Clothing mods for "Waifus Eating Simulator"

I don’t really do digital art, but I thought I’d make some simple things for uajaka’s Waifus Eating Simulator. One of them is literally just a grayscaled clipart. I didn’t advertise quality.

1 hair, 1 forearm, and 1 shoes



Here are some headphones. They are the same color as the hair by default, but I think you can recolor them so they don’t match the hair if you like.



Here’s a shirt with a collar.

Here’s a pair. The breast section is unfinished though.
0000 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005


Anyone know where I can find more of these?
I made some cat ears by the way.

No Idea mate but these look good, quick question though how do you download them?

Click image and look at the bottom of the popup.


made a couple of things, one being an entire outfit(which would take up a LOT of space form wise so idk if i could post it)

set of stockings

Upload it somewhere and post a link

Made some Lucoa Horns. Hope you like it!

Made some clothing that is called Virgin Slayer or something, idk. Its still a WiP so expect it to look strange. (Only works if the breast size is on max, for now.) Make sure to place the PNGs in the right folders!

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Thanks for the contribution!

Will you finish this one?

If you still have that outfit, you can upload it somewhere and then put a link here, like google drive, or… I think some people use mediafire?

I would also be very interested in modded content anyone made

for all who don’t know it yet, there is a discord server where more mods can be found

Hi everyone ı have bug problem when I create a new girl neck and hair are gone