices like televangelism, in which some guy goes on TV and says to give him your money because God will do…something…in return; but that kind of thing doesn’t seem to make sense with the Church of Chonk.
  2. Obby Osbourne essentially makes counterfeit for the cult to use. The downside here is that you have to account for inflation, and I don’t mean the kind cultists go through. How does the economy handle that? Is it destroyed, and if so, does it recover?
  3. Friends in high places might sneakily fund the cult, or even publicly if it’s safe to do so.
  4. The cult is, in part, a business of some kind. Like I said, chefs would be valued in this cult, so they might be responsible for running successful restaurants that help to fund…Chewdaism? Foodhism? Chunkhism? Faptism? I can’t come up with any non-pun names here.
  5. They don’t. Some supernatural means are used to get their way, and anyone who could stop them is none the wiser. Obby either helps hypnotize people or just gives them resources to work with out of the blue, sorta like idea 2.

How does the conversion process actually work?

After an initiation process (baptism in a tub of lard?), initiates are injected with a substance (or, better yet, have to eat a magic donut or something) which causes gradual genetic mutation and alters the brain and endocrine systems. This process deals with great psychological change as well as physical, and the process of dealing with that change is important to pin down. Does it hurt, or is it pleasant? How quickly and drastically are sleep cycles affected? Can recipients sleep if they choose to, or are they just unable to? How is their health affected, and how dangerous is the conversion? And, most importantly, how fast is the change? Do you go into a coma and wake up a chubby girl after being supplied with an IV as you sleep, or are you awake the whole time, forcing you to gradually acclimate to getting soft and, if you’re a guy, have inverted genitalia?

And what happens when religious institutions start snooping around?


Everything about this cult is in MAJOR violations of lots of major world religions, ESPECIALLY the Abrahamic ones. First, it revolves around 2 cardinal sins: lust and gluttony. Second, it mandates homosexuality. Third, it comes with nothing but perks as long as you comply with the (actually kinda lax) rules, which makes it potentially really popular compared to the religions that require you to get up ON A FUCKING WEEKEND to haul your ass to church to sit around and…well…I don’t know what actually happens in a church. Never attended a service in my life. Fourth, it’s got no place for men, which could threaten patriarchal religious groups, namely the more regressive ones. Fifth–and this is the kicker–its alleged divinity seems to be real, given her influence she apparently has on the real world. This threatens the view of reality mandated by a lot of religions; if God is the one true…well, god…then who the fuck is this Eldritch chubby chasing lesbian? (It could also be funny if the gods of every world religion turned out to be real, but actually just a bunch of fat girls. Endgame memes would go through the roof…)

As such, you need to ask not WHAT other religions do in response, but HOW Chubbentology (still working on that name) withstands it. There will be protests, bombings, and eventually, outright warfare. Violence doesn’t fit their MO–they want more converts, and killing people gets in the way of that. They also need to keep their own from getting blown up. Does Obby protect them? Do they have an alternate dimension for a clubhouse? Do they Naruto run to escape the bullets?

Some more questions to consider:

Does being fat affect a cultist’s health, requiring specialized doctors to deal with the mass obesity; or does Obby bless them with the cardiovascular system of a god?

Does being a cultist make you gain weight faster, or do you need to do all the work yourself?

How do cultists reproduce? Without any testicles, their former men can’t get anyone pregnant, and you’d think a condition that’s prone to making women gain weight and have strong food cravings would be wanted in this religion for its own sake anyway. I may be biased, being a maiesiophile myself; but it’s kind of important to making a functional world.

The world’s architecture isn’t talored towards big women. Does every building on Earth need to get bigger doors now? How much living space does a person need? What are chairs like?

How do cultists get around? Their bellies, and maybe even busts, get in the way of driving; and some may get too wide to get in or out of a car; and walking burns calories, so that’s probably not an option for cross-country travel.

Do cultists push themselves to be able to eat more and more in one sitting constantly? Do eating contests take the place of soccer and football (YEAH, I SAID IT, FUCK YOU, EUROPE)?

