Chublands Preview 1! (Outdated, see below)

Clearly your IQ isn’t high enough to understand the subtle genius of the Chublands demo. Then again, I can’t blame you. The Dwayne gif’s subtle allusion to Kafka only matters to true intellectuals, and laymen such as yourself would never understand the ingenious political allegory presented by the untextured blocks.


And it’s got a cute girl, too

Not a fan of the energy I’m seeing in some of these responses. Refrain from sarcasm, please.

The game is in a very early state, I’m well aware. If you believe I shouldn’t have released the demo yet, that’s your opinion. I released it now to get initial feedback and see what suggestions and ideas the community has. Thus far the responses have been very helpful.


I’m loving what I see! I want to explore this world with my cute chubbster!

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How can I make her bigger?

F1 - F4, or 1-4 on the numpad.

Check the itch page for a list of controls!

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Is a Mac version possible?

Possible, but not super likely. Later releases may or may not get Mac support.

Will there be a male version of the main character?

Very nice! I can’t wait to see how it develops.
Probably my favourite thing is the bounce physics, they’re sutile but still there. 10/10

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Male characters aren’t currently planned. Sorry!

keep at it! im curious to see this come to fruition!

Here’s my let’s play of it, i hope it drums up more interest in the game :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! All coverage is greatly appreciated.

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Definitely looking good. My 2 cents would be to add collision with her belly, seeing a soft body (pun intended) like that get all pushed out of the way from obstacles would be awesome.


looks nice, i’m excited to see what this turns into.

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Soft body physics are definitely something I want to look into. Thank you!


Quick update! Things are still underway. I suggest joining the Discord server through Itch if you want to keep up with the game.

I’m aiming for a new preview to be publicly available sometime Q1 2021, with most of the groundwork for the game’s mechanics complete. I’ll make a post here when it’s ready.



God… she is just TOO freaking CUTE!


New preview, new update. I’ll probably make a master thread later on, but separate is better for now. Check it out!