Are there religious ceremonies outside of orgies and stuffings? Is prayer even useful to Obby, or does she just let her followers go about their daily lives with few demands beyond “get thicc?”

What happens to anyone who still likes thin women, or even men? It’s obviously going to become a deviant fetish, and would likely be regarded in the same way (or worse) as fat fetishism IRL; but is it considered a thoughtcrime, and treated as one? Cuz that’s just nightmarish.

Do some women deliberately miss orgies because they want a penalty fuck, or is that not allowed? Can you opt into a penalty fuck?

If these chicks get big enough, they may find actual intercourse difficult. What happens when they can no longer participate in the meeting of the beavers?

Obviously, these are a lot of questions, and I don’t demand you to answer them on your own right this instant; I just thought they might be useful to consider, especially the one about reproduction.


Well, esteemed Shugoki, you’ve given me a lot to consider here. I’ll have you know that I’ve been trying to get feedback in other places too, namely 4Chan. That’s where I answered a few questions. I’ll elaborate a bit more on them here and update the paste later. Let’s get them out of the way, shall we?

What’s the hierarchy withing the cult?

I did answer it myself, but here’s an extra tidbit:
Don’t worry, the conversion makes sure everyone has the same chance to convert other people! If you want, you can train to become a priestess by joining the clergy. If any one of the Seven Sages has to step down from power, a lucky priestess has the chance to take her place. This also happens if The High Sage has to be replaced by one of the Seven, but that’s a long ways off in the future. It doesn’t necessarily have to with being the fattest or whatever, but it does seem to be a trend at the very least.

You would be all kinds of correct for assuming this. Rest assured Wolfgang Puck might be in the running against Tara Partick for becoming a new Sage in the future, who knows.

How does the cult get financed?

Think of it like a company owned business, kind of like what you suggested for option four. And maybe also a little bit of option one. Since their goal is to convert everyone on Earth to their cause, they are funded by… everyone on Earth. They can also make money from fast food sales or office work as another example (which are prime opportunities to work their magic). Speaking of which…

How does the conversion process actually work?

So okay, each cultist girl has a latent bit of magic. They only have to interact with someone outside the cult once and it’s all over. Of course, repeated exposure quickens the conversion, but I’m sure you get the idea. They’ll be a cute fat girl who likes to wear cultist lingerie before you know it. The process takes about two weeks at the slowest, and you’re awake the whole time.
So if you want me to go into detail, can I borrow from you? The process doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t really feel pleasurable either. The no longer needing to sleep thing happens gradually as the conversion progresses. It’s been noted that while overall personality and memories stay the same, the process does recondition the mind with The Deep Fatass’ designs. If you’re a man, you’ll soon accept and love being a woman. If you’re a woman, you’ll soon accept and love being a lesbian. And so on until you’re a devoted acolyte.
Of course, as they say, there’s more than one way to stuff a turkey, and you can always work the conversion a bit faster in a variety of ways. I’ve heard stuffing is a popular tactic…

What happens when religious institutions start snooping around?

Well they aren’t going to be snooping around for long, because soon they’ll be another part of the fold just as O’bby’shx wishes.
Of course, I understand that there might be some push-back, but with as many unique minds as the cult is going to have, and the matter of the eldritch elephant in the room, I’m sure the Cult of O’bby’shx will bowl the world over in no time. Maybe this isn’t the best explanation, but…

You suggested some good questions too. And some good points on top of that. If I may go over a few here…

Yup, no denying that.

Uh huh, uh huh, but here’s the thing… O’bby’shx doesn’t care about their regressive views. She’s a progressive abomination… if a bit of a radical feminist… actually, no, you can’t comprehend her mind. Don’t @ me bro.

O’bby’shx, duh! She’s not the true god per se, but she is familiar with him… well, soon to be her anyway, if the cult has anything to say about it.

Indeed, friend, indeed. Maybe that is the case, who knows.

Good point… uh… O’bby’shx does bless her followers with bulletproof skin, for one, but that’s not going to do well against heavier artillery, is it… The cult is indeed largely pacifistic, but the goddess does have her ways. They must learn to be sneaky, spread their influence from the inside, play the Deep Song for the world to hear. Y’know what, The Sages can create special pocket dimensions for people who want to avoid being blown up by carpet bombings or whatever else is thrown at them. Eldritch blessings up the wazoo!

Here’s some more info:

I’m curious to know how one goes about establishing contact with the cult. You know, for prospective fools who don’t realize what they’re getting into yet.

Here’s the best part, they come to you! You never know when they might show up, but when they do…
Besides, they have many other insidious ways of converting people. Maybe they managed to get a pop star to lay the Deep Fatass’ song as an undertone in her latest single. Maybe you saw a commercial for a prescription medicine that was produced by members of the cult. Maybe a member works at the local Walmart and works the register you went down. Maybe one of them is an NFL Quarterback, anything’s possible! She probably didn’t even need to mention the cult at all. Rest assured, you’ll be one of them.

What sort of benefits would I be offered when I accept the conversion?

Well for one, you no longer get sleepy or tired. You get hornier instead. This is said to be one of O’bby’shx’s gifts. For another, you get to be a part of a growing sisterhood that looks out for one another. Plus, you can eat whatever you want consequence free! You’ll gain a few pounds, sure, but that’s drops in the bucket by this point. Uhh… also, how does free dental and healthcare sound? A secure 401k? Hugs and kisses? All the lesbian orgy sex you could ever need?

Good idea, maybe I’ll elaborate on that… someday… someday very very soon…

That’s the beauty of O’bby’shx’s blessing. You’ll be able to carry your weight really well even at higher amounts. You can waddle as fast as you can and you won’t suffer too many health problems, like trouble breathing or heart failure. The goddess will make sure being this chubby will be as comfy as fuck, and will do everything in her vast power to make sure everyone can get around.

Uh, yes. Yes to both. Mostly the first, but yes to both.

You can pray to the goddess, and if you’re lucky you may get to see her in person (especially when accompanied by a priestess or a sage). She likes the company. Otherwise, yeah! Just go about your life and get thicc as they say. Don’t forget to have sex!

Those who deliberately miss orgies just for the penalty fuck are encouraged to volunteer for it instead. It’s not an orgy without numbers after all. It’s not discouraged to deliberately miss orgies in order to be given the penalty, but there are a few cases where this kind of behavior gets a bit out of hand.

O’bby’shx finds a way, that’s all I’m gonna say.

I… um… well… er… this is meant to be comfy as fuck, but… you’ve kind of boxed me into a corner with this one…
Actually no you haven’t, because I activate the Trap Card Eldritch Brainwash!!! She of Vast Stomach reconditions your brain to forget those unnecessary thoughts, because in a world where those concepts won’t exist, there’s no need for such thoughts to persist.
This got a bit creepy, I didn’t wanna have to go here, moving on…

Occasionally, yeah. Sometimes they do it as a religious practice.

No, it just starts being recognized as an official sport. Surprisingly, The She-Whale of the Underworld is a fan of the Olympics too, and will make sure they’re still entertaining. Women can participate in the Pommel Horse now for example. Of course, a few sports (chiefly their names) will have to be altered for the sake of the athlete’s conditions. The 100 Meter Dash becomes the 100 Meter Waddling Sprint for example, While we’re on the topic, exercise can make you lose weight, but not such that you aren’t fat anymore. You can still get super muscular if that’s what you want though, so have at it!

I decided to lump these together because of their similarities. First, yes, the global architecture philosophy will be redesigned to accommodate these heftier women. Every building on Earth will have to be restructured, and chairs will need to be wider and double reinforced at LEAST. Cars will be redesigned to accommodate them as well, same for buses, trains, boats, planes, bikes, and more. Oh, and walking? That’s fine, O’bby’shx will find a way.

Well, that’s all for now, since I need sleep. I’ll come back to this soon. Thanks for the feedback!


Define “interact,” because if all you need to do is bump into them on the train, they don’t need to work very hard to promote their religion, all they gotta do is walk around town and meet people. If they have to talk about their cult, that’s not much more work cuz they can just go around pestering anyone, and then they’ll start to do the same. This doesn’t sound exactly like what you want.

“We did it, boys. Violence is no more.”

No prob, if you need more ideas (we still don’t know how they propagate the species), I’m always here, and I might drum up a few of my own ideas for the lore just for the hell of it.

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Please do, I’m always willing to see how others build on my ideas, and see where I can take it myself.

So, by interact, I do mean talking to people. You don’t necessarily have to mention the cult, but it very much helps the process out if you do. With repeated exposure of course, you can take that conversion from up to two weeks, to as little as an afternoon! Recommended methods include, but are not limited to:
Cooking up a delicious meal
Engaging in a long conversation
Playing against someone online in a game
And much much more!
Suddenly I want to write a silly parody…

Heeeerrrre they come! Waddling with divine determination! It’s Lots & Lots of Cult Sisters! The greatest chance to join the sisterhood of the Daughters of O’bby’shx we’ve ever offered! And now, through this special TV offer, you get TWO sisters for the price of one! You’ll get BIG sisters! Little sisters! Steaming sisters! Priestess, Sage, and Clergy sisters! Even sisters who love to cook! Old sisters! New sisters! Fast sisters! Slooow sisters! SSSMOKIN’ sisters! Even sisters from around the world! Plus strong sisters and famous sisters and much much more, when you meet up with Lots & Lots of Cult Sisters!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!
As for reproduction… hmm… I do know that a prayer towards O’bby’shx is required, as well as a willing tongue. That’s about all I got so far though. Maybe I’ll expand on this later…


Well, THAT commercial would certainly tempt me. XD
Though it might conflict with my own religion(which is a looser take on christianity(I believe it’s okay to be gay for one thing)), and my male-ness sounds like a barrier. XD

Not for long, my friend!


I’m loving every bit of this world.

It’d work as a series of stories, but as a game it’d need to be dynamic. Changing the player character to different cultists with their own mission. As you progress through and to each one, the world is observably changing.

It’s very anti hero, but with fats and pacifism involved. And sex.

It also opens up a whole world for role-playing, even!

Very much so, yes! Thanks for your input!

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I been thinking about it… Maybe this could work as a story-telling RP session in like a message board or something. There could be a running continuity and it could be archived somewhere where everyone could find it and catch up on what’s going on. Could work as a GM run story campaign, like a strange game of Round Robin.


I’ve always wanted to make an expansion/general fetish module for GURPS personally. I think this setting would make for a really fun TTRPG universe.

I’ve given some thought to the whole “reproduction” thing, and based on what you’ve decided is canon…

…I think I know a good way to handle it that won’t be controversial in the slightest: eugenics.

The higher-ups in the cult annually start the process by accepting applications from the cult to serve as clergy-appointed breeders. After enacting a ritual which involves communicating with Her Chonkness, they become informed on which applicants are most fertile and lack genes that would be harmful to offspring–things like genetic diseases or crippling disabilities, for example. Assuming world domination (that’s 7 billion people), the best applicants are selected. The maximum number of active breeders at any given time is limited to avoid exceeding the planet’s carrying capacity, and reproduction is impossible outside of this pool of individuals (though phantom pregnancies can be manually induced to imbue the symptoms, including the bigger belly, weight gain, and appetite increase; but not everyone bothers with this, especially at higher weights).

Obtimus Prime takes care of the next part. The genetic material of the accepted applicant pool is mashed together in a giant pile of gene…ness…and at a specified due-date, all future breeders perform a ritual wherein they commune with She Who is Like Big Smoke in a grand, potentially global orgy. Because the goddess can be everywhere at once–perk of the job, let’s say–she can fuck everyone at once. Applicants eat out Obama while, using some hentai tentacles they can’t see because they have a face full of vageebus, she impregnates them. Boom, they’re pregnant.

The kicker is this: breeding is a federally-employed office that a woman holds for life. Their job, from then on out, is to pump out lots of babies to keep the population at a flat level at all times; if any disaster should strike a community, more breeders may be hired to pick up the slack. Once God Without the G and the D impregnates a breeder, her reproductive system work’s like those of some insects: she retains the genetic information and just keeps making babies forever. Obby, of course, alleviates the not-fun parts of pregnancy so breeders can enjoy the perks.

The reason this position is so coveted among the cult is because breeders have their own harem of servants at their beck and call. They are coddled and pampered day in, day out, and this means they can do the things this cult exists to have people do with the greatest ease–that is, feeding, fucking, and fattening up, all symptoms of pregnancy.

Again, this might just be my own preferences showing, but I figured this was a parsimonious solution to the “nobody has testicles” dilemma. I just liked the idea of an entire social class whose sole purpose was to be waited on all day without having to worry about anything other than not accidentally getting an abortion, which is pretty hard to do in the first place unless you roll a natural 1 on not-miscarrying.

EDIT: Jesus, that was long-winded. Uhh, maybe I’ll save my next wall of text for ideas about how Ob the Builder, in true Lovecraftian fashion, has influenced and continues to influence planets beyond Earth and its own species, and has shaped the course of evolution just fuckin’ everywhere all for the sake of BBWs.


And from here on, nobody heard from me as I died giggling through the rest of the post.

Also I love it


Uh huh, uh huh, I see where you’re going with this. Let me break this down and then later explain my original thought that you blew out of the water.

Interesting, interesting. Kind of like what we’ve done to farm animals and dogs and cats, but applied to humans now. Okay… I mean, in a semi hive minded cult like The Daughters of O’bby’shx, I can see how something like this wouldn’t be contested.

I see where this is going so far… So the Sages would appoint damn near anyone who wanted to volunteer to get preggers. I understand the point of weeding out undesirable traits for the sake of preserving and improving the human race. Of course, all of these women have working uteruses… except for the ones who don’t. I can see how this can prevent things like miscarriage too.

How so, chief?

Oh. Oh DANG! I was just going to devise a prayer ritual wherin one woman temporarily develops the ability to produce semen saliva to use to impregnate another woman through the ever popular technique colloquially known as “eating out”. What you devised implies that the Deep Fatass cannot produce semen of her own, thus necessitating the process of taking genetic material samples from humans to create a slurry of human semen with which do impregnate her devoted acolytes.

That’s fine, but what if someone desires to know just what’s going into their cootch? If they look will they be okay with it? With the mind conditioning Gluttony McGee gave everyone, I think they would.

Uhh… but… okay… I kind of wanted ANYONE to have an equal opportunity to be a mother. And I mean be a mother. As in raise their child and teach them all about their goddess and the ways of the world.

I personally dislike this concept. Personally, I believe the sexual intercourse part of the process is the fun part. How about once every two years, a breeder who desires to bear children again may undergo the ritual once again to have that thrill of having their belly pumped full of cum. Now this I could get behind.

This I can get behind as well. Nobody likes the cramps or mood swings, and I mean nobody.

This I can also get behind. Being a servant of a breeder could have its own perks as well, like maybe the ability to become a wet nurse, or something, I dunno. Of course, we have to factor in the role of children. Maybe everyone in the breeder’s harem becomes this legion of mommies who love and care for the daughters. This includes the breeder herself, obviously, and to a more ethereal extent O’bby’shx too.

I’m gonna have O’bby’shx love children, just because I want this Lovecraftian apocalypse to be as comfy as all fuck.

Well, that’s all for now. I need some rest now. I will come back to this later though, so stay tuned.


They know what they’re getting into, they just can’t see it at the time.

This is really hard to argue with and Imma back down here because the system’s probably better when more than a handful of cultists get to fill the role at least once. The only problem with letting EVERYONE get to be knocked up is that the population would rise like the bread these bitches are probably chowing on; but this can be circumvented if Obbtuse can terraform planets and teleport her followers there.